June 17, 2011


Remember when I said my laptop was on the fritz a few weeks ago? I was having a bit of a panic attack...I loved my laptop. BUT it's not even two years old and had a few issues before. How long are these things supposed to last? We had also had issues with our desktop; viruses galore.

Well, when I was in the midst of a panic attack about my laptop the Coach said: I have TWO words for you: AP-PLE.

Yeah, that is not really two words, but he has been itching to move over to the 'other side' for a while. I said: I don't want a MAC!

Well, I am now the proud owner of a Mac....I'm learning quickly and I LOVE it. Bill Gates can kiss my patootie. Kidding.

Why I resisted I have no idea....I am now eating my words... Chewing my apple with sweet savory bites. :)

I took the girls to the pottery painting place yesterday....we were there for over FOUR hours!
Those people were ready for us to leave, or fill out an application. Most likely, they just wanted us to leave.

This is the third summer in a row that we painted pottery while my niece was visiting. Such fun. She finished her two plates and then designed HER NEXT plate...for next summer! Yeah, she is a planner. Diamonds are a girls best friend...right?

After our exhausting day of crafting, I could not bear to cook dinner so I picked up a 'little' pizza for dinner.

Seriously, I could hardly fit it through the door to the house. And we still have a few pieces left over...I had to buy a larger fridge to hold them though. :)

Have a great weekend ya'll!!! Happy Fathers day to all you wonderful men and YOUR wonderful men...and especially to my Husband!!!


  1. I am so jealous that you are braver than me. I opted for a new laptop similar to my old one that lasted less than 2 years. It's not the same brand, but basically the same thing, but now it's Windows 7 instead of Vista. Bill Gates throws a wrench into every new PC I get...before that it was XP. I'm soooo afraid I won't be able to navigate a MAC. Maybe I'll bet gutsier next time.

    That Pizza! OMG! Wait til I show that pick to Pappa John who thinks he has such a huge xlarge pizza! The thing is, if I ever got one that big I'd have to have a party to finish it off.

    I take my CA grandkids to Color Me Mine to paint pottery when I visit. They must think I'm related to you because they practically start closing up shop while we are still there. Such a fun place!! And I'm thinking I like that diamond plate!!

  2. I am glad you like yours. I still don't like mine at all.
    LOVE the pottery painters. And that pizza. Oh my goodness it is GINORMOUS!

  3. What the Hell! I've never seen a pizza that large in all my life. I'd take that over your Mac any day. Did you bring that baby home in the back or your pick-up truck?
    Have a great weekend and thanks for reminding me that it's Father's Day. m.

  4. Congrats on the computer. I think Betsy and George have Mac's also.

    Looks like the girls had a great time painting pottery and that pizza is HUGE! John could eat the whole thing though.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby - you all enjoy the weekend!

  5. Congrats on the new Mac!! You will LOVE it for a lot longer than 2 years! The Mac desktop I got for college in 200 in STILL plugging along. Your girls are beautiful as always!

  6. That pizza is a hoot! Who offers it - - a chain restaurant or private ownership?
    Some of our younger friends at work have Apples and LOVE them, too. It is almost like a split between ages. However some of 'my' friends are getting the IPad.
    Crafts with girls. It's fun! And it sounds like a tradition now with your extended family.

  7. I would love to switch to Mac. As soon as I can convince work to switch to some different programs, I am on my way!

    Holy cow! That pizza is huge!!

  8. i think your going to love your mac. i will never go back to pc's, i love my mac dearly!

    and that is the biggest pizza i've ever seen!

  9. I want to hear more about the new ap-ple. Can we discuss it over pizza? YUM.
    Happy Father's Day to Coach & all of the great men in your life! xoxox

  10. My latest laptop is a PC because I've always needed a PC to be compatible with work. I immediately kicked myself. I'm retired. I could have had a Mac!

  11. That is a huge pizza!
    I'm thinking of moving over to Apple, too. I'm tired of the viruses and the Vista glitches.

  12. where did you get that pizza?????

    ha! those pottery peeps were happy that you stayed four hours!! $$$$$ what did you paint?!

    have fun with your new computer!!

  13. I love some apple products, but we are a PC family for sure. : ) I hope you enjoy your Apple...much hipper than a plain ole PC. How does it feel to be hip? (I wouldn't know! LOL) Wow on the pizza..goodness, it looks bigger than my kitchen table.

    Happy weekend to ya!

  14. Now that's SOME pizza!
    My only apple is an ipod with the Nike + so I can log my miles. Enjoy your new toy!

  15. Good Morning, Suz,
    You are a lucky girl. My daughters both love their Macs...

    And the pizza...that's crazy! How big is their oven?

    Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  16. all i can see is that yummy looking pizza, and now i want one, YOURS. do they deliver?

    crafting is always such fun, and to have people you love, love it too, makes it so much more fun! see? i dont even make sense because my brain is just drooling over that mini pizza you bought...

    [throws back of hand to forehead, and faints]...

    ok i'm ok now... phew.

    my son has a mac and he wont use any other. i guess it's true what they say that once you go mac you never go back....

    happy dada's day to the coach. a good father is like a beating heart... if you dont have one, a part of you dies.
    does that make sense or is that the pizza talking again... i dunno.

  17. How fun to go paint pottery! I would love to do something like that! And seriously, that is the biggest pizza i've ever seen! Who was it for - Big Foot? Jolly Green Giant??? :-)

  18. My computer mother board blew up last week, so I have a new pc...and am waiting for the geek squad to hook it up to our wireless network. We think there may be an incompatibility issue with the connector and windows 7.

    Meanwhile, I've been relegated to my using my laptop. It's only a year old...but it's sooooooo slow in comparison to my computer. It's driving me nuts.

    Just thought I'd share. :)

    That pizza is ENORMOUS!

  19. your husband seems like the absolute best father and spouse :) and YOU the absolute best mom! and auntie!

  20. I think I will have to paint something this summer--we have not done that in a while. Also, I want pizza. Now.

  21. Oooohhhh my gosh is that pizza for real? I've never seen one so big before, except on TV - LOL!

    Always wanted to try pottery painting... hmm. Inspiring ;-)

  22. Although size of that pizza is truly amazing, I'm dropping you a (late) note to welcome you to the Mac family. I've been using a Mac almost since they have been around, and I would never want to go back to the other side.

    We're still on vacation and I'm sending this using my iPad, which is another great device.


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