September 14, 2011

On Bloggers Blogging. Or not really.

Two things:

I glanced at my stats the other day and I noticed that: 

{1} I have the same amount of readers, but comments are way down. {I may jump off a bridge, if I knew where to find a bridge. I will just blame it on the economy & people are too lazy to type these days} is hilarious to see how people DO find this nonsensical blog. 
My favorite search that brought readers here so far: 
Hot Tree hugger Chick. 

Does that mean I have to start wearing unattractive shoes and hemp clothes?

I don't even know where to purchase hemp.

{2} I have noticed that a lot of great bloggers have jumped ship for blogging's ugly cousin: facebook. 
Yeah, I said it. FB is the ugly cousin and I don't think it's right. FB is not a blog. {although some people can't seem to shut up and treat it like a 24/7 blog: I can't sleep. I hate my job. I love starbucks!
I have made the mistake of friending some peeps who have diarrhea of the mouth. 
OY vey. 
Stick a sock in it, eh?

ps. None of the peeps that read this are the diarrhea peeps, they are too busy POSTING (every 4 minutes)on FB to read  this.

Anything getting on your nerves lately? 

If it seems like I am a crabapple today, it is only because I didn't get enough sleep & I loathe starbucks, but I LOVE my job!!!! :)

Have a great day,
Hot tree hugger chick Suz. 


  1. I have noticed the same thing about FB. I don't FB, do you?

    By the way, you are totally a Hot Tree Hugger Chick!!

  2. Reading this made my morning! I love how witty you are and I swear, it's like you don't even try. It makes me jealous/envious/kinda want to Single White Female you.

    (Remember that movie?? Insane!!)

    Go get caffeinated and the crabiness will subside. While you're out, pick some up for me and just mail it in a mason jar. Us Southern folk will take care of a mason jar...and sometimes, not much else.

  3. You are the prettiest tree hugging chick I know : )
    I don't know who comes to my blog. I am always thankful that they do. Maybe people are all out of words. Who knows.

    ; ) You are super.

  4. oh! I never look at my stats {probably 'cos I have no idea where to find them} stats , in the past, have made me yawn so maybe that's why I'm in no rush to find them!

    The thing that's been bugging me lately...flags! There are buildings with flagpoles and no flags, buildings with flagpoles that do have flags but they are so dirty and wind worn raggedy that I wonder where they see the pride in flying them! grr!

    Half way through the week...roll on weekend ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  5. Is a newborn a good excuse not to comment as much? You know I'm still reading your hilarity :)

    I get a little unnerved when I look at my stats and see that people find me when they google "little boy peeing in weird place". Perverts!

  6. I gained readers on my blogcation, but like you, my comments are down. I still get a lot, but compared to a year ago? WAY down.

  7. "Diarrhea of the mouth" Ha ha!!!!! :)
    I've had low stats lately too. I blame it on the summer honestly. Once we're all stuck inside again, we'll all be reading and commenting on blogs. :) Just keep doin what you do. I enjoy it.

  8. This might be a good time to consider re-naming your blog, or at least giving it a subtitle. I like that Hot Tree-Hugger Chick name; it's catchy.

    facebook is good & bad - and I know what you mean about the dribblers (I started to type "drivelers" by mistake, but maybe that isn't a mistake).

    I'll still read you here - and comment, if I have anything to say (& when do I not?), Hot Tree-Huggin' Suz!

  9. Hello Hot Tree Hugger Chick! Lots of bloggers that you and I shared 3 years ago are gone and I assume they are now on FB. I miss them. I am not and never will be on FB but all my old college girlfriends are and none of them read my blog - too busy on FB!!! I follow blogs of folks I truly enjoy and I love to comment and occasionally email back and forth.
    Maybe I should check what brings folks to my blog - perhaps it is Harriet's low to the ground belly!!!!!

  10. Suz, thanks for all the Readers that you sent my way. I can barely keep up with them all! And your Mom always has funny things to say. She goes by an alias and I promised that I wouldn't out her. Plus, her blog is HILARIOUS!!!! Now I know where you get it from. So I guess she didn't steal you out of a hospital afterall.
    And I know you're not talking about me on Facebook. Yes, I must admit that I was going nuts on there last Thursday but besides waiting for the flood to drown me, I had nothing else to do. Believe me, it won't happen again.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I promise that I won't forget you when I become a bigtime blogger and they change the name of Blogher to Blogm.

