May 24, 2010

“Lost~In~Translation” moments = Sweet Memories.

Some things you can never forget. Nor do you want to.

When Lindsay was about 5 years old we visited my Aunt and Uncles house in Atlanta.


This was one of our first visits since the girls were little bitty things.

We spent a great day visiting and playing. When bedtime was upon us, we sorted out our sleeping arrangements.

My Aunt and I were in the hall discussing…”Coach and I would sleep in Cuz Patrick's room and the girls would sleep in the playroom…on the futon.”

Linds overheard us as we were looking for the sheets and extra pillows.

All of a sudden we heard a whiny/wailing voice from down the hall:

“I don’t wanna to seep on a crouton”  DSC00044

Aunt Trisha and I almost piddled in our pants…we were laughing so hard.

Linds seriously did not know what a futon was, and assumed I said Crouton.

She loves croutons, but did not want to sleep on them. 

My Aunt and I assured her, she was not sleeping on a crouton.

To this day…when I come across a futon, inside I am secretly calling it a crouton.

Futon. Crouton. Tomatoe. Tomato.

I can’t even eat at a salad bar and NOT think of the crouton/futon episode.

When I have grandkids…I will surely get a crouton for them to sleep on.

And they will like it.


  1. What a cute memory/story. It would be a little "crumby" sleeping on a crouton!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love these pictures. And I love those memories. Your girls are like the cutest things on the planet. And they look EXACTLY like their Mama! They could never deny you that is for sure...

    : ) Who would ever want to deny you though? I have to go and get some croutons to eat right now : ). I would rather sleep on a futon but I have to do work... darn it.

  3. I don't know if I would be able to resist buying her a box of croûtons for Christmas if she were my daughter. So cute! And her pictures are darling, what a cute family all around!

  4. that is just precious! and those pictures of her look just like you! soooooooooooo cute!!!!!

    i too have stories like that and isnt it wonderful to remember such things..

    i figure if my body ever wears out [like it hasnt already] my mind will have a ton of things to look back upon that'll bring a smile to my face.


  5. just so you know, i will always love this girl:) a very cute story! and i am tyring to imagine the whine, because i am sure i have never hear it before :)

    i was going to text you this morning... but then i was driving and then i got a call... but make sure to tel linds that i am wishing her all the luck and love today... or to break a leg... whatever. just know that my heart and mind and pockets are full of GOOD THOUGHTS!

  6. Cute story. Sweet memories.

  7. Don't you love those moments, and how they keep giving you laughs and smiles for years afterward? Being a mom is the BEST job ever!

  8. Sleeping on a crouton might not be so very different from sleeping on a futon. Comfort is not its strong point. ;)

  9. oh my gosh that is too cute!!

  10. I have a feeling this is one of those incidents that will survive for generations! How funny!

    It reminds me of the time I was visiting my elderly aunt and uncle in Vero Beach. As my (hard of hearing) uncle was heading to bed, I said "don't forget to pray for the troops". He turned around and said, "pay for what fruit?".

  11. Oh, that is too funny!

  12. I'm sure Linds will LOVE that you shared this totally adorable story!

  13. Does Linds remember this episode as fondly as you do? It is a cute story about a very cute little girl.

  14. Adorable story, Suz. I think I've slept on a few croutons in guest rooms and hotels over the years...but I never did it as sweetly.

  15. adorable pictures, and HILARIOUS story! LMAO!

  16. Funny! What would we do without the kid stories to make us laugh?

  17. What great photos. Your memories are the greatest.

  18. That was charming! And her photos were the icing on the cake!

  19. Funny!!!!
    also funny thing~ I went to Tucson Futon this week. ;)

  20. Oh what a sweet story.... I don't blame Linds. I wouldn't want to sleep on a crouton either... Wonder if I'd 'squish' it????? ha ha


  21. Shelbie's in the room and I read the post to her.... she thought it was adorable. :)


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