October 20, 2011

Happy {fake} Birthday

Please don't call PETA or Family Services, but I almost forgot Ozzie's {fake} birthday yesterday.
I know, I am horrible. Still, I have a feeling he will forgive me, because he is easy like that. Easy like Sunday morning....

It was three years ago yesterday that we adopted him from the Boxer rescue group.
For his birthday? I sang to him a couple of times. He seems to be the only one in the house who tolerates my singing. Of course, after being on the streets and homeless/hungry, you will tolerate just about anything for a meal.

I also gave him a birthday banana. A birthday banana is exactly like similar to a regular banana, but it tastes different on your birthday. And he still has to share with Cocoa.
And to make his day just perfect, I gave both of them a bath. Ok, they would have loved to skip this part, but it was needed. At least, I gave them an inside bath...with warm water.

I'm a giver.

I really wish we knew his 'real' age....maybe 6? Or 8??? No one likes my idea of cutting off something and counting the rings to find his real age. Anyhoo...I should know "age is just a number"...he is young at heart!

if I had a dollar for every dollar we have spent on him healthwise, well, we would have more money in the bank right now.
What'cha gonna do?

I tried my darndest to add in a video of Ozzie and his vocal ways....every day at 4pm he starts 'talking' to me...but I was having issues loading it for ya. Next time.
Hey, go hug an animal...and if you don't have one at home, there are plenty that need YOU.


  1. I think Ozzie is thrilled that you're not trying to cut something off to count rings... ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday Ozzie! He is so cute!

    Your Friend, m.

  4. I'm sure Ozzie has forgiven you. I suspect you help Ozzie feel that every day is his birthday.

  5. Laughing here. You are a better buzz then coffee this morning!

    The birthday banana...oh my, girl!

  6. Happy Birthday, Ozzie! Wow, I can't believe you posted a photo of him in the "cone of shame" on his birthday, Suz. Kind of tough. Maybe he should have his own banana, for that. ;) xoxo

  7. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    BTW: Since you don't know when his birthday really is, then you can't have forgotten it.

  8. Happy Birthday Ozzie! What, no birthday green beans??!!

  9. Oh...I'm sure you can sing very well...

    and he is so cute and lovely! I have 2 dogs: one is an Husky and the other do you say...? he's got no race at all...

    But I love them both!!! They are good friends...

    Hugs from a portuguese girl...

  10. Hey, I wanna B Day Banana too! Ozzie (and Coco) both deserve being spoiled.....

  11. Do they get any cuter?? Happy Birthday Mr. Ozzie!

  12. Happy Birthday, pup! It's funny how there is next to no activity level in any of those photos on Ozzie's part.

  13. I didn't realize you had only had Ozzie for 3 years. I've known you on your blog at least half that long! He probably forgave you for forgetting since he knew it was a fake birthday - - - or maybe because he knew a bath would be one of the gifts and he didn't want to remind you! He's precious and loved for sure by you!

  14. I was never a pet person until our dog, Socks, came into our lives. Now, he really is one of our family. And I used to snicker at people who said things like that. No more.

  15. Aww Going to go hug my pets. It's true I once forgot my kittys b'day/ bad pet Mama :(

  16. Happy B-day Oz...I love reading about you :)

    Many happy years ahead!

  17. Happy Birthday to Ozzie! Love that sweet face:)

  18. Aw, I didn't remember that he was a rescue. I used to work at the dog shelter as a volunteer and YES, rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing to do. So many pups need homes.

    Belated Happy Birthday Ozzie!

  19. I'm caught up to where I read before AND I still don't see anything about the blog name change but I like it. I was just worried for a brief moment there that you become allergic to bees or something.


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