July 15, 2011

Gettin' down with the gummies.

If you are anything like me, then you have also been pondering: "Can you overdose on vitamins?"

I was solo in my deep pondering?

Oh, you would never catch me overdosing on these:

They nauseate me.

But now I have switched to these babies:

No nausea, I just crave more.

And to answer your my overdose question....I researched and YES, you can get ill from too many vitamins. 
Just like everything else; too much of a good thing is BAD!

Oh Snap. 

In other non important news...Lolo had a great birthday dinner.

Notice the four hungry hands digging in...I did not partake. 
(I had my fill of gummy vitamins earlier!)

We ended our dinner just in time to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I wish I received the 'jeans' memo earlier. 

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend doing something fun with someone you love...and not being the least bit nauseated. 


  1. I got the memo, I have on the jeans, and I'll try to make sure you get a copy next time :) Awesome family pic there SUZ!

  2. One of my New Year's resolution's was to take my vitamin every day....didn't last!

  3. Oh my goodness your girls like like yo uin this pictures! So sweet:)
    ...and the gummies? My daughters vitamins are gummies, one for omega, one for vitamin c I just might help myslef to a couple of those throughout the day! Better be careful! lol

  4. I just hate it when being told that too much of a good thing is bad. The gummies must be pretty good if they kept you from trying to get a piece of that delicious-looking desert.
    I hope you all have a great weekend.

  5. I love gummy things. I need those vitamins.

  6. That's a wonderful family picture! I would choose the pie over vitamins!

  7. Great picture of the four of you... I can only imagine how proud Coach is of his 3 gorgeous women!!!!!

    Darn--you burst my bubble... I thought that when I was feeling bad that the more ice cream I could eat, the better I would feel... Dang!!!!

    Don't take too many of those gummies... (I'd rather have the Peanut Butter Pie)

  8. I take the gummy prenatal vitamins - and I look forward to them everyday!!

  9. Great photo of the four of you! And don't worry about your pants. At least they're not Mom Jeans.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I'm a sucker for a girl who says "Oh snap!".

  10. Happy weekend to you and your family, Suz! When are you flying (or driving) up here for a break from the summer heat? We are having NOooooo problems with heat here! =/

  11. Just got done reading about your infamous flight to Idaho...I'm sweating now. Oh..My..Word!!! I can't believe you didn't "give up your groceries" (the only time I laughed while reading that Post, BTW).
    Anyway, I'm so happy you're home safe and sound now.
    BE-A-UTIFUL photo of your sweet "Lolo" below. : )

  12. I love the shot of the four of you and the sunset. The way Coach's arm is around you is sweet.

  13. Flinstones...I can eat them candy and they don't nauseate me...I haven't OD'd yet but I will be careful!

  14. What a beautiful family! The vitamins sounds scrumptious. Maybe they should dip them in dark Godiva chocolate just to ensure that you take them!

  15. I eat Flintstone vitamins....with a shot of calcium on the side.

    Looks like an incredible birthday treat :)

  16. Fortunately vitamins do not nauseate me. Do the gummies not have any vitamin taste at all?
    LOVE your sunset picture. My weekend goal is to not overeat - - which might have already been broken today due to a wedding and birthday party for a friend.

  17. I'm going right out to get some gummy vitamins. I have a bottle of Centrum and the pills are ENORMOUS. So I take about one a week.

  18. I've seen those vitamins, they just seemed too good to be true - yummers!

    I buy the chewable kind but they're kind of chalky.

    The weekend's hot and relaxed so far, just wishing for a dip in your pool... you can get to do all the maintenance though! tee hee!

    ok kidding. I'd never do that to you.

    Lovely family photo, BB!

  19. I love Flintstones chewables. I would overdose on them if I didn't know it was bad for me.
    Glad the BD dinner was fun!

  20. Wow, that sunset is gorgeous!!

    I've never heard of gummies...I will have to check them out. I am terrible about taking vitamins, though. I've had the same bottle for over a year.

  21. i might have to try those gummies!!!
    pb pie at silver spoon???


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