May 11, 2010

Frolicking Around The Yard

…Like dirty little kids…

All the while carrying the new expensive camera Baby!

linds good leap

Playing with the camera settings…whilst the children fly through the air…. “Oh, wait, do that one more time please”

LoLo toe touch


Ninja Linds

Lo and Linds; preparing for their upcoming roles in “Kill Bill, The Prequel.” 

Ninja Lo

You can’t come back in the house until your feet are good and dirty…then you know you have played enough.

  nasty toes


Suz Cartwheel

I did a couple of cartwheels as well…But I always wear my shoes. Dirt rinses off; warm squishy poop is not a feeling I like in between my toes.

ozzie face

I only mention the cartwheels because, If you don’t hear from me…I am at the ER. 

When is the last time you were upside down?


  1. I'm pretty sure the last time I was upside down, it was my bifocals' fault!!! Great pictures with the new 'baby!'

  2. you have a gorgeous yard! & jumping around like that looks really fun :)

  3. omigosh, me, upside down???????????? DECADES ago :)

  4. I hurt my back, so I layed down partly upside down on my bed. Not as much fun as cartwheels, for sure.

    Oh, I love going barefoot. I hate wearing shoes, unless they are high heels. I have thick callouses on my feet. Gross, I know!

  5. Oh Suz, I am always upside one way or another! You're agile girl, I'll give you that!

  6. Suz! Look at you. That is nothing short of AMAZING! Wow. You are just out of this world spectacular! WOWZA!WOWZA!WOWZA!

    And the girls can jump so hi! Holy goodness.

    I love your fun family!

  7. oh my gosh... cartwheels? well, you are hsorter than i am, so the ground is closer to you. i am too chicken to even try anymore!

    have i told you how much i love those girls of yours?! and what great subjects for "baby" training! they sure have some great moves :)

  8. I can not believe you let your yard get that dirty!
    tisk tisk.

  9. I am so jealous that you have people that will clown for the camera! I usually just get dirty looks....

  10. Love being barefoot, but not outside. But yes, dirty feet that have had a fun day of play are just the best.

    Your baby takes good pix! Love it!

  11. Wow, your camara is great for action shots...I need that for the Fargo Marathon...would you consider lending to to me?!

    I'm impressed that you can do a cartwheel...and your form is so good. There's no way I could even attempt even a sommersault...

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  12. You're getting good with that new baby of yours -- the action photos of the girls are very good. I can't remember the last time I was upside down (senility, you know), but I would certainly agree with you about wearing shoes!

  13. So I'm guessing poo feels better squishing through your fingers while you're doing a cartwheel? :D
    Love the dirty feet...reminds me of summers growing up, having to wash our feet in the bathtub when we came in from playing!

  14. Is that really you? I see you are loving the new 'baby'. Wow those girls good.

  15. Is that you doing a cartwheel???!!!!! You are very bendy. Your husband must be a very happy man! :)

  16. You rock the cartwheel--those are some straight legs!

  17. You're all a bunch of Tiggers in your family, aren't you?!!

    As for me being upside down? Let's just say we're a bunch of Eeyores. I'm guessing the last time was probably around 1976 for me...

  18. I want to be adopted by your family.

    You're the coolest!

  19. I love seeing all of the happy energy in your family...and your yard is gorgeous.

  20. LOL Last time I did a cartwheel it umm stretched more then I had anticipated! It hurt! Not that I let on:)

    Great captures! your camera baby is super fast.

  21. I am so jealous of your new expensive baby :) you have such great models to help you learn your settings!
    Oh and ozzie yesterday, caused a couple giggles from me and the hubbabubba and lots of laughing from gck-1. She loves her boxers just as much as her momma!

  22. The girls look adorable by the way... LOVE the action shots.

    "Brucinda Lee & Jacqueline Chan" in their new martial arts epic!

  23. A cartwheel? Intentionally? Wow... I think that would have been in high school... and you and I know how LONG ago that has been. :) (shhh.... our little secret).

    I am MOST impressed you can still do a cartwheel! How 'bout a herky? (sp?)

    None of that for this body.... yoga can do a LOT for flexibility, but it can't work miracles.

  24. I just LoVe your photos and those girls of yours seem to be living dolls!! Their dirty footsies are too cute. Did you really do a cartwheel? I haven't done one of those since I was in my 20's. Holy cow I'm old!! (I'm at the library)When I get home I'm gonna hang upside down from the bed and see if it recreates memories. hehe.

  25. That is some serious frolicking!

  26. Oh Wow-----you doing a cartwheel is just awesome. I couldn't do that if my life depended on it. Darn Girl---you are in great shape!!!!! I guess keeping up with two gorgeous daughters keeps you young!!!!!

    Great pictures with that new 'baby'.. Gee---am I ever jealous!!!!! Do you know what a lucky gal you are?


  27. i knew you'd have good pictures to share! that new baby is very productive!

    love seeing your family... and erm, upside down? MOI? well, let's see, it must of been that time i was still 16 in my mom's yard.....




  28. Wow you guys are so athletic! And curvy too, reeeeeeeeerrr! Lucky! :-D

    ps: awesome camera!!


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