July 23, 2010



If I could get away with being nekkid 24/7, I would.  It is so darn hot.

I vote to change the state motto from The Sunshine State to The Fry your brain state. That would explain all the brain dead folks I enounter

We have had a great week with my Niece here.

We painted pottery.

P1050194 P1050197

We had a birthday dinner celebration.  P1050199

We went to the movies.


(I am totally on Team Jacob, I mean, he has actual blood and does not want to drink mine!)

The girls have shopped.

The girls have beached.

The girls have lounged.

Next week brings even more fun. Photos to come!!!

This entire week I have been dog sitting for the puggle puppy during the day.

 IMG_2127 IMG_2101 

I volunteered ‘cause I did not want her to be crated too long (work schedules changed.) That little girl has not only wiped out Cocoa and Ozzie, she has nearly wore me out too.

If we could bottle the energy of a puppy…we could be zillionaries!!!

Thank goodness our house is mostly tile and wood…just what is the world record for the most pooping and peeing in one day?  DING DING DING!  We might have a gold medal on our hands!!

What is on your itinerary for the weekend? I hope something fun that does not involve cleaning up critter fluids.

Bee Happy.

Bee Cool.

Bee DRY!!


  1. so glad you got your birthday girl back! yippee! looks like you have been having tons of summer fun- squeezing it in to make up for lost time!

    as for the nekkid part? not me. i'll wear my clothes happily :)

  2. At least your house is mostly tile... we have carpet and our dogs ALWAYS have their accidents on the carpet. What is it, that makes them want to poop or hurl where it's "fluffy"?

  3. You have been busy and I don't understand how you do anything in that heat. That equals amazing.

    I love nekkid house cleaning. My daughter just awakened to that little bit of info this week and was instantly nauseated.

  4. Nekked works for me too...when I'm alone:)

    "critter fluids" ewwwww. Guess that's why my pets are dust bunnies..

    Lucky Niece to have 'Aunt Suz'

    Who I hope the bestest, coolest Fry Day for.

  5. Good Morning Suz,
    Nothing better that having girls in the house...It sounds like you have been having fun.

    When does the puppy go home?!
    Have a fabulous Friday. ~Natalie

  6. Looks like fun! It's gonna be 103 here today! And the weekend too! Count on me being inside!

  7. Cute pictures of all the fun. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  8. I see lots of pink and purple paints there - hope we get to see the finished products.
    You are such a good momma to all the 2 & 4 leggers.

  9. YAY! Sounds like a busy week :)

    We have a Puggle and she is the BEST dog ever.... our new addition is in SERIOUS competition for that Gokd Medal! Seriously... I feel your pain :)

    Have a good weekend.. stay cool!

  10. The pups look adorable romping around in the yard! Love little puggies. : )

    Glad you lady folk are having such a great time. The pottery looks really fun. We have a place like that, but I've never thought to actually go and do it. Maybe I should...

    Oh the heat! We are smoldering as well. Although you've prob got more humidity than we do, we might be giving you a run for your money! LOL I feel sticky before I've even gotten a good start on the day. UGH!

  11. I think a LOT of people would be delighted if you were naked 24 hours a day. Seriously : )

  12. Looks like a great week and I would bet that our heat wave up here would rival yours! We are at 32 Celsius on our way up to 40 with the humidity! Ick

    Bracing for 2 sleepovers this weekend. Must start drinking coffee now!

  13. A wedding and water polo (I will NOT be playing).

    It looks like you were doing a lot of air-conditioned activities this week--good choice!

  14. I will join you in your naked endeavor.

    And it's a State holiday this weekend. Yay!

  15. Hi Suz, Maybe you will get some relief from the heat--with all of the rain coming your way... Just hope you don't have any wind damage or severe weather....

    The girls seemed to enjoy doing the pottery, didn't they???? You are so good to them --and always seem to have something exciting for them to do...

