August 17, 2010

Wishes and Peanut Butter Facials.


Linds; while holding Cocoa up by her front paws said: “I wish Dogs walked around on two legs.”

LoLo: “I wish Dogs could talk.”

Me: “I wish dogs could wash clothes and clean cat boxes.”  

And then my *sweet* girls proceeded to torture them with peanut butter facials.


Cocoa and Ozzie wish that they could open the pantry and the jar of peanut butter all by themselves.

{They would also love to clean the cat boxes their own way…gag!}

Do you have any wishes today?


  1. Cocoa and Ozzie did a pretty good job of getting to that peanut butter, although I don't think Ozzie should have had to work so hard to get his under the circumstances.
    The only things I'm wishing for today are cooler weather and some rain!

  2. Good Morning, Suz,
    Thank you for making me smile this morning...again!

    Wishes? Yes...that school would NOT start on Friday. Summer has gone way too fast!

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  3. OMG - that cone just cracks me up!!

  4. I wish cats could clean cat boxes...unfortunately as soon as she's done with her business, she's *really* done with her business. She knows the humans are here to serve her. But I guess that's better than a dog taking care of it! Totally made me laugh out loud today. Thanks!!! : )

  5. nope. i think all of my wishes came true :) but maybe i'll start a new list!

    (lo & linds continue to just crack me up... i wonder where their sense of humor comes from?!)

  6. Can your girls come play with my kids? I would even let them give my babies pb facials :)

  7. First of all - you have the cutest giggle, ever! :D

    Second of all - I love me some Cocoa and Ozzie!

    Love the video! :D

  8. Loved the video, Suz.... Hearing your voices is so special..... I love hearing all of the giggles... Oh--what we all do to find JOY.....

    Your babies were both trying so hard to get that peanut butter off of their noses. I'm sure they smelled it... Poor little guys....

    Loved the video. Thanks!

  9. That's terrible--they can smell it, but they just can't get to it!

  10. What a funny video! That is a hoot! Like George, I wish for cooler weather!

  11. Ok, Suz, your poor little conehead should have had the PB put directly into his mouth for all the hassle he's going through!

  12. I wish Linds and Lo lived at our house. They are so fun.

    I also wish kaish and naji would fall asleep. They are loudly giggling about today's adventures...

  13. my girls wish the owned your cute puppies. they sat here going awe, how cute!!

  14. I wish we could teach our cats to use the toilet but they are too old to jump up there! Your dogs are cute. How much longer for the cone on the head?


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