July 26, 2010

Grandma taught me determination…


…by almost letting me drown.

perhaps I am exaggerating.

She did teach me how to swim though.

She would throw money into her pool and tell me to go get it.

Possibly, I would do anything for some shiny coins back then.

{do you think this is how strippers get started?}

I had no issues going to the bottom of the pool at 4 years old.

I did have issues swimming across the top of the pool though.

So, she was determined to teach me.

I would hang onto the side. She would take a few steps out and say: Ok, come on Suzanne, swim to me, I will get you.

And do you know what that woman would do?

As I swam towards her, she would move further and further away from me.

I would say: “Gr and ma, paaal  llle  asss eee stoppp mo vvinng”

And with her little old lady poker face, she would keep moving while I was drowning.

She lied over and over again.

Until I could swim like a fishy.

I miss that liar liar pants on fire woman.

great grandma[5]


  1. Grandma had a pool?! Wow. That is one cool grandma, in my book. : ) I wish someone had been persistent with me to teach me how to be in the water. It scares me even today.

    You were one lucky girl to have such a great grandma. : )

  2. Hi Suz!! My dad did the exact same thing. Funny how we just kept trusting them! She looks like a lovely grandma if not just a little bit cheeky... love her pose!! Suz :)

  3. A loving, lying relative is something everyone needs.

    Just curious: how will you teach your grandchildren to swim?

  4. Grandma was a treasure for sure and you two had a great relationship. I think the kind of lying she did is acceptable for grandmas!!! What a cute story.

  5. I love how grandma is being all sexy. Rawr!

  6. What a wonderful, kindhearted, if slightly deceptive woman. She did it with your own good at heart, as you know -and look at you now! You swim, and you now have a pool. Did you teach your girls this way? Will you do this with your (future) grandchildren, or is there are more straightforward way for you?
    God bless your "angel" Grandma. I am so thankful that she was such a big part of your life.

  7. Hi Suz, I always loved that picture of your Grandmother... She was a RIOT--wasn't she????

    Glad she taught you how to swim though.... I took swimming lessons ---and was still afraid at first... I never did turn into a great swimmer--but after that, I wasn't afraid of the water... I learned to dive --and I would do a powerful side stroke.... ha

    Have a great day... i'm sure your Grandma is smiling down at you today.

  8. Hooray for Grandma! And for little money-grabbing Suz.

  9. Love hearing abt your grandma! :D
    My uncle did the same thing to me.
    Even tried teaching me how to dive off of the diving board.

    Still can't dive to this day... but the end result is the same; somehow, I end up in the pool! :D

  10. :) Fabulous.
    Oh and there is nothing wrong with that teaching technique! I have used it myself!

  11. you and gramma had such a special bond suz, what a lucky little girl you were and still are! dont think for a minute that she isnt watching your pranks and antics from heaven and i am SURE she's telling them stories about her beloved suzanne... puttin smiles on all the angels faces.

    i wish i had a gramma.

    i do the backing away thing in the pool with my jujube too! lol.

  12. Phil does that to our boys while I look on helplessly. What a great grandma!

  13. YOu have the best stories about your grandma! I love it!

    I've seen this picture before! (haven't i/we?) She was so scandalous! I love it!)

  14. I taught a lot of kids to swim using that technique! She was totally a hoot.

  15. Sneaky, sneaky woman! It worked though,didn't it?!

  16. Suz, Love grandma stories. I had a great grandmother that I have wrote about -- she was a character in an old fashioned way. Love the photo you included of your grandma. -- barbara

  17. You had an awesome grandma! Too bad she didn't float money on top of the pool water too for you to get - lol!
    P.S. My dad taught me how to waterski by telling me I wasn't getting back in the boat until I stood up, and by the way, don't fall because there are snapping turtles the size of a dinner table in there. I think your grandma would've liked my dad!

  18. I love your grandma stories. They always make my heart smile!

    I learned to swim in a similar way, except I was basically thrown into the middle of the Mediterranean!! It was the first time I went to Italy with my mom, and two of her cousins each took a hand, and swam out so far I could barely see the shore, then basically just let go of me and said "Swim!" The fact that a giant sea tortoise was swimming with us made up for it, though. How cool is that?! I think I actually stood on it's back, if I remember correctly. What a way to learn how to swim, huh?

  19. He he. And now she's passed those skills on to you for when you have grandchildren! Wait and see :-D

  20. you were lucky to have such a great grandma. both my grandmas were pretty mean!

  21. That was the real life version of sink or swim! Go grandma!

  22. oh these memories are getting to me :) i hope you are smiling through them!

  23. For some reason I think you are alot like your Grandma. I guess that's what makes visiting you so exciting.

  24. She sounds very much like my dad!

    I miss my grandma too.

  25. You were so blessed with her, Suz. I know how special you were to each other.

    "{do you think this is how strippers get started?}" - MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  26. Your grandma was the best. You two were lucky to have each other. And a pool? That's even better yet!

    Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

  27. And now you are rich with the memories of having a grandma that loved you. ;)

  28. Grandmas really do know how to get it done don't they? Kudos to Grandma!!

  29. That's one cool Granny! Now a days that is probably child abuse!
    XXOO, lMnop

  30. Suz Broughton7/28/10, 12:52 AM

    You were so lucky to have such a great grandma. I know you miss her.

  31. Bless your heart, and your grammy's. I have to admit that I did the same thing with my grand daughter, Viola Avery, and she too swims like a fish!! She was a real little adventurer. My grandson, Leslie Andrew, was so timid in the water that I didn't do that with him. XX-C.

  32. Ha, Grandma was a smart woman. She probably wouldn't REally have let you drown.

  33. "I wonder if that's how strippers get started?" HILARIOUS!!!

  34. Grandma's and that combination Suz. And love how you brought back memories. I never saw my grandma in anything but a dress, yet it makes me realize how much I miss her...

  35. Lots of 'Fun Times' goin' on over here...road trips, crafting, mess making, toenail scrubbing, lap sitting, tooth cleaning...wish I was there!! :-D
    Oh, and the new shower curtain...completely adorable!
    Hope you're having a good week,


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