August 16, 2010



Or-an-ge you glad I live in Florida?

That way I can share with you all the orange trees flourishing in the back yard.

I love oranges; specifically honey bell oranges.

Meet our honey bell tree:


We have had it for at least 8 years and I can’t count how many honey bell oranges we have devoured.

Well, that was a lie, I can count how many.


Apparently, it does not get enough sun where it is located.

One day, I will have someone move it for us. One day….

So, onto the other oranges in our home.

Orange is not a favorite color for me, yet still found its way here.

Freddy the Freeloader. By far the easiest pet we have. He does not whine, cry, or trip me while I am cooking dinner. IMG_3576  

Maisy. Notice the sourpuss face…this is the face she always gives me.  She must have had botox at birth.


And then there is this flash of orange that watches me shower and primp from above. Krispy.


I swear I hear her snickering; mocking me as I get ready for my day. Sassy cat.

There is one more orange furball, just look at the first two, he looks the same. Sourpuss/snickering/mocking and he stalks my every move when the food bowl is at the halfway point.

Nothing worse than a stalker cat at your feet…just trying to take you down.


And someone in my house loves wearing Orange. (and teal) especially on Sundays.


Orange you glad I shared all this with you?

Now, your day is complete. Carry on.

For some reason, I am now craving an orange creamsicle.


Hey friends, I will trade you three orange cats for ONE creamsicle. Any takers???


  1. creamsicles are my favorite! my mom used to take a quarter into an envelope in my lunch bag so i could get one. it's a good thing too because i definitely needed extra sugar...
    the cats are so cute.

  2. I know you said the snake is your easiest pet, but I have to imagine that feeding it would be icky, isn't it? What do you feed it? Please tell me it's not live mice!!!

  3. Good Morning, Suz,
    You can always make me laugh out loud...and I would gladly take your cats, except Callie and Lucy would be sooo mad. Do you think they would survive the flight, anyway?

    To have fresh oranges right out your back door? Must be heavenly! Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

  4. That really truly is a sourpuss look your cat is giving you. The one peeping from the top is just creepy. LOL

    I want some oranges. Do you ship up north?

  5. sounds good, that tree looks real wimpy for an 8 year old. never heard of those kind of oranges. i love those big navy ones, the stores are all out of them here now all they have are glorified lemons.

    i love your cats and on my new diet would normally trade, but the ice cream would melt and the cats would be i pile of fur after a trip like that!!!

  6. Yummy...oranges...and an orange creamsicle sounds perfect right now. I was all ready to say how jealous I am over all your orange trees right in your back Happy Monday! :)

  7. That's sad about the orange tree! Love the pictures of your cats. Maisy's look just cracks me up. I surely am enjoying the fragrant orange dish soap you brought me! Happy Monday!

  8. Oh man, you HAVE to move that tree to get some oranges!! There's nothing better than FL oranges :)

  9. You kitty pictures made me giggle. What a pouty face! And then the little peeper is so cute. I love those kinds of pictures.

    Orange you glad it's Monday? (me neither LOL) : )

  10. I LOVE Citrus trees. We are going to get a lemon and a lime for sure. Where I am in Arizona used to have a gazillion acres of Orange Groves... they are pretty much gone now... =(

    I like OJ... [The juice not the alleged murderer. I'm just saying.]
    And I like Orange Sherbet.
    And the Flinstones Push-Pops.

    Orange is a fancy color.

  11. I will take one orange cat if you give me 3 orange sicles with it.....

    A snake, Suz??!! Really?

    "I don't like spiders and snakes and that ain't what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool."

  12. Orange you just the sweetest! Now I want a creamsicle!

  13. oh no, you had to say "orange" word, now you'll have to watch this:

  14. I think I'll keep my Creamsicle, thank you! Your 'sourpuss' picture is one of the best I've seen. I'm sorry about your Honey Bell tree. Honey Bells are delicious!

  15. I love oranges directly off my sil orange tree. Too bad your tree is not growing any.

    My parents had a lemon tree for ages that never produced lemons, until one day. One little lemon began to grow and my dad watched that baby lemon everyday, so proud to finally have one grow. But then, my little cousin came by and picked it off the tree to use it as a baseball. My dad was devastated.

  16. I'm sorry but I couldn't get past the fact that your orange tree hasn't given you any oranges! I'd move that baby into the sun! lol

  17. Being that I am from Tennessee I love all things orange too. Great post!!

  18. I have a dwarf blood orange tree in a pot that produces lots of fruit--and I could probably move it myself if I was forced to--they are yum also.

    I know exactly who trips you when you cook dinner--it happens over here all the time.

  19. I can't get over the orange snake. It gave me shivers... ahhhh!

  20. With a husband named Vol Fan, there is a LOT of orange in this house:)

  21. Orange snakes...ewwww....


  22. I don't think the local moggies would appreciate another "orange" on the scene despite being ever so cute - we've 2 here already.

  23. Happy Orange Monday Suz!
    Now if you throw in some folding cash, I might consider that trade. ha!

  24. Great group of ORANGE thingees, Suz.... WELL---until you got to that last Gator picture... Since I love my Tennessee ORANGE, you must know how I feel about Florida football... ha ha

    Sorry about your orange tree... Honey Bells are delcious.... Hope you can get your tree moved--so that you can eat those delicious oranges...

    I love CREAMSICLES... Do they still make them??? Yum!!!!! (You can keep the orange cats!!! Sorry)


  25. What a fun Post. Glad I stopped by. "Botox at birth"...ha! You're a funny girl. : )

  26. i grew up on creamcycles and i lubs dem.... very cute post as always....

  27. That Maisy with the sourpuss look is too funny! Love those creamsicles.

  28. Watch out for those kitties....I think they are plotting behind your back! LOL! I've always wanted an orange kitty, but I think I've changed my mind....I'll stick to my mutt kitty. I'll take one of those creamsicles - I'm either having the BIGGEST hot flash of my life or Satan is controlling the thermostat in MIchigan!

  29. I love Honey bell oranges. Of course the only way we get them is to order them.
    The snake you can keep but it is a nice orange color.
    I haven't had a creamsicle in ages! been stuck on eating chocolate/vanilla ice cream. lol.

  30. Not interested in cats of any color but I'd take the creamsicle!

  31. Ha! Good post! You know you would miss those kitties! Freddy looks maintenance free, though I'm sure his dinner is "live".

  32. Your posts are always so fun. Sorry about that fruitless orange tree. Maybe next year! Botox kitty looks like a real grouch. hehe. I will keep the creamsicle thank you!

  33. gorgeous little kitties :) but WOW, you have a snake, bleh!

  34. Your cats are so intriguing. I'd love to meet them. Love the Botox face! She looks like a bit of a handful - is that true?
    Love your orange tree, but one that doesn't produce? Well, you know the saying...
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  35. How about I just give you the creamsicle and you can keep the cats ;-)

    LOVED the peanut-butter-happy-doggies video, btw - you have such a happy, fun family!

    ps: peanut butter on the cats = treats on the run for the doggies... teehee!


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