January 25, 2012

Cousin-ing and Wild Manatees.

On Sunday we took a drive to have a birthday lunch for my FIL.
Along with the inlaws, it's always entertaining when all five cousins get together!

Lo and Kristy compare leg injuries. Lo pinched a nerve in her hip while diving at softball practice. 

Kristy fell off the back of a (non moving) pick up truck. I'm not even going there. 

Lindsay and Bryan compared calf sizes.
As the coach says: Those aren't calves Bryan, those are Steer!

 A photo of Grandpa and his favorite grandchild. 
 Ok, maybe it's not nice to pick favorites. 
 Of course, I was always a favorite to all my Grandparents. I'm sure you already assumed this.

On the way home, we stopped by the manatee park. (right next to the power plant) The manatee flourish here during the winter...warm water=happy manatees! 
 Do you see the Coach's calves steer?
 Despite the reputation they have been given, Manatee are not man eaters.

Do you see them here? They are hard to photograph because they only jump out about once an hour.

 Lindsay walks all over them. Cruel.

For your viewing pleasure, I caught one of the manatees doing their famous 'once an hour' jump. 

Did you see it? Nice right?
See why I was a favorite of my Grandparents...I never fib!

For some reason, the video is available to some, but not others. I hope you are not an other. 


  1. Looks like a great time!

  2. you are alwYs off on some grand adventure! love the video (yes i actually watched!) no one can capture water like you! xoxo

  3. Love all your pics this a.m. The park looks like a peaceful place to visit. I hope Lo feels better soon.

  4. Wow, that manatee was amazing!


  5. I've been to that park before:)

    We went swimming with manatees once. One thought my SIL's green bikini was a piece of lettuce and kept trying to nibble her!

  6. How cool to see things like that the way they are supposed to be viewed! :) Looks like y'all had a fun time. So jealous of your short wearing selves though!

  7. Your FIL has the sweetest smile...I can see where Coach learned to smile so big. Your family is beautiful. I couldn't get the video to work, but I know you never fib, so I'll take your word for it!

  8. You snotball with the jump!

    I'm glad the manatees have a warm and happy home there though. They're such gentle creatures and I'm always sad when I see propeller marks on them.

  9. I never had any doubts that you were the favorite of all your grandparents, just as you're the favorite of all of us.

    When I tried to view the video I got a message saying it was not available.

  10. I have a pinched nerve in the gluteal region--from a MASSAGE! I'm going to start saying I was making a diving play at second base.

  11. Mooo! I have calves but steer thighs :)

  12. Love the cousins getting together. Was the video a joke? It said, "not available."

  13. Hi Suz, Video wouldn't work... Darn!!!!

    I love seeing the cousins together. Bet they did have a great time.. Hope they stay close all of their lives..

    I'd love to see the Manatees. Bet they are enjoying that warmer water...

    Of course you were the favorite of your grandparents... Who else would they choose????? You are the BEST.

  14. I am an other - - unless that was a trick for us gullible people! Looks like you had a very nice day with family! Thanks for taking us with you - - - even if you didn't feed me any lunch!

  15. Oh, darn, I'm an "other", no vid! That's OK, it's just wonderful to know that such a place as this park exists because for a very long time the Manatee has been my favorite mammal! Something about their quiet, peaceful way of going about life has always touched my heart. I wonder if this park provides a place for Manatees that have been hurt by propeller blades to heal?? I got to see Manatee at Sea World San Diego and it was fantastic :-)

    Thanks so much for keeping new updates on your blog, Suz,...I have not been so diligent and am stuck back at the New Year! Oh well, it's been a crazy start to 2012.

  16. What's a Manatee?
    I have a sign round my neck that says the exact same thing, "If you love me please don't feed me."
    It's not working.

  17. cousin Bryan probably doesn't paint his nails like Lyndsey does though, eh? ;)

  18. Fun!
    Drats! I am an other.
    I'm always an other.
    Too bad, I love manatees.
    I especially liked the Miami sticker I spied on the back of the truck....

  19. I am an OTHER.
    DARN, darn, darn.
    See - look who's picking favorites now?!?!?


  20. Manatees, Steer and a non working vid. What a fun way to catch up on blog hopping:)

  21. I am my grandparents favorite grandchild: fact, and no one can tell me differently!

    Oh, that warm Florida sunshine *sniff* you all look so happy.

    I wanna see a Manatee!


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