May 25, 2010

I hope A Good Love Story Does NOT Make You Sick.

If it does, get out your barf bag.


Today, Coach and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.

Yes, we were toddlers when we got married.


And they said it would never last.scan0004


Who said that?

Oh, never mind.

No one said that.

Happy Anniversary to the best boyfriend ever.


Had anyone told me years ago that my heart could grow larger and fill itself with MORE and MORE love each year, well I would have called them loco!

Turns out, that loco advice would have been correct.  

It all started on a fateful night in1985…a blind date.

The blind; dating the blind.

Jeff Suz 1985

Call me lucky.

Call me loved.

Call me lucky to be loved.

(call me skinny back then!)

  Jeff suz 1989

My love.

My heart.

My everything.


Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Did I make you vomit? I hope not.

We can always use a good love story, right?

By the way, the traditional gift for a 19th wedding anniversary is bronze.

I googled bronze gifts and this little number popped up.


Interesting, right?

I wonder if they make it in the proper size for my Coach.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You look MORE beautiful stinker!

    And I just love your hubby in that vest, ha! I don't know how a picture of my favorite bronze bra made it on the internet. Darn camera phones...

  2. Happy anniversary!!! Wishing you and Coach many, many, many more happy years together.

  3. Wishing you two a very wonderful anniversary. Love, love, love the pictures! Should I see an amber glow in the sky I'll know you each bought one another the bronoze vest! Enjoy special memories today and I wish you both so much happiness.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Cute cute pix. You look just as cute, happy and young as you did in your earlier photos! : )

  5. What a wonderful love story! So much to be PROUD of. I mean that and I know, just having come out of a 22 year marriage. Inspiring to know that true love IS alive and that it CAN grow stronger!

    Enjoy your special day together.

    =) Grateful Girl

  6. Awww, I love a good love story! It's neat to see how everybody met their spouse! Congratulations!

  7. Happy Anniversary Suz!
    I'm thinking that Bronze bra would look better on your Bust. Have a great day!

  8. That's the best kind of love story. (Well, admittedly, a little sex would be an even better story - but I'm that kind of trashy.)

  9. Happy anniversary! You are the real Nicholas Sparks plotline.

  10. Happy Anniversary--you've made a beautiful life!

  11. I think you & coach should put on those old outfits in that one photo (french maid costume and his biker vest) and go out for a nice dinner! Or not....!!! Happy Anniversary!!! By the way, you are still a hot mama - you age very well. You'll need to tell me your beauty secrets!

  12. He will look SO hot in that bronze brazziere : ) Oh yes he will.

    I love Love. In small doses only.

    Happy anniversary!

  13. happy anniversary to you & coach! look at those faces. faces that surely never imagined they would be so passionate about softball. or be in love with two boxers. the beautiful girls? oh, you might have had an inkling. but i would guess that they have surpassed any make-believe-dream-kids that you imagined. i love that family picture :) i guess because i love your family!
    as for the bedazzling-bronze-brassiere... i'm not sure it is quite his style :)

  14. Aw...Suz! Happy Anniversary! I forgot we got married the same year. I LOVE that picture of you and Coach in you costumes!! I totally agree with Shelley!!! Plus, think of the added bonus of embarrassing your girls, cuz you'll be taking them with you, naturally!

  15. Happy Anniversary, sweet Suz & Coach! You are an inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful celebration of your special day together! XOXO

  16. happy anniversary, to you both! no, i did not vomit silly goose!

    it's a beautiful story full of love love love.

    great pictures!

    you are still as beautiful as you were in the good old days...

    hope you have a terrific day!


  17. You are skinny! What are you talking about. I'd kill for your legs! :)

    Loved the pictures, you and couch are simply adorable!

    That being said.. keep the pictures of coach in that bronze number private. That would be a little too racy for my computer :) lol

    Happy Anniversary love!

  18. OH!!!!! I just love it :) What a fantastico story, can't wait until your 38th and beyond!

  19. Congratulations and happy anniversary. There's nothing better than a good love story and you have a wonderful one. The pictures are great, too!

  20. Happy Anniversary, Suz. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.... Such a gorgeous couple--deeply in love. That is the way it is supposed to be!!!! The love grows with each and every passing day... I'm so so so happy for you both...

    Have a wonderful Anniversary.

  21. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You two are the perfect couple!

  22. Oh, Happy Anniversary! I love a good love story!

  23. Oh so fabulous...and those pics! LOL You are too cute!
    Happy Anniversary. 19 years is something to celebrate!

  24. happy anniversary suz & coach....when properly cared for love grows exponentially!! :)

  25. Happy Anniversary! (I keep forgetting how close our anniversaries are to one another! And Hubster and I started dating in 1985 as well.... clearly, GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE...)

    Yes, I think the glue that holds us together gets stickier as the years go by.

    As much as part of me is sad about the kids growing up and leaving the nest, part of me is really looking forward to a 2nd "newlywed season"... do you know what I mean? Just the 2 of us again? I'm sure you and Coach will be the same way...

    Here's a virtual toast to you two beautiful love birds.
    (And by the way.... I think he'll look Smokin Hot in that bronze bustier thing....) :)

  26. Sick with envy and happiness, that story made me! :-D

    Thank you for sharing your photos and your love, it shines right off the screen - awe!


  27. Happy anniversary. I love a good love story, and yours has turned out very well.
    Hmm, don't know how the bronze coin bra would go over as a gift, though.


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