August 05, 2010

Home Sweet *Hairy* Home!


The girls and I made it home last night.

10 hours in the car. And we survived!

Two weeks is way too long for me to be away from home. Apparently my maid took a vacation too. She has a lot of nerve.

How does a house get dirty when it is almost empty? (Coach was home this last week, but not really home much) 

It looks like the dust bunnies mated with tumble weeds.  Dirty bunnies.

You know who the mess makers are in our house?

Three of these guys, and their hair.

Eyes in the back of my head IMG_1364

I have a great idea for keeping things tidy while gone next time. I thought about giving them a shave, but that would be traumatic.

Instead, I could put some of these to good use. Space bags!!!


Now before you call PETA, I would of course put in a face hole and even leg/tail holes. I think it would only take a day or two for them to get used to it.  

I am going to work on this invention. Can’t you picture a cat walking around in a space bag?  *crinkle crinkle, meow meow*


During my visit in HotLanta, aside from family and fun, I was able to visit with two blog friends too.

We had a delightful lunch with my friend Tracey. We have known each other since high school. She is sweet, funny, smart and cute as heck.

I miss her so much, I wish she lived around the corner! MOVE TO FLORIDA T!

Delish Greek food. OPA!


Oh, and you can thank Tracey for my blogging…she started it first!

Love you T!


I also got the pleasure of meeting one of my longtime blog friends Mildred! It was so wonderful to meet her in person. She has a beautiful and warm home and treated us like family. (minus the  making me clean part!) Her husband John and dog Harriet could not have been more pleasant.



After all these years of blogging together, Mildred knows me pretty well. She treated us to two of my favorite pastimes: eating and shopping!

I was hoping to see their kitties too, but apparently they have read my blog and know how I speak of my own cats, so they eluded me!  (I would only use space bags on my own cats, everyone else has to get their own when I patent them!)

My girls had a great time visiting my friends as well.

I have to let you all know that they read all your comments and always say to me: “Mama your blog friends are so sweeeeet.”

I agree, my blog friends are so sweeeeet. Thank you!!

Have a great weekend. I will catch up with you soon!



  1. So when you decide to go on a great vacation to Minnesota... which you will. You will all have to stop and visit my mama! You could kill two birds with one stone. Or to blog friends with one stone. OUCH :)

  2. Glad you had a great trip! I'll add my Beagle to that Space Bag idea!

    *crinkle crinkle woof*

  3. I found you from Mildred's blog. Our family is just above Chattanooga. I have blogged 2 years or less and have met some really nice people. Your blog is going to be fun to read.

  4. Meeting blog friends is the best.

    I will fully support cats in Space Bags.

  5. Glad you made a safe trip home. We sure enjoyed meeting you all. I think our cats were on long distance calls to your cats during your visit with us; ordering cigars, catnip, Tom Jones cd's!!!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  6. So glad you had a good trip. Meeting blogging friends is just the best! Next year you have to try and make blogfest!!

  7. Glad you made it home safe... =)

    Space Bag idea rocks! Trademark that idea quick, before someone else does. lol...

  8. How fun. Eating and shopping is my favorite too.

    I know how messy cats are! Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our kitty because Chloe is allergic to cats. I definitely do not need to clean up as much, but then again, the kids are super messy!

  9. So . . . when are you coming out to Oregon? ;) I'm lovin' your idea for space bags for kitties, ha!

  10. So glad you got to visit friends too - old and new.
    2 weeks is a long time to be away. I'm sure you are so excited to get home and get reacquainted with Rosie.

  11. What nice getaway for you and your girls. How nice that you got meet up with your two friends. I like your idea of this invention. I am sure you will enjoy being at home this weekend....don't spend it all on cleaning! :)

  12. Crink;e, crinkle, meow, meow. Where IS that number for PETA?!


    When I emptied the vaccuum bag recently, there was easily enough hair in there to create not 1 but TWO more dogs. AMAZING. :)

    It was wonderful seeing you and your Beauties, my dear.... the girls get more gorgeous (and funnier!) every year, and your mom is just as fun (and funny) as she's always been!
    I will have to check out Mildred's blog... she sounds like a very sweet woman!

  13. So funny about the space bags!
    Sounds like you had a great time in "Hotlanta"!

  14. Crinkle,crinkle,meow,meow. I'm still chuckling over that!! When we still had our Persian,Chuck(RIP), I'd get him clipped in the lioncut every couple months. I'm sure he hated it, cuz the cost of the grooming kept going up in price with no explanation. I believe it was up to $75 in the end. That is SO COOL that you got to meet Mildred and John. Don't we feel like we know our blog buddies?! Thanks to your buddy Tracey too...glad she got you hooked!! Blessings, C.

  15. Sounds like a fun trip. It's always fun to meet bloggy friends in real life. It's weird how you feel like you know them already. Weird--but awesome!

  16. Cat bags, Perfcet. Could be useful too when pottyu training puppies. Gross, but useful!.

  17. Greek food! Yum. The memory of that would distract me from the hairballs. I think. Welcome back.

  18. suz, the invention is great, i have to say! but plastic? that would make them hot! you would need to make them out of cotton, all colors, with elastic, pretty snug so fur doesn't slip out, but not binding, picture Astro's space suit in the Jetson's. but you need to act fast...those would be soooo darn cute, make them really big and balloony, and some could have clown collars....oh and little bells, you could go nuts! it would catch all the fur, my dachshund sheds a bit, i would buy one for her, but she would need a special looooooooooooong one with short legs. tee hee well you roll with it and make your self a million girl! you can do it!

    glad you had a nice time, safe trip, and home now....relax and invent! tata for now! (cute names: kitty koats, coats fur cats....i'm done)

  19. Come to the UK- us Brit bloggers are a real delight too... but bring your warm clothes if you have any. XX

  20. Oh how sweet that you got to visit with your blogy friends:)

    Glad you survived your 10 hour drive. Ug. That is a long haul!

  21. You did hear that BlogHer '11 is in San Diego, did you not? Many blog friends in one place!

  22. the cats might even end up liking it, my cats love to play with crinkley paper and plastic

  23. Good Morning, Suz,
    Well...when you go to Minnesota to visit Brittany and her Mama, you must swing through South Dakota. We love to eat and shop here too!

    Since you actually live in a vacation destination, we are coming to stay with you first! I'm glad you're back and sound.

    Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

  24. Maybe if I put my kitty in a space bag my couch would be more red than white! It's downright depressing to look at my furniture sometimes. Like the cat cares. LOL

    So glad you had such fun visits! I've loved meeting blog friends too. Makes this even more worthwhile. When are you coming to Texas??? : )

  25. Please tell Linds and Losey that I am not sweet at all.

    Love that you could meet your blog friends. They are the coolest.

    Love your invention.

  26. sounds like you had an awesome time...

  27. Glad you had a wonderful visit, Suz--and a safe trip home. I'm sure that Coach really missed you. Glad you got to meet Mildred also. I hope that I do someday...

    I used to hear from Tracey also--but she seemed to quit blogging when she went back to work.. She's a neat gal.

    I met a blog friend this past weekend in VA. Her name is Ginny --and our visit was fabulous.



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