March 15, 2010

The Weekend in Numbers, Dings and all!

The number of teenagers we had at our house Friday night: 7

The number of teenagers we took to dinner on Friday night: 7

The number of times I said: “this is crazy” to the Coach: 2

P1040803 P1040802

The number of dings added to the Yukon (while still in the driveway): 1


LoLo’s first. And hopefully last.

The number of us in the car traveling across the state for a dance competition: 5

The number of stage mothers seen at said dance competition: 147

The number of times I thought: “I have never seen so many little girls wearing SO much makeup”: 242

The number of times I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out was a squeak: 29

The number of ibuprofen consumed by me: 10

The number of nights Ozzie and Cocoa got to stay at the boarder: 2

The number of minutes before Ozzie and Cocoa got their baths after we got home: 15

The number of hours Ozzie and Cocoa spent on the couch after their weekend: 6


The number of ‘maters found growing on the farm when we got back home: 3


The number of times I declared: “I’m a real farmer NOW!”: 3 and yes, I had both arms fist pumping in the air while declaring this.

I hope your weekend was fabulous. I do consider this a fabulous weekend…sickness, ding and all.

Everyone will be relieved that my voice is back. Kinda. A bit on the squeeky/smokey side.

Well, almost everyone.


  1. You know how you can be reading something and your brain will fill in the blank, the next sentence, the next paragraph on its own?

    Here is truly what I read:

    The number of teenagers we had in our house Friday night: 7

    The number of teenagers we had left on Saturday morning: 6

    And then I laughed out loud...before I even read what you wrote, which was even funnier.

    And then I laughed again.

    The best cure for stage mothers is the same for all grating mothers at competitions of any kind: home made pea shooters.

    Don't knock it until you've tried it. ;)

  2. OH SUZ!!!! Only TEN ibuprofens? ;^)

  3. wow whatta busy bee weekend ya'll had! i hope you feel better! i just lerve those doggies. you could tell them i am auntie christine if you would like. cuz i am. i lubs them. i would keep them for you, permanently...

    or short term so they wouldnt have to go to the boarders...
    i'd even bathe them.

    and kiss them.

    you crack me up "down on the farm" hahahaha but glad to see you have produce coming in!

    oh i just love ya, suz. you are SO cute.



  4. You have tomatoes ALREADY??? You are a master farmer!

    I know you loved every bit of that dance weekend!

  5. OMGoodness, how GAWRGEOUS is he!???? He reminds of Benny the Jet from "The Sandlot"!!!

    You may, or may not, know what I'm talkin' about, Willis. 'Nuff said.

    Whew, what a weekend. A plaque and award of some sort is in order. I would go out of my mind. Mad props to you, Mama Bee of the Year!

    I know I say it all the time, but I don't care. I love dogs. I love dogs. I love dogs. But more than just loving dogs, I love the dogs of my life. Ozzie and Cocoa are my favorite boxer babies EVAH! If I ever come visit, I'm going to nom nom nom on their ears and take them home with my in my pockets. ;-)

  6. I'm glad you survived the weekend. I do think you deserve the title 'Real Farmer', with three tomatoes already. Congratulations!

  7. There was a whole lot of makeup around these parts too:)

  8. That looks like it was a fun-filled weekend. Your kids just radiate happiness. Do I spy a love connection at the table?

    Stage mothers: UGH. Dings in car: UGH. Everyone safe and sound: Priceless.

    So glad you are on the mend, Farmer Suz!

  9. Wow, some weekend! Is that the boyfriend in that first picture?

  10. Sounds like a great weekend. I miss those days of having the house filled with teens. Enjoy it!

  11. Love the boyfriend. All else pales in comparison.

    Are you selling shares in your farm? You know, where you grow and harvest the crops and I come visit and get to eat the food?

  12. Look at us silly ladies?! I am asking the same question as the rest..

    Is that the boyfriend?

