March 17, 2010

Under the weather? What does that mean anyway?


I am on day 8 of “the sickness.”

The funk. The bug. *cough cough* The creeping crud.


I thought it was going bye bye. Two times, I thought it was on it’s way out the door. But it came back for me. I am irresistible that way. 

I would scream, but it hurts too much. I am sure it will leave soon. If not, I will visit Dr. FeelGood.

I just don’t like to go if I can get better on my own with no rx.

**excuse me, I just coughed up a lung**

Tuesday I spent so much time in bed, I was getting concerned about bed sores.

I have cleaned out the TIVO. I have used up mucho boxes of tissues. I am sleeping as much as humanly possible.

It is boring after a while, all this laying around. No energy to do anything.  I did not even feel like typing.

I paid Ozzie to type this for me. That dog will do anything for a cookie. Plus he gets to use his degree he acquired at boxer stenography school.

I caught myself watching back to back episodes of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Kill me now. It doesn’t get much worse than that, does it?

I hope to feel better soon and get back to real life again.

**air hugs** 




Art by: Erin Smith


  1. So sorry you are still sick. My brother, John and I have all had something that hung around for about 3 weeks. Rest is the best thing but it does get boring!!!!! Sending a hug and best wishes to feel better soon. Are the pups keeping up the cleaning and laundry in addition to the emails???

  2. Well, I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and I have nothing to blame it on.

  3. Aw, my Bloggy Buddy, I hope this bug abandons you soon. I was fighting something over the weekend myself, but not to the extreme you are. Have you thought about spraying the little buggers with some Raid? ;-)

  4. OJ, chicken soup and LOTS of rest is the only cure---and it does take time. I would advise patience (which is something I'm not good at either)... BUT--if you want to get well, you need to keep staying in and RESTING.... I know you don't want to hear that, but it is the only thing that works.

    Good Luck --and get well soon... Glad your doggies are helping... Hope they are doing all of the other work for you too...

  5. Feel better sweets! Sending you love, and prayers!!!

  6. If the crud doesn't kill you, the Kardashians will.

    Feel better soon--at least your sense of humor is intact!

  7. Oh Suz, I'm so sorry you are sick. You just need to be gentle on yourself and rest up as much as possible.

    Please take care of you!

  8. Poor Suz! I am so sorry. I had something just like this, and on day 12 I went to the doctor. She said my lungs were clear, & did not want to give me an Rx for antibiotics, but she did, and I got it filled. (If my lungs were clear, why was I having so much trouble breathing? Answer me that, Ms. MD!) And guess what? I started to feel better the same day I took the antibiotics! It took another week to really be O.K., but it definitely helped to get some drugs into my system. I hope you will go and get some, too. God bless you and your lungs, sweet Suz!

  9. ooooo. i'm sorry you are still feeling sick! but you NEED to go to the doctor. seriously! trust me. you ndon't want to end up like me. 4 rx!!!

    tomorrow. go. please.

    love ya.

  10. I totally hear ya...that feeling was me for at least 4 weeks! I hope you get some good drugs soon so you can be back to your normal, not creeping crud self.

    *Waving from across the blogosphere and then going to wash my hands anyway!*

  11. Yucky! Please hurry and get better. I need you to be Busy.

  12. Get better soon and stop being so irresistible!

    Love to you

  13. awww honey... i so hope you start feeling better! now you KNOW i'd be pampering you if i were in florida... cuz you are my friend...

    its hard just being cyber friends when i want to help you for real.

    take some extra potassium and magnesium... it will help you feel less achy..

    try watching the locator... its better than the kardashians... bimbo's... rich bimbo's... did you know they are bruce jenners kids? he used to be an olympian swimmer. i never liked him back then, always thought he was arrogant... still do with his lil face lift and bronze skin tone... ugh, gag me..

    anyways, hope this lil chat took your mind off you know what... and be sure after cocao cooks for you that she cleans up her mess... if her and ozzie are taking over they gots to do it right, sistah..

    air hugs back atcha..


  14. I had that over took me forever to get over it! I know what you mean about going to the dr. I don't even like to take aspirin or Tylenol!

  15. Still?? Ya, time to go see the Feel Good guy, much as ya hate to. There's too much going on to be sick Suz...and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
    Here's a hug and hope the next post will be by you... (o:

  16. Tho thorry you're thick! Ith'th really thad.

    Let me motivate and encourage you. Ready?

    I got sick on New Year's. Cold +Asthma, then bronchitis. I blogged a bit about it.

    Today it is March 18th. I have been through 2 courses of antibiotic, 2 bottles of cough medicine with codeine, half a dozen bottles of zicam cough max, one box of Mucinex DM, 2 advair discuses, 1 emergency inhaler, 1 bottle of zicam nasal spray, 6 boxes of tissues, 1 chest x-ray....and then I forget. (Sadly, not a joke.)

    I'm better than I was, but I'm still hoarse, still coughing, still sick. Tomorrow I have an appointment with an ear,nose and throat guy.

    I'm 1st string varsity when it comes to this cold thing. The odd part? My last cold was FIVE years ago. True.

    Did I leave you encouraged? I'm helpful like that...

  17. Sure hope you are soon feeling better. I hate to get something like that that just lingers.

  18. Day 8?! That's terrible.

    Can't Cocoa do anything to help you with that medical degree of hers or does she charge too much for a housecall?

    Now go get into a hot tub. It cures anything that back episodes of the Kardashians can't.

  19. Agh. I feel for you. Actually, I kinda wish I was in your shoes... laying around. I've been at work with the same thing that you have. It just keeps lingering. I blame it on the weather.
    I hope you feel better soon. Like asap!

  20. What is stenography school?

    I hope you feel better soon.

    The Kardashians... I would like to have a body like those girls. And they complain. WHAT!

  21. Hope you are soon on the mend. I believe that "under the weather" originally referred to seasick travellers. The worse the weather, the worse the waves and the worse the seasickness became. Rather than saying they were vomiting their heads off, they said they were under the weather.

    Oh, hope this didn't make you feel worse.

  22. Suz, I'm so sorry to hear that you are still feeling rough...with your family's busy schedule, you can't afford to be spending the day in bed!

    I hope this finds you upright and getting around your house.

    Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie

  23. Sorry to hear you're sick Suz! But glad the dogs are taking care of you! I just got over the crud and it took a week! I never get sick! (Well that's a lie, now I do! Ha!) I find watching reality t.v. helps when you don't feel good. I haven't watched the kardashians much but I do wish I had that kim's butt! :-)

  24. Sorry to hear this. I have a ghastly tedious and long staying bug too. Driving me mad and I have no dog to type for me...

  25. GOSH that is HORRIBLE! Hogs and kisses to get better!

  26. You are just too nice to be around. Ozzie did a good job with this post, but we want you back. Get well soon!

  27. Suz-E-Q I'm so sorry to hear you're still a sickie. You better get to the doc NOW! That poor dog can't type your posts forever. Karwhodians?
    GET well soon.

  28. Oh no, I feel so bad for you...get better! My bad cold lasted over a month and I still don't feel 100%

    I spent most of today in bed. Could it be out of sympathy for you?

  29. I had that. Here then gone. Then back again. So annoying. Get better soon.


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