May 04, 2010

Green Rogaine.


Bartholomew has been begging me for an extreme makeover.


Bart (on the right) circa 2009.

The winter did him (and his greenness) in.

P1050021It made me very sad to see him in this dry, crunchy, lifeless state.  

I suppose this type of crawling plant was not meant to last  year round…so perhaps next winter I will bring him inside.

Maybe a nice moist spot for him?  {my shower?}

Never mind…I vowed not to shower with dogs a long time ago. 


This was a bit precarious for him. P1050022

“Downward Dog” yoga pose.

I had to pull out the old roots and some of the moss, refill moss and I put in crawling jasmine this time.

Dogs can use some fragrance...right?   P1050025

Now he is ready for some growth again.

Topiary Rogaine.

If only I could sell this to balding men!!



If you need me, I will be in the rock quarry, I mean the lanai, I mean rock city!

I shall rename the lanai: Rock City!!!


I should be finished in a day or two.

I wish I had taken a before picture…cause the after is looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

I may have to change my business cards from “domestic goddess” to “landscape goddess.”

Does it pain you as much as it does me when I get all hopped up on myself??? 

Don’t worry, it is only temporary. I promise.  


BTW: it only takes a glance at my hands to see, I am no goddess whatsoever.  I am a worker Bee!!!


  1. i can only imqagine how lovely those worker bee hands are! please, wash before dinner :) bart is looking good, once again... but it is defintely a case of "looking worse before it gets better!" ouch!

  2. whatta cute post! i just love bart... where did you get him again? a friend, right?

    i think your business cards should read "domesticated landscaping rock arranging goddess for hire"

    you do such beautiful work, i cant wait to see a picture of it all whenst you are done.

    also, at least you have that gorgous pool to jump into when you get all sweaty... right?

    have a good day, hon..


  3. Oh if it were as easy to refresh ourselves!!! The jasmine on Bartholomew will be very nice. Enjoy the rock quarry!

  4. Love the Rock City birdhouse! Hope Bart's hair starts growing soon! :D

  5. I am so excited for you : ). You are good at every single thing you touch.

    Very, very glad you are not showering with the dogs...that would make a nice post though. I am sure that would bring you some new readers : )

  6. Your property is amazing anyway. Would love to see before and afters. I'm sure a little lotion and a few days off and your hands will be as good as new.

  7. I can't wait to see the after photos, I bet it'll be gorgeous. We have one of those Rock City birdhouses in our backyard as well, that place is amazing. Went there 3 times last summer...

  8. That topiary is awesome! Love it.

  9. Stopping by to catch up today, and I can see you have been one busy little, um, bee!! I'm feeling your pain on the too-many-tasks-too-little-time thing. The upside is that I've dropped a few pounds, and I don't need the WHOLE bottle of wine to help me sleep at night!!!!

  10. Is there ANYTHING you don't do well? You really are mighty talented, Worker Bee. And if you ever come to visit, I will put tarps over my entire yard so you can't see how untalented I am. I'm very thoughtful at times.

  11. Worker bees are the best! Can't wait to see pictures. Stay away from my husbands balding head with that green stuff, though! ha!

  12. I came here hoping for a natural cure to slow the baldness on my man's head. Oh well :)

  13. You are a *honey* of a worker!
    and if anyone can turn it to Green-it's you.

  14. You are brave, attacking these huge projects on your own, with the authority of a woman who KNOWS what she is doing! I am guessing that your topiary boxer is going to look more like a sheepdog when his greenery gets going. But I agree that the jasmine scent will be a lovely thing to have on a dog! Please do post photos of your "rock & roll event!"

  15. Bart is adorable, whether he's green or brown. :) You, my friend, are an amazing woman!!

  16. Oh gosh, so pretty around your place :)

  17. I think 'landscape goddess' is entirely appropriate. I can hardly wait to see the photos of 'Rock City'.

  18. That is one great chia pet you have there Suz! I just love Bart!

  19. love the topiary boxer and can't wait for further pictures X

  20. ...really cool! This could be a show on HGTV. You'd be a great host!

  21. What a great idea and wonderful topiary! What does Bart think of him?

  22. Oh no - poor Bartholomew! Maybe you could cover him with that Zoysia grass... that stuff is supposed to be drought tolerant and grow great in the heat. Bart might need haircuts to keep him from looking like a shaggy dog, but he'd be nice and green and not so crunchy :P

  23. Oh My Goodness, Bart is changing to a Jasmine... I never thought of you having the powers to change a dog from a male to a female. WOW---you are some powerful goddess....

    Good Luck with your ROCK work.... I'm still going to call you a goddess --not just a busy bee... You can be the ROCK GODDESS of the world.

    Show us pictures!!!!! It's raining at the beach today--so this gives me an opportunity to catch up with some blogging, some reading and some SLEEPING.. ha ha (What a life!)


  24. Tsk. Of course you're a goddess, quit that! I bow to your blog every. single. day.

    So nerrr.

    *hands over glittery tiara*

  25. Downward dog pose, hahah! You crack me up! I lol at that one, for real.

    Can't wait to see the pictures-- and isn't it marvelous to discover something you do very well? Way to be a landscaping goddess!

  26. This has to fit in with the agri-porn site somehow.

  27. Bartholomew will look swell when he grows out. Cute photo of your pet next to Bartholomew. I have those same kind of hands. Could it be contagious.

  28. Bart is the cutest bit of topiary I have ever seen! Not kidding!

    Can't wait to see your rock quarry!

  29. Bart looks WAAAAAAY better now.
    And don't let the Chain Gang work you too hard in the quarry. That's "hard labor" you know!
    Mary Lou


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