August 27, 2010

Me; Ranting and Preparing for a Baby!!



What? No, seriously not that way. 

 Do you know what extreme humidity is?

It’s when your windows are so cloudy and drippy that you can’t even see outside.


Living in Florida is like living in a steam room 24/7 for 8 mo a year. Minus the weight loss.

Oh, Arizona why can’t you be on the east coast? I miss thee. 


I have a visitor coming this weekend. He is tres’ delish.


He will be celebrating his first birthday in a few weeks, so he and I will use this weekend to strategize and plan the gala event. All without letting his parents know.

They are opposed to green zebras, blue unicorns and a full sized locomotive joining in…fun suckers.

How could you deny him anything I wonder? He clearly needs a train to ride around the neighborhood.

Ok, I denied MY kids all sorts of stuff, but this is different. He is someone else's. :)

So…(BIG BREATH) while I am planning a birthday bash, frolicking in the pool with a lil’ boy, watching Lindsay shake what the good Lord gave her at the first HS football game with the dance line, laughing with friends and being my silly self this weekend, what are you doing? 

Run on sentence much? yes.

Whatever you do, do it with glee. (I miss Glee!)

Do it with zest. (not the soap, that would be slippery)

Do it with gusto. (no, I’m not 80!)

Hug a  baby!


  1. Our windows are drippy and foggy too. All I can think of is that now I am going to need to clean them!

    What a cute baby and a fun time you will have this weekend.

    Tell Linds to have a great time at the game.

    Have loads of fun!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm going to hug a baby...Well, he once was a baby, now he is an almost three year old little boy.

  3. sounds like a lot of rhyming fun!! we are taking an ACT practice exam as my "A" is graduating early and she has her ACT's in two weeks and we are going to have fun together!!

  4. Arizona misses YOU! I wish it were on the East Coast too. Oh the day traveling I would do.

    That baby us Ka-UTE!

    This weekend... It's all about packing and cleaning.

    The daughter gets to escape to grandma's house. Good for both of us; trust!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. HI Suz, Sounds like you are going to have an incredible weekend. It's so much fun to spoil someone else's baby.... Just wait 'til you are a Grammy (years and years from now--I hope)---but when you are, you will love each and every minute of it.

    I can't complain about our weather this week (first time all summer).. It's fabulous!!!! Just 'cause---we're headed to the Smokies today!!!! Yeah.

  6. Oh hunny, look at those windows! I visited Florida in July/August once for a pageant. Got off the plane at about 11pm and immediately upon stepping outside, my arms felt . . . damp. Oddest thing {for me, since we don't experience that kind of humidity!}

    Ohhhh, scoop that baby up and give him lots of snuggles. He's adorable! And yay for dance line. I was on dance team in high school, and LOVED it!

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend! No plans here. Since there is an inland heat wave, it causes our temps to be chilly. Like high of 60 on Sunday! Factor in the constant breeze off of the ocean and heavy marine layer (which is also caused by the inland heat wave! - yes, weather here is weird!!) and it's not exactly sunbathing weather!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend to me! Minus the humidity! Kiss that baby for me will ya?

  9. we have one freakin window like that and it drives me craZy...
    but it's between the 2 panels.. yuk.
    sounds like you will have a great weekend.. i wanna be there.. too.... what if i start walkin now, today? ok, i'm already pooped out just thinking of walking... let alone to flo-Rida.

    i love your family. specially those pups [wink wink]..
    it's such a cozy lil family..

    please nibble those baby cheeks for me... his parents wont mind if a stranger nibbles, would they? tell them i am a nurse and i do that for a living. and if the baby chokes or goes awol i would know exactly what to do!!!!

    have a great weekend... cuz you CAN!

  10. What a fun weekend you have ahead of you...smooching cute little baby cheeks. : )

    Humidity like that is bizarre. It freaked me out when we were there. And then I wrung out my clothes, put them on and went on with my day. : p

  11. yes, please make the humidity go away! the drippy windows are driving me crazy!
    can't wait to see linds tonight! yippee!
    and just so you know... there are no green zebras. and the other kinds of zebras? well, i would get any boy zebras...

  12. OMG! Those windows just made me realize that I will NEVER get to visit you. Well, maybe in December. How's the humidity then?

    I thought our humidity was bad HERE. :(

  13. I agree: how could anybody deny that sweet face? What a cutie pie!

  14. Your windows were ours - - - until this week. We actually had some milder days - - a foretaste of autumn. It was wonderful. Now today's temps were back up there more than I cared about!
    I know you are going to have fun with children of all ages. We will be doing household chores tomorrow and then relax a bit Sunday after church - - but next weekend, we have two fun adventures planned.

  15. I love babies. Love. Love. love them. i was taking a picture of one the other night and when it was time to go home, i didnmt want to give it back.

    My brother has a sweet baby too. Oh. I just love his happy baby. Babies are so soft and squishy. I pray and pray for one.

  16. The only drippy here was the rain deluge awhile ago...Love that I don't have to water the lawn :)
    Sorry you have to sweat 24/7 8/12
    But then I gotta deal with the snow and cold wind for my 8/12

    Have fun with the little one, he's so stinkin cute!

  17. Thanks for reminding me why I'm glad we don't live in Florida. We've had a very hot and humid summer, but at least we can still see through the windows.
    I have a feeling that you are going to come up with a fabulous plan for the baby's birthday.
    I hope you're having a great weekend.

  18. oh my gosh, i know what you mean by sauna. every time i walk out, it's instant sweating, yuck! do you ever
    get used to it?

    have a great weekend! i miss babies!

  19. Oh Glee! I am looking forward to watching that again.

    He is adorable, and I couldn't deny him anything. I think this is why I am not a parent, I am an auntie. Aunties get to do all the fun stuff.

    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

  20. I don't think I've ever seen such humidity, BB! ohmygosh! I shall never complain about the weather here again, LOL! (well, until the next time) :-D

    Enjoy your visitors!

  21. That humidity is just wrong. I think a train ride would be perfect for that delicious baby!

  22. Ah must spoil that baby! His eyes are hypnotizing.....
    Sounds like a great weekend!

  23. That humidity...wowza! That baby...awesomesauce!

    You are busy, busy, busy!

  24. Nice pep talk and baby hugging advice!


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