April 13, 2010

Freedom….SWEET Freedom

She dreamed of having her own set of wheels…Dad’s old pick up truck would have been just fine.

She never dreamt her wheels would be this cute.

Neither did we.

LoLo 4-11-2010

I am thrilled for her. I am thrilled that we could do this for her.

And when I mentioned freedom…I was talking about the Coach and I.

No more running her to school at 6:20am…after school softball practice...picking up the boyfriends...driving to prom.

Ahhhh Freedom.

Silly LoLo and her FJ Cruiser.

Having her own wheels doesn't necessarily mean she is going to act normal.

If she thinks about being lazy with her school work… *cue evil laugh here* The new wheels will be mineAll mine.


  1. I love it! Now she can drive you around!

  2. what nice parents lo has! and very cool wheels. are you letting her use them today? :)

  3. GEEZ! I'm available for adoption, Suz!

    Hey, I'm glad she has to earn the privilege by keeping up with her responsibilities! Excellent!

    And, I hope you enjoyed the last full night of sleep you'll have until she's out on her own.......


  4. Lucky girl! Amazing how you spend all those years fearing the day when they can drive. By the time they are old enough you are so tired of transporting them that you gladly hand over the keys and pray that they will behave so you don't have to take them away.

  5. Very cool. Looks like she's already dreaming up all the places she wants to go. : ) Fun fun!

  6. Awwww. I am so happy for her. What a sweetie. What a nice ride. I would also like to be adopted. Please let me know where to send the application. Could I bring Kaish and Gary? Gary could work in your farmville all day. And Kaish could play with the dogs. Shoshi would have to come as well. And my parents. And the new babies... Oh my. Maybe you should just move in with me instead. Bring your checkbook. Not that I only love you for your money or anything : )

  7. Cute post! But I have a feeling that you are not going to be getting that particular set of wheels for you own.

  8. wow that is awesome! you need to give me pointers on how i will deal with this when my little t gets wheels! OMG!

  9. Will you adopt me?


    That is all.

    (I still can't afford nice wheels like that! LOL!)

  10. When I got my first car, my parents were thrilled to not be driving me around anymore-- and especially loved it when they could send me to pick up and drop off my little bro and sis. Freedom for all, indeed!

    Her new car is so great! It's also great how she had to earn it. You and your husband are great parents.

  11. WOW! How did I miss this post yesterday? Congrats, Lo! What kind of car is that? It's looks HUGE! All the better to keep your baby safe!

    My first car was a 79 Pontiac Bonneville. Talk about a tank!! I loved that car. Sadly, it met an untimely death when a drunken assbag totalled it on New Year's Day. Luckily, I wasn't in it!

    I hope your Baby Girl gets lots of enjoyment out of her new ride, and that you wisely use her to chauffeur her sister around!!

  12. That looks like a limo; and I bet her friends will think so too.
    Congrats to Lo~~be careful out there.

  13. Oh Em Gee!!!

    What a lucky girl! That's one heck of a car. Will you be my mommy??

  14. wow, nice wheels! good for her... i am sure she worked hard for it.

    be safe, sistah! wear yo seatbelt!


  15. wow!
    lucky lucky Lo!
    Freedom indeed.

  16. Perfect - you will all love that freedom! (But please, don't let David know about this...I will never hear the end of it!) XOXO


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