    Don't you love us living vicariously through your daughters! :)

    But seriously this is big news! :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  13. I will neither confirm nor deny if that is the boyfriend.

    Remember, my life is on the line.

  14. Hi Suz, Glad you made it through that busy weekend. I was tired just thinking about what all you did!!!!! Is that the boyfriend in that picture? He's a cutie!!!!! (You'll have to email me the answer!!!! ha)

    Glad you are getting some tomatoes now... You are becoming quite the Good Farmer!!!!!

    Have a good day--and get yourself WELL.

  15. So glad you had a great week end. I know I did! Wait you have tomatoes already??? I havent even tilled up my garden spot yet!
    No sorry I cant hear you!

  16. Total = 479. That all adds up to a great weekend!

  17. The handsome fella (who may or may not be a boyfriend) is very photogenic! Hope you are feeling better and it sounds like a hectic weekend. It had to be loads of fun though. I am envious of those tomatoes Farmer Suz!

  18. completely jealous of your tomatoes! my little darling has um, one, yes just one little bud :) hey! it's growing!
    You inspired me with your wonderful boxer shots so I took one... and will be putting it on my blog shortly :) with a link to you of course!

  19. That's the same number of teens I had Friday night--but I don't even count them anymore, 'cause that's what we call normal around here.

    We did not, however, take them all out to eat. Plus, I could talk.

    Lots of 15-year old girls seem to want to stop by and check out our Brazilian!

  20. We love the smokey, farmin' Suze :-D

    Funny that you photographed the ding but no dancers or said makeup, LOL!

    Life is full, life is fun, life is now -sounds like you've got it all down pat ;-)

  21. You are such a great mom, going with the flow, dings and all.

    Poor doggies, I bet they were relieved you came home!

    I can't imagine what a dance competition is like. Is it anything like Bring It On? Because I luuurve that movie!

  22. You are a real farmer. The realest kind. Three tomatoes! Get the heck out of the city. Back the truck up! This is outstanding. You inspire me! : )

    Glad your weekend was so wonderful. Thank you for remembering all of those numbers for me. Especially the 247 times you saw little girls with too much makeup. I am VERY glad you kept track!

  23. good thing i did not call you... i wouldn't have recognized your squeak! sounds like it was a FULL weekend. and how... did you count al of that stuff? the tomatoes, i can see... and the ding. but the rest? did you bring your abacus?
    anyway, i will agree that the boy in the photo is pretty darn cute. 'nuff said. because i want you to live :)

  24. Way too many numbers in that post for me tonight Miss Suz!

    Number of tired bloggers going to bed - 1 !


  25. Doing a late night catchup and had to laugh! Glad you survived, the dings weren't too bad, the doggies still love ya, and you can blog, even if you can't talk very good (o:
    Now I gotta get some sleep.
    Come enter the giveaway again... all week.

  26. Sorry you were still squeeking this weekend.Did you try my honey & lemon tea remedy? Your post takes me back to when our Jessica was at home. She always had lots of friends around and so much life was in our home! I was forced out of my natural hermit nature to be an entertainer. Now I'm back to my old hermit self, forced to be social only by our dogs and a few close friends.:<)
    Oh,& it looks like you're a numbers gal like myself. I'm a bit OCD about numbers.

  27. Sound like it was busy but loads of fun.

    I have tagged you in 'photo tag fun'. check out my blog.

  28. Great post--I might have to borrow the approach. My favorite line was the number of times I opened my mouth and all that came out was a squeak. Poor you! I hope you are on the mend!

  29. Oh it looks like your crew had a great time...except for the ding! Can't we wrap our cars in bubble wrap for a few yuears while our babies learn to drive? lol
    Hope you feel better soon!
    It would help if the dang sun would come out down here!

  30. The number of times I laughed during this post: priceless.

  31. I loved this post.... and the pictures.... and YOU!

    You are the blogging QUEEN!


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