June 28, 2010

Look at what I FOUND! Oh, and let’s blame the Dogs on my move to Tacky-Ville.


I ventured out into the sweltering heat yesterday and made an attempt at cleaning up the garden. We have been having daily rains and that means: weed city.

Beneath all the weeds, I found some treasures:


Yes, TWO (tiny as heck) taters and a cucumber.

I can’t decide how to prepare the taters.

Should I roast them?

Bake them?

Or should I go all out and make twice baked potatoes?

At this rate, I should have a batch of mashed potatoes by 2035.

Did I tell you *something/someone was stealing my tomatoes?

I found the culprits. 

IMG_0281   IMG_1092

Yeah, they look all sweet and innocent.  You can’t even trust your own family members these days.

When I confronted them, they gave me this whole spiel…tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and C and then something about potassium and lycopene being good for their heart and coats...yada yada yada…

So…what does all this mean?

Well, it is too hot and sunny in my garden for my ‘maters now.  And I can’t keep them in pots on the lanai.

*dang tall dogs*.  


I am resorting to tacky.


Yes, I know lots of people use these upside down planters. I don’t mean to offend, but I find them to be tacky. And I am joining the tacky party.

Right there on my pretty lanai with the resort type pool will by my tacky ‘mater plants.

This might be the beginning of the end.

Next, plastic flowers on my kitchen table and one of these in the front yard: ..On second thought, maybe pink flamingos aren't that bad afterall! by Carplips.

Toilet eating woman Image from flickr creative commons

Once you go tacky, you never go back. 

Now I must run, I am busy knitting pastel tissue box covers for all my blog friends.

Happy Monday!


  1. Haha, that toilet picture is hilarious in a really awful way!

    Your dogs like tomatoes? That is really funny-- our dog liked popcorn, but I never heard of a dog who liked veggies. My mom would like to trade me for your dogs, please.

    My grandma and her sister used to exchange tacky flamingo things-- it was an ongoing contest to see who could find the tackiest flamingo paraphernalia. We got a big kick out of it.

    Good luck with your upside downers!

  2. You have me tickled calling your dogs culprits!!!

  3. oh goody.
    I'd like my tissue box in jewel tones please. Plaid if you can do it. Keep your pastel tones.
    Too subtle.

  4. I so want one of those blue toilets with the lady diving in....just to annoy my pain-in-the-rump neighbor. I think I'd put it right where he can enjoy it from his pool.

  5. I was just going to e-mail! You won my giveaway for the blue plastic toilet and diving lady! Hooray for you!


    Love this post!

    We had to put a fence around our entire garden because the weiner bugs (I mean...ummmm....dogs) ate everything they could find.

    Think of it more as kitschy. Yea. That's the word.

  6. you know, that boxer looks GUILTY of tomato theft, written all over his cute face....

  7. You must have overlooked me when you sent out the email for the tissue covers... Here is my address:
    Becky Tacky, Tacky Tacky
    1010 Total Tacky Drive
    Tackyville, Pa 18977

    Can't wait for it to get here!

    Those dogs have good tastes. I heart them!

  8. I didn't know you could grow tater tots.

  9. Think i'll ever read your blog without laughing?


  10. I really want to buy one of those Topsy Turvy things. I love tacky!

  11. OMG! How funny is that toilet! I am surprised that the boxers like tomatoes. Most dogs do not like them.

    You know what is even tackier than a topsy turvy? An empty one hanging in the same place it was last year...
    Someone needs to do something about that...

  12. My MIL bought me one of those tomato things, and it broke as I was filling it with dirt :( Just sayin' careful! My mators are in boxes on the deck, right where Buster can eat them. Yes, he does it, too!

  13. I thought Ozzie was looking a little guilty in his picture. The question is: Does he look guilty for eating the tomatoes or for getting caught?
    Your woman-eating toilet is almost as good plastic pink flamingos.

  14. Yes, please, and do remember to make the toilet lid & SEAT covers to match, won't you?

    You crack me up! Laura had a topsy-turvy planter on her deck, but I don't think it was a huge success. However, you get so much more SUN than we do, that you may have enough for everyone - including the dogs - soon!

  15. Oh I love tacky! My dog is a mater lover too! I have to fence her out!
    can you make my tissue box cover sea blue?

  16. That toliet picture is cracking me up!!

  17. HA HA HA Suz.... Love this post... Shame on those doggies eating your maters...

    SO--you have turned to TACKY???? Think the dogs will learn how to get a ladder and climb up there and eat them???????? Bet they do!!!!

    Goodness---be careful and don't eat all of those potatoes at once....

    The toilet yard art is hilarious... My old home in Virginia has been renovated.. At first, they did a good job ---but now they have added cows and who knows what else in the yard... GADS---talk about double tacky.... Yipes!!!!

    Have a good day---and let me know how many meals you get out of those taters.

  18. Are you sure those aren't squirrels in Boxer costumes?

  19. You are cracking me up. You gotta go tacky if you need the tomatoes as bad as you apparently do! Those taters look like tiny little onion bulbs.

    If you knit a tissue box for me, I'll make one out of plastic canvas for you, holiday themed no less. Deal?

  20. I had no luck whatsoever growing tomatoes that way--good luck to you!

  21. NO.WAY. could those sweet dogs do anything wrong!

  22. OMG that made me laugh! I LOVE fresh tomatoes, so upside down is better if it yields a crop in my opinion. :-)


  23. they ate your maters? bad, bad doggies... suz dont know if you are awAre they CANNOT have green tomatoes.. our neighbors dog ate green ones and keeled over dead.... please bee careful...

    the toilet thing is hilarious!!

    i absolutely love that picture of ozzie, has there EVER been a cuter photo of a guilty dog? i think NOT. i want your dogs. i LOVE them.

    those topsy turvy thingies work, yeah, ok there're a lil tachy but they work!!!

    i know some peeps who only use that, and they have even grown sweet potatoes and cukes in them.


  24. I hear tell that steroid usage results in a condition very similar to photo 1.........

  25. i have heard bad things about those topsy tomato things beware! they r to good to be true

  26. When my dog was still alive, she LOVED tomatoes...she couldn't wait for them to ripen so she could help herself. At home I planted enough plants so that there was plenty of tomatoes for both of us.

    My Mom didn't tho'.

    I remember one time visiting my parents and we let Mittsy out in the backyard. Glancing out the kitchen window, we didn't see her anywhere... but then we spied some movement in the tomato plants. Yeah, she was in there helping herself to the few ripe tomatoes that they had growing. :P

  27. Oh, gosh I needed that laugh... I can always count on you for having the best posts!!

    Now, how do you get a dog to like tomatoes??

    *boxers are special!*

  28. your so funny, at least you have cucumbers. mine have all been destroyed by squash bugs.

  29. oh no you didn't!
    i have 1 dozen homemade topsy turvys made... some pink, some lavender, some aqua, some yellow... some with all colors listed...
    sitting in my garage. waiting for someone to use them because i already have 4 up and B would probably go crazy if we had 16 of them lining the fence.
    they need a home.
    and they like boxers.

    did you already buy a nasty tacky one?!

  30. Funny about the dogs stealing tomatoes. I kept wondering why I wasn't getting any strawberries. And then, I spied Daisy nosing around the plants. Yes, she was carefully picking off just the fruit.
    She's fenced out of the garden now...

  31. Boy, what a guilt-ridden pic of your dog! Hilarious!

    You're right about tacky... DON'T go there... it's a slippery slope!


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