July 04, 2011

Oh, give me a home...

Where the buffalo bison roam

and the deer

and the antelope pronghorn play....

Can you guess where we have been???

Eight glorious days away from home....four spent in the depths of nature and beauty and four spent surrounded by man-made gluttony.

Back to reality...trying to get my bearings.

"Bear"ings. Get it??? I swear, that is a photo of a bear.

Unpacking, paying bills, cleaning dogs, scooping poop and getting used to the {flippin'} humidity again!!

Oh, and Lolo wants to trade in ALL THREE cats for ONE baby Bison.
{cause they are soooooo cuuuuuteeeee}

I think this might be a fair trade.

Have a beautiful Fourth of July!!!


  1. where were you? Looks like scenes from my state! But it can't be because if you were here and didn't look me up I'd have to be mad!

  2. I mean, honestly, how great would it be to have a Baby Bison? Years of good blogging material.

    Kenya hasn't come home for 2 nights. I am FREAKING out. : (


    I missed you so much. You are NOT allowed to go away ever again!!!

    Well, ok, maybe next year....


  4. Amazing! Looks like Yellowstone Park or something. Seeing a bear must have stopped your heart!

  5. Happy 4th to you and yours!

  6. How does one take care of a Bison?
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip - can't wait to hear more about it!! Missed you!!

  7. I have missed you! Glad you are back! Humidity is one subject I try to avoid. That is why we have AIR CONDITIONING! Guess you had a great time on vacation. You deserve it. It's been a busy year at your house.

  8. Great pics, Suzanne! Welcome back and happy 4th to you all!

  9. Glad you are home... After being gone for three weeks --I understand things like unpacking, reading the mail, paying bills, etc.... YUK!!! Welcome back to reality!!! ha

    I'll choose the depths of nature ANYDAY over the man-made gluttony... LV was one of our least fav. places.

    Happy 4th.

  10. glad you had a great trip! we're in palm desert right now where the temperatures are in the 100's, but it's dry heat. it's blazing!

    we'll be home in a week and back to the humid heat, blah!

  11. Do you think we crossed paths somewhere out west? We didn't have a close encounter with a bear, for which I am grateful.
    Is Lolo going to get her baby Bison?I I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  12. South Dakota?
    I had a bison burger for dinner last night! Mmmmmm...
    Happy 4th!

  13. It's a gorgeous part of the country--glad you got to experience it!

  14. Yellowstone? The West is nice in the summer, eh? Baby bison, my cute meter just exploded!

    You are my home depot inspiration, I am starting some new projects this week.

    Looks like a fun trip, glad you guys got home safely!

  15. Baby bisons smell. I would hold on to those sweet kitties for now...

    I have similar pics from a visit to Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana a decade ago. Such a beautiful place to visit!

  16. Uh oh. You seem pretty fired up from your vacay! Looking forward to seeing what kind of ornery you're gonna be getting into now!

  17. OK where did you go to see all this gorgeous wildlife?? and do you want to move there to be friends with the bears? LOL!

    welcome back, you've been missed!

  18. Oh man, that looks so wonderful out there. Seeing animals just wandering out there is such a treasure! Welcome home!

  19. Wait! You mean to tell me you weren't at home all this time doing laundry? Naughty girl, you tricked me.
    I want to hear all about your Wilderness Family Adventures. Do you remember that Movie?
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. What the hell is a pronghorn?

  20. Welcome home! I've missed you. : ) Hmm..I'll also vote for Yellowstone. Or just Colorado..or some other place that's not so hot in the summer. : )

  21. if only you had brought the kitties along!!! what a great trade that could have been :) sounds like the 4th was not so celebrate-y at your house, except that you did finally home (yay!) all thanks to glitter :) xoxo


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