November 09, 2011

Unsolved Mutant Mystery

No, I am not obsessed with bugs...I am not really a fan at all, yet, they seem to find me. All.The.Time.

AND this guy, well he was too cool to ignore. 
And by cool, I mean totally freakishly weird.

Not sure WHAT he is. I asked him several times: please identify, please identify.... 
 he ignored me.
See those big buggy eyes on the top of his head? The better to see you with my dear. 

He could be a leaf bug? A praying mantis? A mutant praying-leaf-lobster bug?

His undercarriage is red and his back side is green. Just in time for Christmas.

 He hung around this spot for a few hours, I think he might have been interested in me as well. 
But he did not have a camera...and hopefully he does not have a blog.  

After I came back into the house, I had the distinct feeling that a weird long legged, big eyed bug was in my hair and slowing crawling down my neck. 
Oh, I'm getting that feeling again now. 
You too? My bad.

That is all I have to share today. Carry on. 


  1. My first thought was praying mantis, but I've never seen a mutant mantis like that before. Just what exactly is going on in your garden?? ;-)

  2. Was it crying out: "Help me, Help me"?

  3. You need to call Bug-Busters!

  4. As long as it remains on the outside of the screen, you're fine. But watch your back.

  5. Little mutant hankiepankie going on in your yard huh? I think it's a misguided praying mantis thinking it's still Halloween time:) btw, I love Marks Vincent Pricey kinda answer...mwahahahaa

  6. EH!!!!
    Thanks a lot, Suz. I got the feelin'.
    Hehe abt the bug having a blog.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Hi Suz, I'm not much of a bug person... In fact, I can feel him on me right now!!!!!! ha ha

    BUT---as far as bugs go, that is a 'purdy' one!!!!!

    Now----go get him out of your hair... Okay?

  8. You just have too many admirers. This one is pretty strange, however.

  9. Bugs, bugs, bugs! I think he is a praying mantis dressed up for a really fancy party--he's decked out in his bling!

  10. That thing is too big to be a bug. Eeek!

  11. OMG, OMG! What's that on your leg? Don't move!

    Ahhhh....just kiddin'

  12. He IS a bug. He's from homeland security and he's actually a camera and a mic all in one. He crawls about your property and then sends intel back to H.Q.
    They are watching you Suz!

  13. I am sooo not loving those Florida bugs. Yeck! And you totally made me feel like one was crawling on me. How'd you DO that?


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