November 30, 2011

If you stare at the sun too long, you will laugh hysterically.

We had an impromptu Christmas photo session on Saturday.

Testing the lighting...nope not so good.

Testing the quirkiness....perfect.

Testing the action shots....she is too quick for me. OR I am too far behind?

Guess which is the dancer and which is the softball player.

yeah, she CAN jump though!

Do you know how many years I waited to see them laugh together like this? 

15 years.

I said 15 years!!!! 

So, yeah, I can throw some attitude NOW!
I'm not looking at you.
I'm NOT.

Ok, I am. 
You are beautiful. Inside and out.

And you laugh just like your mom....full on belly laughs with your mouth wide open to the world.

You poor things.

They are like SUNSHINE to me...I can't help but stare!

Oh, and this cute guy was there too, who else could take us to dinner and a movie afterwards...cause we were exhausted from all the smiling, leaping, laughing and giving attitude!

Happy Wednesday. 
My wish for you is that you find something that makes you leap for joy (leaping on the inside counts) and that you laugh at least 32 times today. 

And remember, the big wide-open-mouth laughs are the most fun and they burn the most calories!



  1. All of those photos are EXCELLENT! And I'm not just saying that.
    You changed your banner again. I like this one too.

    I love the photo of the two girls laughing together - maybe the best. Those candid moments are precious.

  2. Those are great family shots! You have also given me hope about my girls getting along better. ;-) There are days when it is obvious they love each other and then there are the "other" days...
    I love the picture of you by the way!

  3. Love your usual. Love the sunshine through the hands pic..very original. Must be nice to live so near something so beautiful. Love. It. Hugs. : )

  4. Love these! Especially the 'quirky' one:)

  5. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful girls. The best moments in life are when you see the kids together really enjoying each others company. I love that.

  6. You're going to have trouble picking ONE good picture to use at Christmas. I think all of the pictures with the girls are excellent, but that one of you gets my vote as my favorite. Thanks for sharing the tip on how to most effectively burn calories.

  7. Oh My Heart... What a fabulous post, Suz... Your girls --and their Mama--are all so good-looking and happy... Coach has three wonderful girls in his life...

    Love all of the photos...

    Thanks so much for sharing such JOY.

  8. fab, fab, FAB shots...your girls are TRULY beautiful sweetie {obv they take after their mom!} ;o)

    Love the new header {again} but where's the coach....I hope he's not taking it too hard, being left out!

    How's your Christmas spirit coming along...the only spirit I've got going at the mo is from a bottle! ;oP


    hello gorgeous xxx

  9. Love this post, Suzanne! You have a beautiful family and these beach photos are the best! You have reminded me that my "jumper" is broken, though!!!!

  10. Love, love, LOVE these!! Your girls are just so stunningly beautiful, it almost makes me weepy.

  11. if that last statement is true, then we should both be a size zero :)

    lovelovelove this impromptu outing!!! let's schedule one soon. coach doesn't have to take us out for dinner after... unless he wants to! love you!

  12. OH these are just incredible!! Love them all and have to admit your post made me tear up a little bit:) Such joy!

    Now a gross PS Yes, the answer to the question on my blog Meal Worm Salsa! yuck

  13. The "big wide-opened mouth" laugh is really from the heart.
    Beautiful girls!

  14. AWESOME!! The girls are beautiful. I love how you throw in the attitude. I'm always telling the kids I'm the only one allowed to have attitude in this house!! It doesn't work though.....

  15. Fantastic!

    We share similar ideas of what the Thanksgiving break should include :)

  16. You have developed some mad skills with that camera, mom! Of course, with such a beautiful family, they make all photos shine. And that beach! How far away from home is that? Soooo lovely.

  17. Know what makes me bellygiggleoutloud the most? Seeing all your family happiness! Sorta rare nowdays; treasure it...

    Ok, so I got a little abnormally serious there....

    Collage all of em, buy some of them doityerself snow globe thingys and put me on your mailing list...mwahaha:)

  18. OH GOSH :) let me just say, I am slightly jealous of that warm beach, oh yes I am .....

  19. That girls are freaking beautiful. And you look just like them. But can you do that stretched out leg to the sky thing?

  20. What fun photographs! Isn't it wonderful how much closer the kids become as soon as one goes off to college?

  21. Great pics...great times!
    Do your daughters have a hard time buying pants with such muscular legs? THat's been my problem my whole life....played softball and ran track....

    Happy Thurdsay :)

  22. Hi, i just followed you from your comment somewhere, i'm new here. Those are real happy memorable moments, are they twins? Your man seems so very understanding.

  23. So fun and sweet. Hope the finished product turned oput perfect!

  24. I love all these photos! I especially love the one with the fingers around the sun, so clever!

  25. oh my goodness, those pictures are must come play with the camera with my Hailey!!! It would have to be slopeside though, do you have to adjust the lighting for glistening white stuff in the background?

  26. Your Pal Tracey12/12/11, 9:37 PM

    i LOVe LOVE LOVE these photos! All of them! And I love you too, my friend. :)


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