June 06, 2011

All you need is:


You know it.

I've just had my longest blog hiatus ever. I am still alive...just very busy and my laptop is out of commision too. I just made this post via blogger (not live writer)...and I am stressed from it. How do you people use blogger and not go insane?

I declared on Saturday that I was going to quit blogging.

Today is Monday. Oy.

I am now the mother of a high school graduate.

And I never got an official photo of her in her cap and gown. Long story. And yes, I am completely irritated over that.

BUT, all you need is LOVE. Not perfect photos. Right?

Love you,


  1. Welcome back! Congratulations to your beautiful graduate!
    (I love composing on Livewriter, but it won't post to my blog anymore, so I can't use it! AAargh!)

  2. As you know, I also go through phases where I don't want to post any longer. I always think I'm going to feel that way forever! And then I don't! I've decided I'm just going to do what I want when I feel like it.

    Congrats on being the mom of a grad! And congrats to the grad!

  3. I have missed you! Take as much time as you need but don't quit - you give us our daily smiles!!!

  4. And we LOVE you and your LOVELY posts! Blogger is the only thing I know so don't know there is anything better!
    Congrats to the Graduate! Now comes more fun for you - - - remembering she is 'grown up' and trying not to parent unless asked. It's very difficult sometimes.

  5. Awww, so sad and happy all at the same time! And that photo? It's emotionally perfect, and that is the most important thing.

    I'm glad you're not a blog quitter ;) And I've never used Live Writer . . . gonna have to check that out.

  6. That first picture is really cute. I have blog quitting moments regularly, actually!

  7. ah, but at least you have the glorious smiling photo during the grad ceremony :) congrats to all!

  8. OH, and you will probably be using her room to house out of town guests, right? You know, the pale snowbirds from the great white north next February? Taking reservations, are ya? Hullo? Hullo??? Suz, are you there, hulloooooo?

  9. Congrats to the graduate and the graduate's mom! It's a great milestone, one of many bigger and better ones to come. And yes, Love is better than photos...

  10. I am crying like a baby. How could you let her do it. NO! No, NO! She is not allowed to go onto college. She has to stay little forever. Crying for you. And crying for me.

    I would miss you if you left blog land.


    Ps Your picture IS perfect.

  11. That love picture was so cute! And congratulations. I'm sure someone out there snapped a picture of her you can snag. :)

  12. That picture is awesome!!

    Sorry you didn't get a cap and gown one, though. :( But, I do love the look on her face in the candid you captured.

    Congrats on having a high school graduate. Sheesh, someone is getting old.... ;-)

    Of course I mean LoLo. Who did you think I meant?

  13. awww chicken, I have missed you...don't give up, {I need the giggle} I LOVE reading about your daily antics.....see "LOVE" is what you give too ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  14. Congrats to your lovely grad! Has she chosen a college? Are you prepared for an emptier nest?

    Quit blogging? Nah-oh!!!! Take a break for the summer? By all means, but quit? And take your lovely wit and beautiful family with you? Don't do that to us. For real. Don't.

  15. I know you are so proud of her!!

  16. I love Live Writer too. Can't imagine trying to post pix through Blogger now! Love love love your girl. Such a happy face. Glad you're doing ok..have missed you! : )

  17. i feel like quitting sometimes too and i'm sure no one will miss me. but you, you are one funny lady and i always look forward to your post. they bring a smile to my face. i would so miss you.

    congrats to the grad!

    i'm on a vacay in your neck of the woods. we're in orlando right now.

  18. don't you own the cap & gown??

    glad you didn't make good on your threat to quit. was it the horror in my eyes????


  19. Congratulations to her! That is so exciting!!!!

    I wanna know how to use LiveWriter. I don't get it!

  20. You left? I figured there was a graduation going on, and Iknow how you like to party, and I know it probably involved a dress with cleavage, so I didn't give it a second thought.

    Congratulations to the Grad, and I can't wait to watch her play softball on TV.

  21. you know, maybe one of the portrait studios has a cap and gown.

  22. guess you could take a picture in her cap & gown after the fact? I know, I know...not the same!
    Blogger isn't bad...if you don't know any better, which I don't, so I like it.

  23. I thought you had one big hangover to last this long. As for are absolutely right. My mother-in-law took pictures on every occasion. The same occasions during which she made everyone miserable. Love and memories will trump pictures every single time.

    Congratulations all around.

  24. Congratulations to your graduate! She is lovely in the photo that you DO have of her.

  25. Congrats to both of you! Love is wonderful, but a little obedience now and then would be nice, too!

  26. LOL Glad you are back!
    My last post was done with blogger and I was swearing and near tears by the time I was done. Never did get my pictures uploaded and the spacing is all wonky:)

    Congrats on being the Mama to a beautiful High School Grad! How did that happen so fast!

  27. Welcome back. Dont you dare abandon us!

  28. Congrats to your graduate! You must be so very proud of your daughter!
    We've had computer and phone issues for several days now, it's driving me crazy...

  29. Suz, you have to believe me, I checked your site everyday this week and this is the first that I'm seeing this post from Monday. And didn't I just leave a comment on the other pst wondering where you are? I would Follow you over a cliff just so you know. Would you husband do that?

  30. HEY, I tried to comment this morning and blogger was having some kind of drama...again. But I'm here now. And what do I find? First a cutie patootie picture of L.O.V.E.
    then you saying something about being a quitter..huh? Nope, not you. Just be a slacker like me, people will still love ya:) Lots of good ideas about the grad picture, or lack of. Maybe someone else got one? Important thing is that she did it:) Woot Woot!!
    Ok, take some time to regroup and I'll see ya here again. Oh BTW, when she leaves for college, and you have an empty spot in your life, I'm adoptable :):)

  31. It can be hard to keep it going, for sure! Sometimes it just feels like you just don't have one more thing to say. Or you're tired of putting so much effort into it.

    But then later, you think, "I can't give this up!"

  32. SHE is beautiful. And so are you!
    (And please don't quit blogging... are you serious? That would be like Donald Trump deciding to join a monastery and live out the rest of his days in silence... what would the rest of us do for ENTERTAINMENT?!)


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