December 26, 2011

16 Candles!

No one wants to compete with Jesus....and their birthdays are so close together.

BUT, we try to make HER day as special as possible.
She will never be forgotten like Molly Ringwald was in the movie 16 candles...
nor will her Grandma's tweak her you-know-whats and horrify her.

{what kind of family DOES that?}

And I HOPE  she will NOT end her birthday sitting on a glass dining room table with a cute guy named Jake blowing out her 16 candles. 
We do have the glass dining room table, but I NEVER let anyone sit on it.

FYI: Movie making people, glass breaks.

 {BUT on the other hand, Jake IS cute and could possibly be worth maiming yourself.}

Did you have a stretch Armstrong doll? Lindsay didn't.


Lindsay....a little comedienne, a laughing, silly-as-heck girl.
She got this all from her Daddy (or both of us)
Lindsay, Happy birthday baby!

 Lee Ann Womack said it best: "if you get the chance to sit it out or dance...
 I hope you DANCE!"

I hope you ALWAYS DANCE!
What is better than dancing?
You, like your Sister, bring ME JOY every day! 
Every day. 

ps. I tried for an hour last night to make a movie/slideshow for her birthday, and I ended up mad, flustered and kinda cussing. Thanks Mark for hanging the tribute slideshow bar so high.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! The Coach surprised us like never before!


  1. Having parents like she does, how could she not be a silly superduper verymuchloved 16 year old? Happy Happy to go do something silly! (ya did good Suz:))

  2. Happy Sweet 16 to your lovely, lively girl! I'm so glad to hear that you had a happy Christmas (apart from the slideshow debacle). Hugs to all of your family!

    Christmas was awesome!
    What was your surprise from Coach?!

  4. Amazing photos of the sweet 16 birthday girl! Best wishes Linds!

    OK, we need more scoop on what the Coach surprised you guys with!

  5. aww, Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter, she looks a little treasure ;o)

    Glad you had a fab weekend....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  6. Girl Dude, next time, send those photos to me and I'll whip a little ditty up for you in no time flat.
    Happy Birthday to 1/2 of your favorite daughters! She is a special girl and that's easy to see in every photograph.
    I'm also sensing the envy of your inner 16 year old not being able to hook up with Jake. I only know that because I too wanted to slip into that pink bridesmaid dress and sit on a table with him. I should photoshop my head over Molly's so I can look deep into his eyes. Wouldn't that be a hoot!
    Wait, I lost myself, what was the point of your post again? Oh! That's right, Lindsay's big day!
    "Lindsay", although you'll never get to experience 1984 and wear a Frankie goes to Hollywood Shirt while sporting a perm, miniskirt and legwarmers, I'm sure that you'll have a good year too".
    Your Mom's Friend, m.
    p.s. I'm sending you some balloons.

  7. Oh this was a perfect post for a precious daughter. I don't think I would have enjoyed a slideshow as much as I enjoyed this! Happy Sweet 16!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I think you picked some beautiful pictures - even if it isn't a slide show. :-) Don't feel bad, I wouldn't know how to make one either.

  9. a million times better than Molly Ringwald :) congrats to the birthday girl, and congrats to the mom who birthed her and congrats to the awesome parents for raising such a terrific person! (and btw, YES, I was up at 3:10 working, Christmas morning :)

  10. Happy Happy Birthday to your lovely, sweet girl.

  11. Happy Birthday, Linds!!!!

  12. Sweet 16! Wow...I used to scratch my head during the diaper changing years when people said time really goes by fast. But now I get it. *tear* You have a lovely young lady.

    Do tell on the surprise!!! : )

    Happy birthday! : )

  13. Happy Birthday, Linds!!! I would have enjoyed this post SO much more if there had been an accompanying slideshow, but whatever....

    Um, Suz...are you really gonna just leave us hanging like that about the surprises from Coach!?

  14. Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed...right?...right? Happy Birthday to Linds, and you can NOT leave us hanging on the suprise from the hubs - that's just mean!

  15. Happy Birthday to Lindsay! Boy, that girl is limber! :D

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday Linds!!

  17. And seriously, what did The Coach get for you guys?!?

  18. Sweet 16...nothing like it!! :)

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDS!!! Now what letter did your present start with?

    And Merry Christmas to all of you.

  20. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    She is just like you...radiant, lovely and full of life!

    Merry holidays to you all!

  21. i just love this girl :) those big blue eyes have always made me smile... and the laughter. well, i think she gets it from me. or you. i hope her birthday was as beautiful as she is <3 but i imagine it was... because YOU were in charge!!

    i am dying to hear about christmas!!! maybe give me hint?!?!

  22. 16 - - the time when you are feeling more adult than child. It's like a milestone! I am totally impressed at her flexibility! . . . hoping she had a wonderful celebration! Has she enjoyed being an only child this past semester? We have two girls and our second liked her time alone in the house with us when her sister was in college.

  23. Happy Birthday to Lindsay! My daughter's birthday is Christmas Eve. Hope your Christmas was wonderful too :)

  24. I know it must be tough to have a birthday so near Christmas, but I have NO doubt that you made it singularly special for her!

  25. Happy Birthday to your sweet 16 baby! OMGosh 16!!!
    (and I adore that song...makes me cry every single time!)


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