May 17, 2010

This, That and The Other Thing


THIS: A few months ago, my friend Mildred emailed me about a miniature rose she stumbled upon called ‘Busy Bee.’  Can you imagine my delight? I wonder what came first…me or the rose??? Don’t answer….So, I ordered 2 of them…as well as one of ‘The Bee’s Knees.’ They are planted and doing well.  

The Busy bee

It is a sweet pink/orange shade with a yellow center. (do you think I have a yellow center? Don’t answer!)IMG_0007

The Bee’s Knees. 

Deep pink with a yellow center. Notice the lizard admiring the knees of the bees. So cute. I shall name him Elvin.


Well, my knees…not so cute anymore. And they hurt..what is up with that?


THAT: The other night, as I was sitting down on the couch to watch a show, I opened up my little, petite, tiny, itty bitty- pie hole and out came the LOUDEST belch in the world.

I don’t know where it came from. I looked around to see if my home had been invaded by rude and drunken sailors. *none*  The depth of it shocked me so much that I could only laugh. And then, I hoped that no one heard me.  Did you hear me?


THE Other THING: Fill in the blank:

I have 100____________ being delivered today.

Can you imagine?? You know, with my exciting life…it could be nothing anything!



  1. Hehe! That's a cute post and I just lost the soft, delicate color of the mini-roses! Sooo pretty!

    Have a glorious week!

  2. I'm thinking you have 100 bags of mulch being delivered and I'm betting your knees hurt from all the crawling around by the pool with the rocks!
    Your namesake roses are sweet as can be ~ you should dry a few blooms this summer to add to some potpourri!
    Hope you don't work too hard this week.

  3. pretty roses! your knack for growing stuff is admirable and... i am a tad envious :)

    100....? my gosh! at your house it coud be anything! goats? snalkes? iguanas? bags of mulch? (should have bought those from the boy scouts) boxes of bonbons? bumblebees?

    i could go on...

  4. 100 drunken sailors being delivered today?

    or 100 pounds of mulch?

    or 100 rocks perhaps...

    Your life IS exciting.

  5. Oh, so THAT'S what that sound was! Mystery solved! :D

  6. Nobody would ever have known of this belch had you not just shared it with millions!

    I love the bees knees and that truly is what you are!

  7. Suz, another Monday morning started with a smile. Thanks so much. I have a bumblebee iris that Hubs bought me. It has not bloomed yet. =(

  8. 100 bottles of beer, which would explain the belch.

    Or 100 chippendale dancers...

  9. Love the flowers. So sweet:)
    As for the 100....I'm guessing bulbs?

  10. I hope it's 100 Snuggies! Oh, wait, that would have been my house after my fundraiser.

  11. I think it's entirely appropriate that you had a beautiful rose named after you. (I don't know the inspiration for The Bee's Knees!)

  12. I can hardly believe that itty bitty you could even think about burping? Can't be true.

    Mildred is awfully sweet and that is a beautiful rose.

    100 ...


    100 bottles of beer on the wall?

  13. I'm going with mulch--something I should also be ordering, but have not. Sigh.

  14. "that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;"

    100 honey bees?

  15. 100 seeds?

    as for the belch.. so thats what that was. :)

    Loving the flowers!

  16. Hey Suz! I think I'm back to blogging! Come see me! =) Bella

  17. Blog hopping and found my way here via "A Nut In A Nutshell".

    No need to worry... I don't think any of us heard you, but thanks for sharing with us!

    My guess... I'm going with the beer. Stocking up for summer (hee hee)

    btw... loved your pic of Harley. Reminds me of my Wally!

  18. 100 BOXES OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! yeah! :)

  19. I hope it's not 100 bedding plants, or your knees will really hurt.
    Cute roses, and what an honor that they were named after you!
    I like your friendly little lizard.

  20. About that belch, my sister-in-law (first marriage) used to say when my boys burped: "Bring it up again and we'll vote on it." Heard that one??? Yours must have been a winner!!!! Bet that felt good though.. ha

    Congrats on having that sweet little rose named after you. That is special!!!!!

    100 bags of MULCH for sure --unless you are getting 100 handsome men delivered!!!! ha


  21. i suck at guessing games... unless it's guessing which monster will jump out on the screen on the syfy channel ;) we're getting pretty good at that!
    100 bags of personalized m&ms lol! totally way off but i have chocolate on my mind and so should you!

  22. Aw, that is so cute you have roses named after you! Yes, you came first, I am sure. :) They are very cute. I think you have green hands, not just thumbs!

    I can only imagine how much your back hurt after moving all those rocks. I have no idea what I did to mine. Nothing cool like landscaping, that's for sure.


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