June 02, 2010



Seven more days of middle school for Linds.



She will be joining her big sister in High school this fall.

Did I tell you she made the dance line? She did.

In seven more days, Lo will not be a junior anymore…she will be a senior.

With seniority. 


LoLo and Linds HSM jump

{Seven days ago, I was a senior. Pinky promise.}

LoLo will turn SEVENteen this summer.

Guess how old I was when I met the coach.

No, not Seven.

I was Seventeen.  


LoLo scored seventy points HIGHER on her second SAT test than on her first. We are so proud of her.


Seven more days of them being restrained. Bossed around. Tested.

Well, I suppose they will always have some of that…as long as I breathe.

I want the “pause” button to be pushed. Pretty Please?


In Seven days, I feel as though I may age about 7 years.



  1. They grow up fast! Congrats to Linds on making the dance line ~ that's fantastic. After looking at these wonderful pics of them, I only worry that they have so little energy!!! ha

  2. OMG, Suz, you've been reading my mind. As of last Thursday, Stud is a junior. In a few months, he'll be 17, too (he has a late birthday, which is why he'll be a junior instead of a senior). Everytime I remember that he's about to turn 17, I instantly think about how I was 17 when I met and started dating his father.

    When I really want to feel old, I remind myself that my mother was my age when she was planning my wedding!!!

  3. Congrats to your girls on their big transitions and accomplishments!

    Wow, you met your husband when you were 17? That is awesome!

    Congrats to you on raising such great and happy daughters!

  4. wow, what a ride though huh!! great memories thanks for sharing, my 'A' will be 17 in october, she wants a drivers license. they changed the laws here and she has to wait until she is 17. she wants out of this house so badly right now.
    we had a family discussion about moving and she said in 2 more years she would be out of here and she wasn't coming back. ouch. i have to let her go and live her own life.
    sweet, bittersweet memories. wouldn't trade them for the world.

  5. I hear you.
    Please send me the pause button as soon as you are thru. How does it go so fast. The just slips away. I want my baby to stay my baby forever.

  6. today... you make me cry. i would push that pause button 100 times if i could find it. (but would that turn it on-off-on-off-on-of-on-off? well then... 101)

    i am looking so forward to sitting in the stands with you... so lets make a deal. we'll push that pause button together one of those nights ;)

  7. Congratulations to both girls!! They are high achievers, and that speaks volumes about who they are and from whence they come. (I thought I would phrase that last part nicely knowing that a mom of such smart girls would understand.)

    Time really is flying, isn't it? Let's hope those seven days go slowly.

  8. I've been hunting for the pause button since my girl was probably 10.

    I can't believe you've got 7 more days of school. We got out last Friday but some other kids here don't get out until this Friday.

    WE are hoping this is a good week to go to the waterpark since some kids are still in school.:)

  9. Time flies the older we get, that's is for sure!
    I'm with you ...YIKES---I was 22 when I got married and my senior in college will be 22 this fall. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
    Your girls are so adorable. ;)

  10. Two girls in high school!!! How will you bare? It's sad in a way but very exciting all at the same time. My kiddo is making the transition from elementary to middle school this year. Ugh!

  11. Oh if only there was a pause button...the summer would be so much sweeter!

  12. Great collection of sevens ...and related numbers.
    They do grow up way too fast.

  13. Cute post Suz! Adorable girls!

  14. I'm sorry to say I was never able to find that 'pause' button when my children were 17. Now I have to look for that button as my grandchildren approach seventeen!!

  15. congrats to your girls.

    my boys are growing up so fast too :(
    but by nine year old still likes his mommy hugging and kissing him. gotta enjoy it while i can.

  16. great pics again. Incredible how fast time flies by

  17. Hi Suz, Your daughters just get prettier and prettier ---and it's obvious just how proud you and Coach are of them... In these times when life is not easy for teens, your girls both seem to have their heads on straight... That is due to what you and Coach have taught them. CONGRATS....

    What are the girls going to be doing this summer? Softball? Work? Dance? Camp?????

    Have a great Thursday.

  18. You seem to be a mommy that savors the moments and I'm glad because HS FLIES!!!!

    Your girls are so fun and full of life!

  19. I not only wanted a "pause" button, I wanted a "rewind" as well.

    Something we all go through and in the end, it all works out just fine.

  20. seven seems to be your lucky number! You need to go gamble or go to vegas! :)

  21. So much good news.

    We will be on the same page next year--senior moms!

  22. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up?

    I met Hubster when I was 17 as well... and to think Jordan is just a few years away.....

    You and Coach have done a WONDERFUL job of raising two wonderful girls... they are young women!

  23. It all truly happens in the blink of an eye! It's part of the hazing of humanity - watching it all fly by like that.

  24. *smile* They are such happy, sweet, confident, glowing girls. I know this, though we haven't met in person, because the intense joy in their beautiful eyes tell me so. You are doing a great job, Suz. And no, WE aren't aging; THEY are. =)

  25. That shot of the girls jumping into the pool is terrific. Daughters are wonderful. They add so much life to a family. Jessica (my only one)and her hubby are coming here the end of the month. I can hardly wait to touch her cheek!! Enjoy your darlings.x-c

    ps-You are really doing a great job with your new camera. Fab action shots.


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