June 20, 2011

Colorful plates and Nonsense.

Happy Monday.
I know, what is happy about it??? Well, plenty I suppose.
I really have nothing to talk about today. Surprised? Happy?

I picked up our painted pottery on Saturday. I sure wish I knew how to rotate this photo in blogger.

That is just three out of seven pieces. The Coach was given two personalized plates for Fathers day as well!!
And *someone* gets a little fancy on the flip side as well.

Really, no one likes a show off. Unless it's me.

So, our plate cabinets are full. Wanna come for dinner? Oh, just bring some food. And wine.

Other nonsensical stuff:
*The Graduate finally finished all her Thank You notes. I thought her hand was going to fall off. One way to make sure they actually write them in a timely matter....don't let them USE the gift until the thank you is written. Incentives; part of life!

*I am totally, head over heels in love with my Mac. The phrase that has been stuck in my head since last week: "Once you go Mac, you never go back." True dat!!!! And I thought I would never be able to do without my mouse, but the new track-pad is just magical. True love. Yeah, we need a room.

*While my niece was here she introduced us to Netflix. I don't think we have watched regular programming TV in two weeks! The girls have discovered Veronica Mars, Ghost Whisperer, Cashmere Mafia....and more. I have to pry them off the sofa!

*Someone was working out five days a week including a one on one training session learning Muay Thai boxing. *Someone* rolled her ankle last week and has since rolled it a few more times....hence the sitting on the couch. Hence the new ankle brace too. (You know that is not me, right?)

For your viewing pleasure, a beautiful WAVY sky I saw last week. Reminded me of Ruffles wavy chips.

Now, I don't see ruffles wavy chips up there...but at the moment I wanted something crunchy and salty. You know.

Hey, have you got any dip at your place? Cool. I'll bring the plates.

How was your weekend????


  1. We just cancelled our cable, now all I watch is Netflix and Hulu Plus! I am obsessed with What About Brian and Army Wives! I did enjoy Cashmere Mafia but too short of a series! Another good show is Out of Practice! Those are all on Netflix!

  2. I TOTALLY agree with everything you said...
    thank you notes - a lost art, so good for her!
    Macs - SOOO much better.
    Netflix - we haven't had cable in 3 years!

    Happy Monday. :)

  3. I love the plates you guys made, must make for a colorful and beautiful table. Our girls LOVE netflix, right now they are on a Buffy kick and are making their way through I don't know how many seasons of it.

  4. Good Morning, Suz,
    It sounds like you have been having some time to relax there in your household. The plates are so cheerful. I do wish I lived nearby, so I could take you up on that invitation.

    Our weekend...summer arts festival. We enjoyed the good food there and looking at all the goodies.

    Have a marvelous Monday ~Natalie

  5. LOVE the fancy schmancy plate!

    I have never watched anything on netflix. I need to so I can be cool like Linds and Lo.

    It cracks me up that you like the mac so much. Wow.

  6. Very cool ceramics :)
    I need to go and use a gift card I have for our local store...I have had it for 2 years....yikes!
    Happy Monday :)

  7. LOVE the plates and the creative minds that thunk 'em. Welcome to the land of Netflix! Better than a boyfriend as far as spending some quality time together. Ok, how would I know...

    Thanks for making my Monday much better. Now I can go scrub bathrooms with a smile:)

  8. Love the plates! The colors and patterns are bright and cheerful. The sky photo is beautiful too! Hope you have a good Monday!

  9. Oh we have just started with NetFlix. Must check out those shows you mentioned...although I don't know if I am brave enough for the Ghosty show:)

    PS Beautiful Plates!

  10. They turned out beautifully! Super excellent idea, taking them down there to paint plates. I do it myself every day, SO much fun :)

  11. can you hear me laughing?!
    love the plates, and the sky. and darn! now i want chips, too...

  12. So you have to blog in Blogger now b/c of the Mac? That's one strike against the Mac! LOL Good for your girls on the thank yous. I don't think people know what those are these days. Love your plates. We have one of those pottery places, but have never been...maybe we should. Hope your 'friend' enjoys her ankle brace. ; )

  13. What are you trying to prove not using a mouse? You're not a teenager you know!
    I'm really just jealous.

  14. I'm so in the dark when it comes to Netflix. I thought it was just about movie rentals. Now I have to take some time out of my busy day to investigate what the heck it is. If I have to give up my reality TV, then it's a no go.

    I have to use a mouse with my laptop....I'm so anal. Can you use a mouse with a MAC?

    Those plates!! my fav is the one that has crowns and says LAUREN in fancy lettering. I am making a note to make sure I paint the bottom of mine the next time.

    Be careful with that ankle!!

  15. Veronica Mars was our very favorite show--and it was shot in San Diego. Do NOT start on Sons of Anarchy--because you will watch Seasons 1 and 2 in less than one week and then be devastated by the fact that Season 3 will not be out on DVD until late August.

  16. Happy Monday!

    Sorry to hear about the ankle (someone's ankle!)

    Love the plates. I need to take Isabel to do that. I don't trust the boys - they drop things.

    Netflix - yep, love it. Except for that Nic is now enamored with Care Bears.

    Mmm. Chips. We had Sloppy Joes yesterday with Ruffles. Now I want Sloppy Joes and Ruffles again. There were no left-overs. I am outta luck.

    I thought it was "Once you go bla..." Oh nevermind. Heheh! I guess I need to check out this thing called "Mac." Is it REALLY that good!?!

  17. We are twins, LOVE the Mac my office gave me and all I watch is Netflix. I'm currently working my way through Cheers. So many 80's sitcoms to watch!!

  18. My kids introduced us to Netflix. We don't have it at home yet - I'm a little afraid we'd watch it all the time!

  19. That was a lot of good stuff for having nothing to say!;)Your plates look a lot nicer than the ones I get! You three shoudl open up a business!
    Oh, and Netflix...Weeds, Nurse Jackie, and The Big C. That is all.

  20. I could read your "nonsense" any day. Always a smile to be had over here. : )
    Great idea with the Thank you cards. It's a MUST over here too, but I never thought of this to hurry the process along.
    Have a good day,
    Mary Lou

  21. There's all kinds of artsy fartsy going on over at your place. I'm most impressed!

    That's the fastest turnaround on thank you's that I have ever heard about. You're hardcore mean. LOL (I say that out of the utmost respect).

  22. I'm so glad you are enjoying the Mac and so jealous that I don't have one. Love the plates.

  23. what neat/cool plates ya'll made! hope your ankle gets better real fast.

  24. Since I began streaming Netflix....about 8 months ago, maybe longer....I haven't watched a lick of network or cable tv. It seems I never watched what was on tv in the past, never knew what people were talking about at the water cooler...until NOW! It's awesome!

    Love the art on the back of the plate. A lot!!1

  25. Lovely sky, lovely plate art and lovely talk about chips, oh how i love chips :-D

    No Netflix for us here yet, the choice of movies available here is still pretty poor. But someday! Someday.


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