July 12, 2011

Living in my own private Idaho. And Utah.

To finish the dramatic airplane nightmare post...

YES, we did depart the plane in Idaho.

Coach calmly approached a flight attendant at the front of the plane and told her nicely: My family needs to get off this plane.
She said: Sir, you can only depart the plane if there is a medical emergency.
Coach: There will be a medical emergency if I do not get off this plane. 
(his or hers?)

She spoke to the pilot and 10 minutes later, they had a set of stairs at the door and we said hasta la bye bye. 
About 6 other people also left the plane.

We walked into this tiny airport. (I think it was smaller than our house) and there was ONE security guy.

I asked him: Where are we?

Security guy: Mam, you are in Pocatella Idaho. 

He could have just told me I was in  timbuktu...that meant nothing to me.

There were two desks inside for rental cars. One did not have any cars to rent and luckily the other did.

We found out that driving to Vegas from here was just over 9 hours. (the rental kid thought it was 14 hours)

There we impromptu road trip. 
No luggage. No phone chargers. JUST us. (and our ipad..which provided directions!)

Perhaps our family could participate in the Amazing Race?

We really did not care...were not even concerned with the drive ahead...we were off that darn plane.

And can I just say this::::: IDaHo is gorgeous. (who da ho?)

And just as beautiful::::UTaH! 
Lovely parts of our country that we would never have seen.

I thought for a few minutes about converting to Mormonism and moving. {Surely the Osmond's have room for me and my family} Though, the thought of having to pretend to be happy all the time discouraged me.

Can you see the speed limit sign?    80. 
The Coach (speed racer) was loving this side of our country.

And, we were finally able to enjoy an In and Out burger. Decent.

We made it to Vegas around 11:30pm. Just as all the party people were going "out". 

Thankfully our luggage made the connection and was waiting for us at the airport. And I knew all was well now, no one stole my bras from my suitcase on this visit!

Thankful, lucky and very happy. 

Viva Las Vegas!


  1. I think we would have driven too. That is the thing about flying...I can be ok with it when everything goes ok, but the least little bump and I'm ready to get. off. now. And it sounds like you endured a lot more than the least little bump. No wonder the flight attendant/pilot were so nice to let you get off. He probably wanted to get off too. : )

  2. Again, thank goodness everything was okay! I've never been to Idaho, it looks a lot like Nebraska (where I'm from) from the picture.

  3. I have a friend that lives in Idaho and she posts pics on FB. Such a beautiful country we live in! And you know I LOVE impromptu road trips!! I cannot tell you how much I love the speed limits out west:)

    And seriously, Coach and Vol Fan would be like 2 peas in a pod. That is exactly something that Vol Fan would say!

  4. Were we in Utah at the same time? I'm glad you demanded off the plane!

  5. Driving is always better than flying....if you have the time.

    Glad you got off the plane...I would have too! And what an amazing drive you had...we drive to Utah at least once a eyar.

    Enjoy Las Vegas!

  6. That is pure craziness. I can't believe no one stole your bra. I heard you have that $100,000 Victoria Secret makes every year.

  7. I have lived in Utah for about 20 years of my life. And have been to Idaho exactly once. It sort of scares me.

  8. Thank goodness the people on the plane used their heads for once and let you off! I would have been grabbing my carry on and following right behind. Glad it all worked out. Whew.

  9. Glad you made it... I'm sure that additional little road trip was special.. We enjoy those road trips--but not for the reason you took it though...

    Bet you were concerned about the PLANE trip home by that time... Did you consider 'driving' home?????

    Glad you made it to Vegas.

  10. Oh I love the adventures of the Bee Family. Especially the Ho jokes.

    I always drive 80, isn't that the speed limit on all interstates?

    You could have hooked up with Jason's family in Utah! Missed opportunity.

    So glad no one stole your bras. They would never want mine. I buy new ones all the time, but only wear the old ones.

  11. Great ending! I love Idaho--white water rafting down the Snake River is on my to-do list.

  12. I've never had an In-N-Out burger, but I have now driven through parts of Utah and Nevada and I agree that it's beautiful. I would still like to see Idaho, but I think we'll plan on driving.
    I'm glad you (and your luggage) made it safely to Las Vegas.

  13. Don't knock the Osmonds, they have great teeth!
    I'm glad that you made it to Vegas in one piece.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I love how you quietly brag about how big your house is. Bitch!

  14. Wow...yesterday's post sounds like a hair-raising experience. I'm glad you decided to drive. You can actually see the country side. And 9 hours in the car? Not so takes 7 just to drive across South Dakota!

    If I had known you were coming to Yellowstone for vacation, I may have insisted that we meet in the Black Hills of South would have been worth the 7 hours in our car just to see you and your family in person.

    Maybe next summer?!

    Take care, ~Natalie

  15. OMG! I definitely would have shit myself. I mean shat myself. (That word always makes me giggle!)

  16. I'm so happy to hear that you were allowed OUT of that airplane! ROAD TRIP! What a great antidote to the air. I know the statistics say it's safer to fly than drive, but after a flight like the one you described, a person needs some terra firma underfoot. I get it!
    And the fact that your bags were waiting for you? Priceless. xoxox

  17. I would have wanted to get off that plane, too.
    BTW, not necessary to convert to Mormonism to live in Utah. I know, cuz we didn't.

  18. OH SUZ! Wow. Coach knows how to speak up, eh?

  19. What an ordeal, that luckily changed into a nice adventure!

    That'll give you something to recount over christmas dinners for years ;-)


    I would have done the same thing - gotten OFF that stinky plane. Yurk!

  20. What an ordeal! At least you were able to see some new areas of the country. At 80 mph, Coach may have made better time than the plane!!!

  21. What...WHAT???? You were RIGHT HERE and we didn't meet for a sloppy In and Out? Well, I'll bee..

    Smart flight attendant:)
    Smarter Coach.

    I'll be driving to Idaho maybe next month..1st time for me too.

    Now I'm not so sure I ever want to fly again. But I promised PJ.....

    SO, and I quote...FORSHIZZLE! IF YOU WANT TO SEE UTAH, LET ME KNOW NEXT TIME YOU'RE HERE!!! I'll take ya places:) And it won't be bumpy or scary and you won't need to join anything and everyone's bras will be intact.

    Still can't wrap my head around how stinkin close you were to me :(

  22. YOU should be a stand-up comic! Man, can you tell a story and make it funny!

    Q: What did Delaware?
    A: Idaho. Alaska!

  23. I am not sure I could ever get Lauren back on a plane after an experience like that. I am not surprised at your experience - our storms around here lately have been nothing less than insane - I am glad you all made it safely! And yes, I think you could do the amazing race and I think you guys would ROCK IT!

  24. You all were smart people to take a road trip since you weren't flying friendly skies! Praise God you are flexible with your schedule. I know some people who would be 'over the edge' with a major schedule change.

  25. Yeah, I think you made the right choice in not converting to Mormonism! I like your line about not wanting to pretend to be happy all the time. So true.

  26. And I'm going there next week. I'm glad I don't have to pretend to be happy all the time anymore.

  27. 80??? and i was impressed with the 75 mph wwe saw from az to nv!!! glad you were able to fake an emergency!!!

  28. Tracey Axnick8/4/11, 10:46 PM

    WOW! What an amazing story! Thank goodness y'all got off that plane... how terrifying!


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