July 20, 2011

The Gambler**WINNING**

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless you blog about it, and then it goes everywhere.

One afternoon while in Vegas the Coach and I had an hour to kill...the kids were around the corner solving crimes at CSI: the Experience.

I suggested Roulette and being the wonderful husband he is, he led me to a roulette table and gave the dealer TWO one hundred dollar bills;  One for me. One for him.

The Coach was out of chips in 20 minutes....I made mine last and last.....and last for about 40 minutes.

And....I left the table with $250. 
So, you COULD say I won $150.
But I really won $250 since I did not actually put any money on the table. 

You COULD say he lost $100, or you COULD say he lost $200.

Either way, I am the winner
{in case that was not already clear?}


It was fun...we always enjoy chatting with the dealers as we are both social butterflies.

Some young whippersnappers peeps came to the table to play and they were smoking and that is when we decided to, I was UP by so much.

Did I tell you that I won???


As we waited for the kids the Coach suggested that "since we (I) won so much we should get tattoos."
So we did.

Talk about painful....

You like??????


FYI: my lucky numbers that came in several times: 
10, 13, 17, 24 & 27.
Go buy a lotto ticket...let me know how much WE win.

Am I the only one who still loves that Kenny Rogers song? I know...I am a total dork. But a lucky dork. Right?



tattoo source.


  1. You're so cute!! I hope that tattoo is right in the middle of your forehead!!

  2. OH SUZ!!!!!!!!!!!! 250, alrighty!!!! The tat is a...joke?

  3. Good Morning, Suz,
    My hubby likes to put $ in the machines...occasionally he wins...but, occasionally he walks away with nothing. Hopefully, it all evens out! Congratulations on your win!!

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday ~Natalie

  4. Wow on the winning! : ) We did the CSI thing when it came to town and it was super cool. We all had a blast playing and figuring it out..ok I followed my girl around with her friends and a bunch of moms, but we still had a great time.

  5. Yay for the win for you!!! I have an easier time losing provided the losing lasts over a long, long time. It's the cost of entertainment, but when it's gone right away like your hubs, that's when it really stings.

  6. You go girl!!!!!

  7. Somehow I got the impression that you were overjoyed about WINNING! I once attended a conference at a casino in Connecticut and I was the only one from our IT group to leave with more money than I started with. I didn't gamble -- I won two contests!
    Although I don't gamble, I do like Kenny Rogers' song.

  8. You've always been a Winner in book, doll! m.
    p.s. Can I borrow some money?

  9. The Gambler is a classic! I'll always love that song. congrats on the winning!

  10. Vegas is the only place I know that lives up to its hype. Oh how I love it!

  11. I still love that Kenny Rogers song. That is all.


    Nice tat.
    Or could be.

  12. Sounds like fun...I always watch...I hate to lose money so I never gamble...nice tat tho :)

  13. My son lived in Vegas for a couple of years and was in shock seeing so many people that they knew and worked with who were totally addicted to gambling... Once you win something, you want to win MORE... Right??? Glad you walked away with your winnings... It's rare to win much there I hear!!!!

    Tatoos?????? Nah!

  14. Why does Charlie Sheen keep coming to mind????
    So glad you were "bluffing" about that tattoo. You scared me.
    And about the Hoover Dam...I've seen it many time since childhood. But I recently saw the MOST fascinating documentary about it's construction on PBS. If you ever get a chance to view it, you will be in awe.
    And remember..."Winning!!!"

  15. Lucky Ducky!
    Yep, I can totally see you with a tat! ;)

  16. i will always love kenny rogers (as long as i don't have to look at him anymore!) i can't believe how much you won!!! awesome :) i finally played a few slots at the airport (!) and lost $8. oh well... i wasn't really into it anyway. maybe if i had been winning...

    can't wait to visit & exchange vacation info!!! i miss you!

  17. I used to love Kenny Rogers, but now his face terrifies me!

    I do not have the gambling gene, but I'm sure you had a great time!

  18. I'd guess the tat is on your butt cause you're such a lucky a$$ :):)

    I still love Kenny anything!
    Well, except his latest attempt at looking younger....

    ~You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to tattoo~

    And, you're NOT a dork. Maybe a Geek, but not a dork. Look it up:)

  19. Winnah, winnah, chicken dinnah!!!

    Suz, I think you should come visit me and the Delaware shore....I'll take you to my tattoo parlor and get you your first tattoo. Yes, I have a parlor where I've had all my work done and an artist whose done most of my work.

    Come on! Just say 'yes'! :)

  20. Go buy that lottery ticket NOW! ;-)

  21. You are a winner!! I love that tat, did the girls get one? Viva Las Vegas!!

  22. We have to go to the local casino to meet friends (for dinner!?) who are visiting from out of town this weekend. They used to live here, and they like the seafood buffet. I want to see them, but I do not like the atmosphere in the local casino.

    If I did the math correctly in my head, as a family you are up $50.

    The whole idea of gambling makes me nervous...the house usually wins. You were very lucky! As my dad would say, "I'd rather take the money and throw it in the street!" (He said that about buying a Noble Fir - so extravagent! - for Christmas! He's SUCH a character.)

  23. I really like that Kenny Rogers song, so I'm a dork, too.
    Congrats on winning... we'll say $250. I've gambled a few times, but I've always come out in the hole.

  24. Hooray for having profitable fun that is not an addiction. I don't believe you got the tattoo either because you are too cute to need art to get people to notice you!

  25. I absolutely love your winning logic...because ultimately as a couple you were only up 50 bucks but you sure made it look better!!!

  26. Awesome! I have never gambled.., I don't want to break my perfect streak of not losing...haha.


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