March 24, 2010

My Favorite


Potted flowers:

My geraniums are going CRAZY!

Geraniums; the only flowers I have not been able to kill. They tolerate the Florida heat, as well as love the Florida COLD.

And my new favorite POTS for the front entry:


I had my eye on these for quite a while and was waiting for them to go on sale. They are so pretty. And recyclable.  And pretty.  And on sale. Did I mention pretty?

And….they are self watering. That sounds like magic, right?

So after two weeks of me waiting and watching, I have not seen these pots water themselves. I am thinking this self watering bit is a hoax. :)


Remember my friend Maribel? She loves living on the front porch; lots of lizards to hiss at.

Ok, maybe she doesn’t hiss. See her little bowl that she is holding. I joked that I would keep an extra house key in there. Some of you sillies thought I was serious.

I am not that naive.

I hid the key under her little bunny tail. 

If you need me, I am sitting by the front door waiting for these pots to self water…



  1. I gotta get me some of those pots! Your front door is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Good Morning, I love geraniums but have never had success growing them. I love your pots by the front entrance. Don't blink - you might miss the watering process!

  3. I've thought about getting self-watering pots, too, for the two or three days I might be gone this summer. This is, of course, being spoken by the woman who gets yelled at every year by the nursery people, "HOW infrequently do you water these?"

    Now my real question for you since I leave you longer comments than I leave any other still living blogger: how do you keep the real rabbits from eating the flowers?

  4. I love geraniums because they're hardy and bloom until November here.

    But I'm stymied over the self-watering pots. Are you going to explain it? Or were you joking?

  5. i love your geraniums! they are hard to kill? maybe i should get some myself :) good luck waiting on the watering... i'll wave when i drive by...

  6. Hahaha......I love how you see the world. It's always funny. Sweet, sweet little bunny statue.

    I miss your state so much. Rick, Matty and I have been sinking into total gloom since leaving. We returned to cold and rain. Uuggh....yesterday was sunny and almost warm, but it's nothing compared to the Florida sun. Your cold is even warm to us. We want to come back (Rick and Matty to play tennis everyday--me, to watch the birdies!)

  7. Oh, potted plants...soon very soon I can do this too!
    sandy toe

  8. I have some of those self-watering pots. Never have watered themselves, lazy bas.......

  9. Cant wait until summer! I want some flowers asap!

  10. I was a little disappointed when I read your title and didn't see a picture of me here.



    For serious.

    Those pretty pots really dress up your front door.

  11. I don't understand the self watering pots either - but let me know when you do! I also love that front door of yours! I would probably have Scout etched on the glass -ha,ha!

  12. I need some of those pots too.... Let me know if it works!!!!! It may do it gradually --so that you don't notice...

    They are pretty--and look great beside your beautiful door.

    Geraniums are good here also---because the deer won't eat them!!!! Yeah!

  13. They are so pretty. Is that the best front door or ever! Wow.

  14. Self-watering? How is that supposed to work?
    While I love flowers, geraniums are one flower that I have never liked. I like their colors and shapes, but canNOT get over that smell. NO geraniums here.
    You are so clever with hiding that key. We both know that no one is going to mess with a bunny's behind. Who knows what might pop out of it!
    Your front door is so pretty. I like the etching on it. Very Floridian. XOXO

  15. I hope you'll let us know if you ever catch those self-watering pots in the act.

  16. I used to be a little bit of a snob about geraniums. They're just so hardy and don't require any special work to make them grow.

    Every year I replace some high-maintenance plant with geraniums!

  17. I'm partial to marigolds. They seem to withstand my neglect, and they also keep critters away;) BONUS!

  18. what a homie, warming look to your porch! i love the pretty germs as i call them, all those colors.. and miss bunny, i might nip over in the middle of the night and leave a lil surprize in her bowl....

    exactly HOW r they sposed to be self watering, suz... oh i get it.. the lil bunny waters them for you when you sleep! THATS what her bowl is for...


  19. Your Pots and Flowers are to die for and aren't helping me contain my urge to go fill my Dead Gross pots with geraniums (why yes they sit by my front door). It's too soon up here and a frost is still a threat!

    but maybe someday soon I won't have to Wait for Warm Weather. I will LIVE in it year round.


  20. Oh what a welcoming entrance!
    Self watering --hmm-- I wonder if there is a self weeding gardening system out there?

  21. You are so silly! I guarantee I could kill your geraniums if you let me. I can kill anything plant based.

  22. What a beautiful front entry! Love it. So glad you can grow pretty things. I can't grow worth a lick, so I gave up years ago. : ) I saw your bunny and knew I'd seen one like that somewhere before and then realized I saw it on your blog! (duh) At least I've sort of got a memory. : )

  23. I love the symmetry of your front door. Those pots are beautiful! I don't understand the concept of self-watering at all, though. Off to google...

  24. So that is what a nice looking house entrance looks like! LOL

  25. The geraniums are beautiful.
    Maribel told me she thinks you're a dumb bunny if you think those pots water themselves. :)

  26. I totally don't do plants. Geraniums and my jade plant are the only plants I can keep alive.

    Your entry way is beautiful!

  27. Is that a little froggy in the corner?


    Love the pots - seriously, your home should be featured on a tv show or something.

    After you've adopted me, of course ;-)

  28. I like the pots, but I too am smitten with your front doors even more. So very Florida. In a super classy way.

  29. I love geraniums too...yours are lovely. In South Dakota, we wait until late May to put out our potted plants! Still have snow in the yard...however, it was in the 50's today!

    Happy Spring! ~Natalie

  30. Those pots are recyclable?? So does that mean you are gonna give them to me when you're done? I love geraniums but wish they smelled better.

  31. I love your geraniums! Self watering pots.... well don't wait to long for that to happen. LOL

  32. I just ordered some self-watering boxes for growing a few tomatoes. Nobody told me I had to WATCH them!!!

  33. Sending down some jealous vibes from Canada. We are dropping below freezing again tonight. Can't put any pretty flowers on my front step for at least a month!!

  34. Love that arrangement Girl! Beautiful! I have a few dandilions in my flower pot!


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