December 19, 2011

Traveling snowmen, a fiesta! And keeping it all together.

I've got much to tell, but no time to tell it and you probably have no time to read it!

 On Friday this guy arrived via the postman. His name is Nelson and he belongs to my friend Vicki (aka Jake) in snowy/cold Utah.
Nelson is a cutie...and he loves to travel. A while ago he spent some time visiting another good friend PJ and he was able to see lots of snow and spend Christmas with her family.
 I was worried he might melt here in sunny Florida, but these other guys have survived a few years now. 

I've been quite busy since he arrived, he seems to be well behaved, despite what I've been told.
I should have taken him out by the pool with Linds and I yesterday...I took an hour and sat outside while catching up with my words with friends. If I get any further will just be WORDS. Minus friends.

{Yes, I was also mindlessly bragging about sitting by the pool 6 days before Christmas. Florida has a few benefits, and that is ONE.}

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend a birthday friend Dawn loves all things mexican.  Well, you know what I mean. She is the only person I know who decorates for Cinco De Mayo every year.
Cinco de mayo is May 5th for those who don't own a calendar. Or know spanish.
She had a vision of a fiesta for her 40th...and it was pulled off beautifully! 

Once the sun went down and all the lights were sparkly and the colorful flags were swaying...magnificent...or...perhaps bravo...aribba??
I really love Mexican food, but I've never had a desire to go to Mexico. You?

Today is December the 19th...that means Christmas eve is in FIVE days...but I am NOT panicking. 
I am stressing a little, but I'm NOT panicking.

I just realized this morning that I never even moved the Christmas coffee mugs from the top shelf to the 'user friendly' shelf.
Sure, you are shocked at this as well? What kind of a person does this. Nonsense.

And darn it to crud, I have to go to the post office today.
Ok, now that puts me in a panic!!!

Are you ready??


  1. I am ever so sorry you have to go to the post office today...I love the traveling snow man, I think that is super and Mexico...Nope, not at all on my travel list...not even a glimmer, or a stray thought.

  2. Oh no, I just realized I need to go to the post office today, too. I completely forgot - maybe that would have been better, I know it's going to be packed...

  3. I do nothing for Christmas except show up and take photos. If Fred(and Santa) are ready, then I guess I am too.
    And post offices still exist? Who knew! I learn something new from your blog everyday.

  4. The post office - - - NOOOOOO! The lines - - even when all four people are at their stations.......
    I still have too much to do before Christmas Day - - - but am not stressing about it - - - can't because my BP is having to be monitored now to see if I need meds - - - - I keep saying it's this construction around the house - - and the checkbook depleting - - think that would do it?!!

  5. Mwahaha Nelson! Just keep him in his place and he'll behave:)

    Not so much lovin anything mexican myself but if it makes someone happy...

    Take a deep breath,you'll be fine, it'll all be over in a few. Then you can stress about the new year...Mwahaha Suz :)

  6. No! I need to go to the Post Office as well.

  7. I go to the post office after 7 at crowds and I am first in line always...we have an automated machine- you weigh, post and drop in the long as the pkg is less than 30"!

    Love the snowman :)

  8. When I used to do book and fabric sales I had a home office 'post office' set up. I just kept it on and love it. Lots of friends and relatives come to 'stamp' their packages still and then we just put them on the counter at the post office and never have to wait in line!

    Your fiesta looks fabulous!

  9. What a cute, cute snowman! Oh, you crack me up with your panicness. (Yes, I know that's not a word, but what else would you call it since we all know you don't have "anxiety"!)
    Mugs or no mugs, Christmas is coming!

  10. I have to go to the post office tomorrow. Heaven help me!

  11. Hi Suz, After living in Texas for 12 yrs---WELL--I've been to my share and had my share of Mexican parties... I still love Mexican food ---but can't get the good stuff up here in little Crossville, TN... ha

    Love the little Traveling Snowman. I love snowmen --and have two of them here... They don't seem to melt here either (since it was fairly warm today)...ha


  12. I checked out Jake's blog and she has set a pretty high bar to meet when you write about Nelson and try to get him to pose for you.

    I love Mexican despite the fact that I detest avocado. And eating Mexican always demands a Margarita, doesn't it?

  13. Been to Mexico twice! I'd recommend it. Nelson is awesome. Have a great week! :)

  14. Who DOESN'T love a good fiesta?! I was just planning one with some friends over our Christmas Break. I can't wait to crank up the margarita machine. YUM!

  15. I don't really want to Mexico either, but you're in Florida so you have the total climate package there!

    No, I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet. I've been driving for the last 2 days, so I'm ready for a nap though!

  16. Perhaps it's a good thing you didn't take Nelson out to the pool with you. He's so fair-skinned that he would probably burn. A fiesta sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday, especially one so close to Christmas.
    I would definitely panic if I had to go to the post office this time of the year.

  17. Wow, Suz! I'm exhausted after catching up over here: parties...drugs...dancing like a cartoon...the list goes on! Ha! :-D
    But, it's nice to see you and the gang are enjoying the holidays. And be sure to let us know when you get the report back on the "old ticker".
    Take good care...I mean it!
    Mary Lou
    P.S. I've started paying for and printing my own postage labels at home now. Then I just throw my packages in the chute (in the PO lobby). It's a Heavenly experience!

  18. I have to got to the Post Office, too. Yuck!

    Love your snowmen...
    Grrr abt you by the pool. It's been RAINY and COLD here. Too, too cold!

  19. P.S. You know I love all things Mexican. :D


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