    YES---I'd love some of that puppy's energy... I have had almost no energy this summer.... Bottle some of it--and send it my way!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. that is the hugest birthday dessert, wow! I wuv the puggle--your dogs are so nice to visitors :)

  17. Those pups are like toddlers, aren't they? So glad that you have your girls back home, and their cousin, to share in the doggy-days of fun. Have a happy weekend!

  18. Vol Fan has said that it is possible that he might die when our work returns us to FL - he is loving the cool temps we have here!

  19. I'm with you on the naked thing!

    This weekend I think I'm going to meet up with some bloggy friends here in SoCal!

  20. Beauty RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY! seriously! GOOD GRIEF!

    what an adorable little pooch! :)

    Glad you guys are having fun, and hopefuly the heat goes down... at least a little bit!

  21. I'd like to be nekkid right now too! But that would be too scary for everybody else. Boy is has been pretty hot!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  22. The girls look so happy and painting pottery is a blast!

    I can't imagine what's been going on in your yard! Yikes!

  23. Oh, Suz, it's been SO hot here, too! The heat index has been in the 100s all week. For the past few days, all the weather reporters have talked about is how today is going to be the hottest day of the year. So far, they didn't disappoint. Which would be why I'm sitting here, in front of the computer, IN THE AIR CONDITIONING!!

  24. Oh boy - I do know what you're going through (minus the fun parts, ha ha)!!

    Courage... building happy memories is sometimes a messy affair ;)

  25. Oh my goodness. You are a better woman than I! I wouldn't take on a pup unless it was trained!!!! The rest of your week looked AWESOME

  26. I just want you to know that some of that Florida heat has worked its way up here to Tennessee and we have a few fried brain folks as well. You obviously have not been bored this week. I'm not sure what our weekend will bring, but it definitely will NOT include critter fluids!

  27. Ha! The boxer with the white leg looks like he's trying to trip the pug!
    Looks like you had some good fun!

  28. You are SO right about the heat... it is unrelenting. I tried to sit outside and read this evening and I lasted 5 minutes... BRUTAL!

  29. Love the photos, btw!

    PS: S. is TOTALLY Team Jacob. I am TOTALLY Team Edward. :)

  30. Can't believe it's still not hot here. You're making me wish it were, I'm missing summer.

  31. It is so hot and humid. I walk outside and feel like invisible people are standing on my shoulders!

  32. Sounds like you're having fun with your girls home and a niece as well.
    Don't know about that puppy. At least it's keeping your dogs worn out, but all the critter fluids get old pretty quick.
    Nekkid is good, especially in Florida.

  33. Those girls are gorgeous! And hot? I think we might beat you there. 107 degrees here. No beach. No pool. Just hot. And I love it. What a sick individual....

    oh and yes I would be nekkid if I could. I suppose I should pretend I'm wearing clothes right now?

  34. hi suz,

    i just returned yesterday from my sisters home, you know her as C, on her blog, i spent 2 1/2 weeks there, such fun! but sad she wasnt doing well when i left. she is better now, of course, that i'm gone, go figure! lol....

    today was hot here, 100 also. the humidity is high also...we are in NC and close to the coast...we have a good breeze but still pretty sticky. i cant stand the heat. im a northern girl at heart, and would love to be up there right now! like waaaaaaay up there! ha ha

    today, my grand kids came over and we cooked out. but i had some fun time with my grand daughter. we did nails!! fun! she is 4. it was a first for me. and a challenge. trying to do them and getting them dry before they messed up! but your daughter/niece time looked like more fun! i will have to try that some time. thanks for all the good ideas and puppy pics. and you are right, puppy poop and puke is never fun....bless you!!

  35. My puppy is just FINALLY trained (knock on wood).Fun with cousins is the best!

  36. Sounds like such a fun weekend, even with all the poo and pee. :) Hey, your house right now is kinda like China! Haha.

    I used to be so scandalized when my mom would say she wished she didn't have to wear clothes. Now, I totally agree-- it's sometimes just too darn hot.

  37. I want to come to Camp Stevens!


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