  11. i am thinking that i love your job, too!!! i am wishing i had more time. or more energy. if i did i'd be leaving 7 or 8 comments a day. promise. xoxo

  12. Twitter is pulling people away from blogs too. Nothing replaces a blog in my mind!

  13. Nothing to worry about here, I'd always come over to read your blog. I love your sense of humor, you always make me smile. :-) I do check fb daily, but I don't really have much to say there. Seems like I "have to have it" though, since so many of our friends now communicate through it.

  14. I got out of the blogging habit and turned to Facebook. It was like a fix to keep me happy til I had time to blog again. Maybe if that crutch wasn't there I wouldn't have ignored my blog as long as I did.

    I am trying to get accustomed to my new computer and its wonky mouse. I just accidentally clicked on something and a not popped up that said "Don't bee so nosey." WHAT WAS THAT?? And how do I get one that says, "The dust bunnies are private, sorry."

    Okay, gotta go now. I've got to update my FB status to, "I don't like Starbucks."

  15. I really miss some of my favorite bloggers because they suspended their blogs in order to concentrate only on their FaceBook or Twitter pages. Mainly I miss them because I refuse to start using either of them. I spend too much unproductive time on the laptop anyway. Besides that...why do people think I want to know what they ate for breakfast? I just won't follow anyone on twitter or FaceBook

  16. I hope it is only a coincidence that your Facebook comment came only a couple of weeks after I got on. I can understand how you popped up in a 'Hot Tree Hugger' search, but I hope you don't feel the need to go to hemp clothes.
    I promise that if you keep putting up these great posts, I'll keep commenting.

  17. What gets on my nerves? Other than the FB idiots....?? The way my belly jiggles when I LMAO at your posts!!! And no, you don't have to wear hemp etc. You now need to build a tree house. Then whenever you want to FB, you must do it from there....

    HAHA, I started this comment 12 hours a skype call, had to run, did, and just now found this waiting...mwahahah!!

  18. I have 2.5 readers, you and my mother among them. I do FB, but maybe post something once a week. FB is a lazy person's blog. Life is just been getting in my way to blog more consistently. I'm trying though!

  19. Also? Tweeting is not blogging. It's not the same thing, people!

  20. i still lerve blogging, i just dont have as much time now since i am WORKING yeahhhhh, baby...

    i will nevah leave ya, suz, nor any other of my faves on here....

    you are a HOT tree hugger ... HTH for short. ;)

  21. FB isn't anything like blogging, is it? I joined to become part of a private group of folks who grew up where I grew up. That and to terrorize some of the next generation family members.

    There is no substitute for blogging. There is no substitute for Suz.

  22. Funny about tree hugger chick being the way readers discover you. Hey, you are pretty hot, and definitely a tree hugger.
    My top searched post is "Ear Wax." Go figure.

  23. You are cute and funny, Sue! So glad you commente don my blog so i could find yours.

    I like FB to keep in touch with my family and friends, but I'd never give up my blog because of it.

    When I look at my stats I see so mnay visitors come to my blog through google image searches. I can't decideis that good or bad?

  24. Love the post as always. I've been a bad blogging buddy as of late. but school took over and life. I have hardly a following anymore and haven't had for a long time. Anyway I look forward to reading your blog even iff I can't leave a comment at times. I always smile after visiting and I will try to be a better blogging buddy. Keep posting.

  25. I've long felt this way about FB, too. I think it has been the demise of many a great blogger.

    I've been going through the same thing that you have regarding blogging. It really takes a lot of concerted effort to keep it all up.

  26. I have no time or use for FB either. Bloggers have better vocabulary and writing skills and don't feel the need to tell their actions or feelings every five minutes.
    Okay - - - we need to sentence diagram your title. Who is hot the tree or you? Just teasing. We know it's you - - - but grammatically I guess it could be either - - not sure though. We need to consult an English major.
    - - - and make us an apple pie or cobbler with those crabapples. It will turn out sweet cuz you are 99.9% of the time - - - even if you don't feel that way today.

  27. I think I give equal treatment to blogs and FB. lol... =) Blogging I save for my "computer time" where as FB is on my phone and I check in every-so-often.

    I love your blog. I check it

  28. You will ALWAYS be my favorite blogger, honey - always! As you may have noticed, I 'locked up' my blogs. Haven't been updating either of them in months and months and noticed that people who visited them were all from Arab countries (clearly an Al Quaeda plot!!). So, I figured, I would just close them off to readers. They are still there (no WAY I'm going to delete all that work and HUMOR!) but just dont have time anymore.

    You're right about FB. All 4 of us HAVE to check FB every single day. (AND they are one of my big clients at work! I can't get away from them!)

    Anyway, love you, love your blog... and I'll be here whenever I have time (or, like tonight, whenever insomnia strikes). :)

    Your Pal,


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