August 03, 2011

I did it.

guilty as charged.

One might assume that yesterday I cleaned toilets,  grocery shopped, washed clothes, exercised, cleaned cat boxes and fed my people.

That assumption would be correct. I did. 

I also made my bed.
{Bow to the queen}

And at one point, I also faced my biggest fear. 


They scare the be-jeesus out of me. 

Now I can say they SCARED the be-jeesus out of me.

 I faced my fear head on.

My MIL and I took a gun safety course. 

And after a few hours of learning the ins and outs of every aspect of a gun...and most importantly how to be safe while handling a gun~~~

I had a gun. IN my hand.  TO shoot. 

And I did.

I must say, I am a quick learner. Unless I have to actually shoot a small black dot in the middle of a red dot to save my life...I will be just fine.

My fear has been conquered. 

I am woman. 

Hear me roar.


{Go ahead. Make my day. Punk.}


  1. Woo hoo!! Look at you, Annie Oakley!

    This is very cool. I'm proud of you. We've spent our entire lives around guns, so I sometimes forget other people might be afraid of them.

    Are you going to get a concealed weapon permit now? Those girls better watch out, cuz now you do a whole lot more than just shank 'em. Well, ok, I guess you'd probably still just shank 'em...

  2. Wow! My husband has been trying to get me to go with him for the past 7 years and I have refused. He does love his gun.

  3. Good for you! And it looks as if you are indeed a quick study - those bullet holes are very near the center! One more fear bites the dust - hooray!
    P.S. - I don't like guns (or knives, or other weapons) either.

  4. Good shooting!! I used to be scared of guns as well...until I learned gun safety. Now I (not Vol Fan!) own a 40ca pistol and a Browning 20ga shotgun:)

  5. Wow, I did all of that stuff yesterday too...except for the shooting a gun part. But good for you. That is so cool! : )

  6. I SOOOO need to "do it" too! Not the gun part....all the other bits!

    I can't believe so much mess is created by so few!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  7. Are you related to Annie Oakley? I think you have this whole gun think under control. I'll be extra good from now on.

  8. wow! i am impressed!!! eric wanted to take me to the range and i chickened out. but maybe you make me brave...

  9. Look at you, you go girl. I used to be afraid of guns,too. Not so much anymore, but I still hope I'll never have to use one.

  10. You're a regular Sarah Palin! m.

  11. Oh you rock good blogger buddy!!!

  12. Gee---I'd better be nice when I'm around you now... You might pull out that big gun of yours and point it at me!!!!! YIPES!!!!

    I have no fear of guns--but have never had one in my hand. Probably never will. If they shoot me, WELL--bye bye!!!!!

    Congrats for conquering the fear.

  13. We have never owned a gun or had a desire to. In this day and time, it's a good idea to know how to use one though. I am proud of you for conquering your fear and glad you had someone share the activity with you.

  14. I want a gun and lessons too. I need to know how to operate one safely. Sometimes I have gotten a little nervous being back in the woods alone if hubby is not here. My dogs are great, but a gun would be better. I'm proud of you. Debi

  15. Good for you, Suz!
    Steve made me learn to shoot a pistol years ago, supposedly in case I needed it for self defense. Of course, I'm pretty sure I'd be useless in that situation...

  16. Hey congrats on conquering your fear.

  17. My husband and daughter and her friend have taken to going to the range together (I watch for Groupons).

    I wouldn't have a gun in my home, but I grew up shooting and I think it is pretty fun.

  18. I have wanted to do this for the longest time! You inspire me, Suz!!

  19. Congratulations!!!! That is so impressive and how cool is that to overcome your fear?

  20. hello my florida honey bee friend...

    it has been some time since i've commented, but that doesn't mean i haven't trolled your blog often to keep up with your terrific tales. ;-) you know what a mish-mash it has been @ casa kbl the past few months, so i haven't have a lot of free time to blog. when i did have time for it, all i wanted to do was catch up with my favorite peeps, like you!

    you are a crackshot for your first lesson. that is pretty darned hawt for a pretty little lady. you should get a thigh holster for your colt revolver, now that would be hawter. however, i will not be responsible for coach's behavior should you strut in the room with nothin' but your gun a ablazin'. just sayin.

    sue, i want to thank you for your comforting, kind words for our bear milo. they were a salve. i miss him. give ozzie and coco an extra kiss for me tonight. and one for yourself as well.

    much love and all the free bullets you might need....((hugs)))

  21. Woo hoo! Now I have someone I can shoot tin cans with!! LOL! Good for you!! I too had to overcome my fear of guns (it didn't help to have a husband who had an arsenal of them.)

  22. Tracey Axnick8/4/11, 10:47 PM

    ...believe it or not, I'm an ecellent shot!

  23. WOOT WOOT! My commenter is working again! Watchoutbloggers:)

    Hats off to you and your MIL. I'm proud of you. My fear is of EARWIGS! But them I can shoot. With bug killer stuff. And watch em squirm and writhe while dying. mwahahahaaa...See why I shouldn't have a gun in my hand?

    Enjoy your fear overcomings:)

  24. Roar is right! That is so amazing!!! I'm impressed with you. My son knows how to shoot, and I think I'd like to some day as well!

  25. oh wow BB, that was so very brave of you!!

    are you going to start a gun collection now?

    ** grin **

    ps: woman, you can shoot! :-o

  26. Awesome!! My dad taught us to shoot, and although I can't say I really enjoyed it, it is a good skill to know for when you need to shoot zombies or something. (Heaven forbid some other reasons which shall remain unsaid.)


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