June 23, 2010

Hanging up her Cleats; for Now.


LoLo is on the injured list.



She has had a sore shoulder. For over a year.

Yeah, we rush to the Dr. all the time. not.

She had to have a very expensive and invasive MRI. (the kind where they shoot dye into the area, then do the scans)

She has a torn labrum.


The surgeon said she had 2 choices. Surgery (with 4-6 months of recovery) or physical therapy, with no guarantees of avoiding surgery later on.   

We are going to try the physical therapy. It will be several days a week from now until mid August, then we go back to the surgeon for a reevaluation.

If she has surgery at that time, she can kiss her senior year of softball goodbye.


What the heck is she going to do if she does not play ball?

She has not had more than 4 weeks in a row off from softball since she was 10 years old!!

I know one thing she will have to do with this time off is…curb her eating. If you are not burning it off, you can’t eat like a lumberjack anymore sweetheart!

And a big congratulations to her as well; Thanks to her awesome stats this past softball (high school) season, she was just put on the *All State 2nd team* last week.


I will be praying that the physical therapy will work. No surgery for my baby please!!

Labrum photo borrowed from:


  1. Poor Lolo! Hopefully PT will do the trick.

  2. I hope she recovers fast, and is able to be back to playing swiftly! I'm sure it will drive her KA-RAY-ZY! to not play!

  3. you borrowed the labrum photo? oh, i was so impressed that your new camera had x-ray capabilities. i was slightly concerned that you were poking her arm with a stick though :)

    i am going to add my prayers that physical therapy will bring her back good as new! i know she is a hard worker and that she will do whatever it takes to play softball in the fall :)

  4. Poor thing, an injury to an athelete like her is a major bummer! And she can still eat like a lumberjack - she's got youth on her side :)

  5. Aw, poor Lo! I hope to God the PT works. It would be awful if surgery keeps her from playing next year. :(

    On a side note, she is freakin' BEAUTIFUL!! That photo of her is just so awesome, because it show both sides of her - the hardworking, kick-butt athelete, and the stunningly beautiful young lady, all wrapped in one! Good thing we don't live in FL, or I'd be trying to arrange a marriage. Just sayin.... ;-)

  6. What rotten luck. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome.

  7. Oh that's not good! I'm sorry that she has this injury!! I hope the PT works!

  8. That's a bummer. How sad to have to miss out on playing! Hope the PT works! : )

    Your babies are pretty. : )

  9. Oh the Poor Baby.... I'm so sorry to hear that. BUT--she does need to get it FIXED --or else it will just get worse. I hope the PT helps her and that she won't need surgery. What a shame!!!! Bless her little heart...

    Prayers and Hugs,

  10. So sorry to hear this latest Suzanne. I hope and pray the PT help her. I can't imagine tiny LoLo eating like a lumberjack!

  11. We'll also pray that the physical therapy works.
    Congratulations to LoLo for making the All Star team.

  12. Oh no! I'm so sorry to here about Lolo's injury. Maybe she can play soccer. If I were near the ocean I'd be body surfing all summer long.

    Congratulations on making the State team...that is something to be very proud of.

  13. Hope the PT does its job. Congrats on making 2nd team!

  14. AH, here's a hug for you and everyone involved. What a bad choice to have thrown at you.
    Think positive...

  15. I really hope it works; MVP still has pain in his foot from water polo even after months of PT. His solution is just not to play WP anymore, but he does coach.

  16. Crap! That's just terrible! :-(

    If there's a chance that PT will work, I'm sure Lolo will be a star patient - she's your daughter, after all, she WILL beat the odds!!

    Go! Go! Go!

  17. Awww, I hated to read this!!! Poor Lolo. I would definitely go for physical therapy first, too, if it were me.
    I got such a kick out of the bridal gown "fashion show". How kind of you to blur the face. I had NO CLUE who was wearing it! : )
    Thank you, Sue, for your kind words when my mom passed away. They meant a lot to me.
    P.S. Don't tempt me with, "Please let me plan this"!!!!!!! Feeling the pressure already!!!

  18. I had one of those dye MRI scans yesterday- very odd sensations. Sorry to hear about the injury- Pete has been dogged this last year with never ending stuff like this. It is a real nuisance. Hope the PT works well for her- it did for Pete and his shoulder XX

  19. ohhhhhh nooooooooooo poor lil lolo! i feel for her, really i do. i hope PT can allow her to rest it so it heals. remember my first injury healed without surgery so she has a great chance for that. my tear "scarred down" with rest and PT. i will pray that hers does too.

    every great player gets injuries. unfortunately it comes with the game. but she will come back stronger!


  20. ps

    congrats on the allstate! she is such a cutie! both of your girls are!

    wish i could eat like a lumberjack and stay thin! i think i did when i was a newborn! bwahahaha

    i have seen a few young athletes her age come in for PT suz, with injured cuffs, tendons, all from being good at their sport. and they have a good success rate too.

  21. I'll add her to the prayer list, Suz! Physical therapy should help. So should lots of swimming. You can't hurt your joints in water.

  22. Oh I hope it works for her! I know this feeling all to well. My oldest just finished physio for a knee injury. She did not want to give up her 9 hours a week of gymnastics and managed to fight her way back...for now. Fingers crossed for Lo.

  23. Congrats to your very talented girl!!!! I'll pray, too, for amazing results from the therapy AND a wonderful senior year of softball.

  24. Oh, poor girl. Love your diagram. I hope the PT works for her...she seems to have such a love of the game.

    She is lovely Suz. Both your girls are.

    They really look like you!

  25. Oh no! Hope PT does the job! But I am sure she will find another sport!

  26. Poor sweet baby! I hope the physical therapy really helps. Physical therapy annoys me.

  27. I went to PT when I hurt my back (ruptured disk) and it did wonders - I loved going! I think that if I had taken time off from work while my back was healing, my back would be in a lot better shape than it is now... I'm betting that if Lolo does all the exercises they tell her to do and takes it easy on the shoulder, she'll recover without any surgery :)

  28. Poor kid. Sure hope the PT works so she can continue with the sport she loves.

  29. I'll keep her in my prayers for a full recovery, based on PT alone.... NO SURGERY!!!

  30. Oh NO! I hope PT works for her. It didn't for Cheerleader girl, but fortunately she was able to make to the end of her last cheer season her senior year before we elected to do surgery! Good luck :) I'll be thinking of her!

  31. oh... and CONGRATS on All State! That's awesome!!!!

  32. OMG, go with the physical therapy and let her finish her senior year off with soft ball!

    When I was in high school, I was on the swim team. I seriously loved it, it was my life! I had to have surgery because I had scoliosis. My doctor said I would be able to be back to swimming by the time the season started the following year. Well, it did not happen and I will never forget how upset I was about it!

  33. I will think good thoughts for her that the physical therapy works and no surgery is needed.

    Get well soon, L!


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