July 02, 2010

Friday; Rules for a Happy ~canoodling~ Holiday weekend!


Happy independence day {weekend} America!!!

Did this holiday sneak up and pinch you on the butt too? Ouchie.

LoLo is heading out of town this weekend and Linds is still at camp.

So, you know what that means?

Coach and I will be canoodling.

With boxers.IMG_1982

Boxers love to canoodle on the couch.

How about you?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend…we are lucky to live in this wonderful country. 

Let’s celebrate responsibly:

NO drinking and driving.

NO lighting your neighbors house on fire with bottle rockets.

NO mooning people from the side of your boat.

YES to recycling all those refreshment containers!!


 How will you celebrate July 4th this year?

Bee Happy.

Bee Patriotic.

Bee a canoodler!



  1. We are celebrating it over here in China with an American style BBQ on our roof. We've invited both American and Chinese friends over. Should be interesting and fun! My last 4th of July on the Mainland, can't wait to American fireworks again!

    Happy 4th! Enjoy that canoodling ;) (I love that word, btw.)

  2. Hope you and Coach have a great holiday weekend! Enjoy!

  3. We plan on cooking out on the fourth and getting together with a bunch of neighbors for drinks, snacks and fireworks. We've been doing this for several years now and it's always been a lot of fun. Well, maybe not the fireworks cleanup the next day... Have a happy fourth canoodling on the couch with your boxers!

  4. Staying close to home and being very thankful for all the blessings we have! Yes we are lucky! Happy 4th to you Suz!
    ps~I am the queen of recycling! And I ordered my Shark.I got the one that vacs and mops all in one! I cant wait to get my hands on it. Pitiful huh?

  5. I will definitely see if Gary wants to canoodle. I am pretty sure now that Naji is here there will be no canoodling going on in our house.... Let's just say that sweet little innocent Naji is not Gary's favorite person on the planet.... Darn it.

  6. Nothing better than canoodling with boxers=)

  7. I will be canoodling with the dogs for sure as the bombs are bursting in the air this weekend!
    Have a safe and happy 4th!!

  8. So it's not just me--4th of July came out of nowhere this year, right?!

  9. Have a great holiday...and enjoy every moment. :-) Susan

  10. Canoodling for us, interrupted by a brief visit downtown for the craft fair. Have a great weekend.

  11. We'll probably have a quiet weekend, but we will celebrate with a cookout and enjoying the fireworks. We don't have any boxers, but we may try canoodling anyway.

  12. We'll definitely be canoodling this weekend, Suz.... The kids are all locked in the basement; the dogs are at the kennel; the cats are locked in the attic; so --it will just be my sweetie and me!!!!!!

    Seriously, we may go and hear some patriotic music. We also want to see the Glad Fireworks show...

    Happy 4th.

  13. just the two of you?! yippee! happy independence day! and i like your tip about not setting the neighbor's house on fire. i hope my neighbors read your blog.

  14. Canoodling sounds very nice! :)
    Maybe if I can get my husband to turn off Fox News (and quit being Grumpelstiltskin!!) long enough, we shall canoodle as well.

    Happy 4th!

  15. We just don't hardly ever celebrate! I have some folks heading to camp, others visiting friends. It's just a mess.

  16. It snuck up on me too, although we very rarely do anything big on the 4th--pretty quiet around here with the Italians and the Mexicans!

    Have a good one!

  17. Cute post, Suz! We'll be hosting family. We're THAT house. :)

  18. I just love saying the word canoodling. :) I think canoodling with your husband and your sweet dogs sounds perfect! Have a great weekend canoodling! :)

  19. LOL Love your rules! Our Holiday up here is on the 1st. On the 4th I wil be throwing a massive 40th birthday party for a girlfrend. Fingers crossed for pool weather:)

  20. canoodle = BOXER time, or for us, beagle time! Hogs and kisses Suz :)

  21. Darn, no mooning the neighbors. You really take all the fun out of the holiday. I will be doing canoodling with my lazy boxers too. We should start a Boxer Canoodling Club!

  22. Have a great fourth of July Suz!!! Sounds like you'll have some peace and quiet~ :)

  23. hello friend, i'm visiting to say hi! i've been so busy and i'm so dang tired. i'll be done in a few more days, yay!

    we usually go to the beach and watch the fireworks. there's a family that rents out a boat every year and shoot fireworks from the ocean. pretty cool show. but i'm so tired and my husband is in TN, that i just decided to stay in and chill.

    hope you had a great 4th with coach and the doggies!


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