July 07, 2010

Funny thing is, we never asked for a parrot.



Cocoa’s sissiness during rain storms is getting to be ridiculous. Now, she gets kooky as soon the sky clouds up.  Thunder? Lighting? Fuuuuggget about it.

Coach was home during the day this weekend and was able to witness it first hand.


Did I say ‘witness’?? He had no choice, she was practically sitting on his shoulder.


You can see Ozzie on the couch doing his ‘stressed out storm’ panting pose.

They both do this daily…sunshine state? yep, but it rains most every afternoon in the summer.

Believe it or not, up until we adopted Ozzie, Cocoa never had an issue with weather.  He did and still does.  She caught it from him.

Now though, she has surpassed him by leaps and bounds, it is so annoying.


The constant panting. The shaking. The following. It is like having a 6th grade boyfriend again.

I am over it.

I don’t know what will happen when/if we have a hurricane…there will be some drugs involved.   Either for her or US.


  1. Poor babies! And poor whoever they decide is their savior:)

  2. Awww... they're skeert! : ) But a wee bit big for a shoulder doggie. Maybe you need to start saying "ch!" a lot. It seems to work for Cesar Millan! : )

  3. Oh you have me giggling out loud Suzanne! Poor babies, they don't know they are BIG! Ozzie and Cocoa are the sweetest babies I know. You don't think coach will catch the "fear" do ya'??????

  4. That is so funny how she has no clue how big she is! (Funny for me; I'm not dealing with it!)
    I agree with Kay: Cesar could do it!

  5. Since we don't have any dogs in the house I can enjoy the humor of the situation. Hopefully all of you will survive the storms of the summer.

  6. Bwhahah Looks like he is sitting ON his head! Um Don't you get storms in Florida almost evvery day this time of year? Poor puppies.

  7. that is too funny! i don't think any of my crazies get that scared.

    i love your comparison to a sixth grade bf haha

  8. I love the 6th grade boyfriend metaphor...
    We had a lab mix who was terrified of storms. I think it stemmed from one of her first hiking trips when we got caught in the high country duringa tremendous lightning storm. She desperately tried to dig herself a hole under some spruce trees. Ever after, storms made her a basket case.
    Poor Cocoa. I hope she doesn't have to endure a hurricane. But with drugs, maybe the whole family will survive mentally intact.

  9. Poor babes! At least she finds comfort in your husband!

  10. You have me laughing outloud tonight.... 6th grade boyfriend????? Cocoa almost sitting on Coach's shoulder.... How hilarious!!!!! Love it!!!!!

    Cocoa (and Ozzie) need to live here. We haven't had any rain in FOREVER it seems....

    Good Luck getting through the summer with those crazy babies....


  11. Well they did look like lap dogs to me....aww!! Poor sweeties! By the way, there's a product you can get called the "thunder shirt" for dogs. My friend got one for her border collie who hates storms and so far it has worked. You put it on when there's a storm and supposedly it's comforting to them. Also, maybe Coca and Ozzie need to come to northern michigan - no rain this week so they can play happily in the sun w/ Scout!

  12. That was a great comparison to your sixth-grade boyfriend!

  13. I know this will sound ridiculous, but give it a shot...Take one of Coach's t-shirts, put Cocoa's front legs through the arms. Then take the hem of the t-shirt, snug it up close to her belly then tie a knot in the shirt at her back. Do the same for Ozzie. It has the same effect as swaddling a baby.

    They might also get some relief using Bach's Rescue Remedy. It is recommended by holistic vets.

  14. I can't believe those goofy dogs! How can it be that bad? LOL

  15. Again, I love your dogs. And sitting on the back of the chair like a kitty cat? Priceless.

  16. Ha! That's why I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend in 6th grade!!

  17. I've had dogs like that and worse during thunderstorms.

    But I've not had them in Florida where it rains every afternoon.

    Prayer for you shall commence now...

  18. Poor baby's... The dogs we have now aren't really scared of thunder, but one of the dogs we used to have was a big baby and "followed us like a 6th grade boyfriend". He did try to climb on our laps and him being a gordon setter, wasn't that easy. Neither for him, nor us...

  19. Oh, how I LOVED your 6th grade boyfriend reference!!! Pure poetry :)

    I've caught several things from others - most recently, I caught Keith's fat that he lost.

  20. I loved those photographs. Thank goodness our dogs enjoy sitting on our porch with us to watch the lightning and listen to the thunder. They don't even wake up if we have storms at night.

  21. Theys some gawjus dogs!!
    ps my shark comes tomorrow!!

  22. Oh dear... I feel sorry for your babies but I know how annoying it must be for you to endure this all the time!

    Have you tried Rescue Remedy?

    You can google it, here is a link:

  23. thats our bella. exactly. she shakes like a leaf, pants, whines, paces frantically, hides, drools, has the scared shitless look, and if she could talk i know what she'd say... she is such a wuss. we cant comfort her unless she is on dianes lap cuddling closer and closer until she can feel like she's hiding inside her... yes, its annoying but we love her like you love yours and only doggie benadryl would help... MAYBE.

    you pups are SO adorable though... i lubs them.

  24. Those dogs would never make it here! How does Coach like having that big dog practically on top of him? Personal bubble, please! I loved the 6th grade boyfriend quip. You are so funny!

    I forgot to say how bee-u-tiful you sweet, almost-17-year old is. It sure does go fast! Happy Birthday to her! xoxo

  25. My GOODNESS, but they are babies! Our two dogs luckily aren't THAT bad, but Chloe (our beloved Black Lab... who I believe you met), used to be RIDICULOUS when storms came. Chicken Little. Crazy.

  26. The panting. The shaking. Like having a 6th grade boyfriend again. HAHAHAHAHA!! I am laughing so hard over here! Oh my goodness, you are hilarious.

    I think that's so interesting she caught it from him-- I had no idea phobias are also transferable in animals. That picture of her sitting up there, I think she thinks she is a chihuahua. :D

  27. Didn't marly have weather issues too? Dogs are funny sometimes. but I have to admit that shot on the shoulder...that could win some money if you video it for AFV!!!


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