October 05, 2011

On Being Different.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
~Coco Chanel

Yeah, I totally get Coco. 



  1. Look at you, getting all artsy-fartsy!

  2. gosh, frame that, give to husband for Christmas, looks fantastic :)

  3. Different IS good.

    And you are different.



    this is sounding suspiciously like a mathematical equation.

    Before the hives break out totally let me just say, "I think you're awesome and I like you!)

  4. Makes me glad I'm a Nutt, instead of a plain ol' nut!!

  5. Love that picture, Suz. And I like CoCo's quote.

  6. being different also takes a lot of not really giving a crap about what other think or say.
    ~~says the tall, blond foreign woman in japan

  7. What fun would it be if we were all exactly alike?! Thank you for the gift of you..and your funny and unique self. : )

  8. Different is good, this is marvelous sweetie!!!

    God bless ya and have a beautifully unique day!!!

  9. You are DEFINITELY irreplaceable.
    And I think you should blow up that photo, put it in a modern frame, and hang it in your boudoir. Yes, I said BOUDOIR, madame. xoxoxo

  10. LOVE IT! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  11. Your uniqueness is completely endearing!

  12. you mean everyone in florida isnt like you? WHAAAT?

    you ARE unique and cute and squeezable.. no one could ever take your place.

    did i say you were cute?

  13. Yep, you are definitely irreplaceable.

  14. How neat!!! We are all unique and wonderful individuals, aren't we??????

  15. Great quote and great photo!

  16. I like different.
    I had to look up Coco Chanel to find out who she was! I guess that says alot about my fashion sense or lack thereof.

  17. A little Andy Warhol? Looking good!

  18. so andy warhol!

    love it :-)

  19. Oooooh, so artsy fartsy, I love it! There is nothing "art"ificial about you, Suz, and your art definitely IRREPLACEABLE. :-)

    I just finished trolling through some of your latest posts since I've been M.I.A. So relieved you're not afraid of Muslims. :-) Yayness!

    But, you're terrified of spiders. They don't bother me either way. Perhaps you'll feel better if I told you that it isn't in a spider's nature to attack humans. No? Well, how about the fact that they don't fly or jump, so if you seen one in a corner there's no need run. They'll never catch you. The only flying spider in North America prefers to live in dense forests up north. You're safe. :-)

    I don't hate spiders, but I do strongly dislike Hello Kitty. I don't know why, but that brand irritates the hiss out of me. For that reason I would prefer not to live in Japan, but you may send me a square watermelon or two. I need a biodegradable gardening stool.

    I've been on TV more times than most I think. The most memorable was when I was in high school. It was during the Gulf War and my feminist friends and I decided to take part in protesting Amoco Oil. My parents forbade me from going downtown to the protest rally. I snuck out anyway and chanted & protested my little heart out. Lots of folks were arrested after a fight broke out. When I saw my parents the next morning they asked how my evening studying went, and I said great. That's when I found out the evening news cameras had captured me for all the world to see, including my parents. My favorite blue car sweater was a dead giveaway. I got in SO MUCH trouble. I still shudder when I think about how angry they were. Ooops. :-)

    I love yoga pants. I have to call them yoga pants because I literally wear them anywhere and everywhere. Ed says that's a cop out. He calls them 'housepants'...haha!

    Linds can never be in any corner, and neither can #99!!! Your girls rock. So do your furbabies...the pictures of them sleeping are just too precious. Almost kissed my monitor. :-)

  20. Holy Shizzle. I'm such a comment space hoarder. Apologies!!!

  21. HAHA, back bloggin for a minute and thought you'd done a whatzhizname photo app on your phone. Oh wait, maybe you did....


    And I like Coco too. I'd never survive normal....


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