August 10, 2010

Facing my fear~

of death heights.


While in Atlanta, I thought it would be fun to take the girls to Stone Mountain Park. SMP is a wonderful place to visit, and it’s full of activities. I knew they would love this new part of the park:

The Sky Hike Ropes Course:


suspended wooden bridges

leap from one wooden slat to another. (leap?)

Balance on a single rope high above the ground.

Or climb to the top on vertical net bridges.

12 ft high trail for beginners.

24ft high intermediate.

and 40ft high (FOUR stories UP, which is also FOUR stories DOWN!) 

  *All the while suspended by a string rope and harness*

When I purchased tickets for the kids, I was told that since Linds was under 16, I also had to partake.

I am terrified of heights, but looking up from the sidewalk, I thought:  CAKE-WALK, I can do this.

But, once I was up there, I thought: I will surely need a change of pants. And maybe some cake would help too.


Here we are waiting in line; all smiles now. Notice the children next to us; oblivious to our impeding doom.P8030348

This is the very beginning of the course, pretty easy. That is why we are smiling. P8030349 P8030350 Of course, I had to ask the obvious questions to the ‘trained professionals’ working there:

“How many people have fallen and died today?”  

none have died, today.

“What happens when I fall?” You will just dangle. 

“I am not a good dangler!”


Seems Linds shares my fear of heights. We were sweaty Betty’s as soon as we made our first steps OUT THERE. 

Do you see the rope Linds is walking on? Can you see the stress in my face preparing for it?


LoLo loved this. She wanted to go to the top course, but Linds and I wimped out; we did the sissy lowest level and the intermediate.

This wiped me out, I wished I had taken my ‘One A Day for trapeze artists’ that morning.

It was kinda fun, but I don’t need to ever do it again. Ever.

I have realized that I am not really afraid of heights, it is the falling to my death that scares the pee out of me.


  1. OH MY LORD!!!! Just LOOKING at these pictures gave me palpitations!! I'm TERRIFIED of heights. You are such a good mommy. There's NO WAY I would have done this.

  2. I'm proud of you! How cool that you did this with your girls. I would have been scared too but would have loved it in the end. My worst fears are of snakes. There is no chance in hell or heaven that I will be facing that fear by holding one or getting within in any distance to one. If I did, I should have a diaper on cause I would do more then pee in my pants! :)

  3. way to go, suz!! i too am afraid of heights and there is no way i'd get up there... but it does look like fun what a good mama you are...

  4. You crack me up! I love seeing these pictures; it has been years since I've visited SMP.

  5. You're such a good mom, doing this with your girls. I know at least my youngest would love it, she's fearless. Not so sure about our oldest, she a bit more cautious...

  6. What we don't do for our daughters! Cause I know, that's the only way I could have been talked into participating, too. I would just as soon watch from the security and safety as the park bench below!!

    What a fun vacation for the 3 of you. Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  7. I would have loved this!

    By the way, you look so young and skinny - no more complaining from you ever!!

  8. That really DOES look like fun! I think I am afraid of falling, as well... but I would hope the sting, uhem, rope, would help catch me. SMP looks cool!!

  9. You are a braver girl than me. I would have taken one look at that thing and said NOPE. So, you go girl! I'm glad you faced your fear and did it! : )

  10. What a good sport you are! It's funny but I've found as I've gotten older I am far more afraid of heights than I ever was before. Perhaps I have full understanding of FALLING?!

  11. So you're over 16?!
    Really you all could pass as sisters. :) Well better you than me. About the walking the rope thing that is. Way to go!

  12. Me too. Totally afraid of falling from high heights to my death. That looks way scary. The boys just saw this and are now begging to go. Thanks. I can hardly wait to listen to them asking this all day...

  13. Wow! That is a serious ropes course!

  14. You are the coolest mama eva! Seriously ;)

    Way to go! You're such a trooper!

  15. Oh My Gosh..... They have added that at Stone Mountain since I have been there.... Woooo---unless there is a waterfall or a good view at the other end, I would NEVER attempt that....

    You all are very brave!!!!

  16. These are very impressive pictures, but your bravery is even more impressive. If I had been there I would have stayed on solid ground and taken more pictures for you!

  17. That is quite a setup they have there! My word!

    I did that once, but you know what? It was a long time ago, I've kinda forgotten the horror, and I think I'd do it again.

  18. Well good for you, facing your fear! When I worked at the coal fired Coronado Generating Station in N.Arizona they were always making me work from a sky-climber highhhhhh up in the boiler. Also dangled from the outside of the "penthouse" during an overhaul. Scary. Always safety harnessed, but still exciting. If you want to see a pic of it go to:

  19. Whooooaaaaaaaa you are BRAVE girls! You wouldn't catch me dead on one of those contraptions! :-o

  20. What an awesome mom you are... facing your fears for your daughter to have fun!

  21. Oh my goodness. You are such a good Mama. From here I think I could do it..but I would probably chicken out once I was faced with the reality of ROPES being what had to keep your butt alive!

  22. I'm okay with long as it's from a distance! Good for you for taking the plunge!

  23. I could barely read this! I am teeeerified of falling. I get vertigo when I am up to high, and I've decided this is my body's way of telling me to get the heck back down on safe ground!

    I don't think I could be a parent; my child would have missed out. You are an awesome parent!

  24. I would not have known if I fell because I would have passed out first! Heights and me - - no compatibility! The course looks really creative though - - - if it had been about 12 inches off the ground! You should be proud of yourself.

  25. I don't do heights either. Just looking at your blog gave me swaety palms.

  26. Wow - that looks like soooo much fun! I wish we had something like that around here - I would *love* to try that...

    I am SO jealous!

  27. Well at least you did it! Go you! And I am not a fan of falling either!

  28. Ha! Being that Stone Mtn is close by, my kids have done this and they told me it was "boring"... Yeah, RIGHT! (hear me saying that last bit in "Waynes World" voice...)

    I don't do heights OR dangling.
    However, Hubster and I DID have our first date at Stone Mtn Park... WAY back in 1985... the Laser Show! :)


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