February 05, 2010

TGIF; Sicko in da’ hizzle.

If you are over 40, that means:

I am under the weather inside my personal residence.

I had to look that up in my english to slang traslation book.

I have not had a cold in at least a year, so I won’t complain too much. But it does stink, if only I could smell…


I am shocked I even got sick, since the girls and I have been eating our weight in these little Clementine's. They are so sweet.


But it took me until yesterday to realize that they come from SPAIN!!!! Which is crazy, since we reside in the citrus Capital of the united states!!! I should be ashamed..and I am.

**head hanging low**

Coach and Lo had their first high school softball game last night. He is working with a skeleton crew and lots of newbies...the season will be interesting.


No. They did not win.


Linds has dance performance tonight. She learned a new hip hop dance a few weeks ago that they will perform. When I asked her to describe the dance, she exclaimed: “IT. is. SO. GHETTO!”

I can’t wait. I love ghetto.

**Insert hip ghetto move from me**

Owie, that hurt my actual HIP!

Guess who is going where on Sunday?!?


Not me. I have no business being there. Or desire.

I would rather have a nice salad bowl, or an ice cream bowl. Now, that would be super!

The Coach is going with his Dad. I am sure they will have a memorable day.

Nothing exciting for me this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to fully breathe out of both my nostrils soon.

Breathing is not overrated.

How about you? What are you doing that I can be envious of????

Share. Dish. Spill IT!

Bee Healthy.


  1. Sorry about the cold. Breathing out of both nostrils is something to celebrate.
    No super bowl party for me. I hope we get to go cross country skiing. It's supposed to snow again this weekend.

  2. Get better soon.

    I plan to have my last hurrah with alcohol for 6 months. Which probably only means a couple of glasses of Champagne, but still . . .

  3. So sorry Suz's sniffling with stuffy sinuses!

    I should have have Linds perform her dance in the room of my house that I now have everyone calling the ghe-TOE'. Even the workmen. It's pretty funny to hear workmen say 'ghe-TOE''

    I don't get the whole 'gotta go to the football game' when you can't see every play from anywhere as well as you can see it from the comfort of your recliner at home! Men are weird.

    This weekend we are going to be shoveling out from a sh**load of snow. (More 's words). And I'm thrilled about it. not.

  4. by english to slang dictionary did you mean linds? :) i think she learns all that while she is learning the ghetto steps. yikes! oh what happened to that oh-so-sweet linds! glad you are not whining... too much. ha! don't forget... you gotta let me know about these softball games if they are here! i'll come and cheer them on! feel better. eat ice cream. and...


  5. Hi Suz,
    I get to do taxes.... I think I'd rather be sick! Thanks for making me laugh in the midst of it all! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Holy cats, your husband is going to the Super BOWL?????? I could, you know, make down in time to join him if your father-in-law would rather golf that day....

  7. Can you tell Coach to give a little shout to Peyton Manning and the boys for me on Sunday!!! So jealous he is time the Colts make it to Miami I guess I know who my contact should be for tickets!!!!

  8. i am breathing through my nose!! don't be jealous you will be able to accomplish this miracle soon!!

  9. Sorry you have a cold - what miserable company! We are having LOTS of rain this weekend and I stocked up on groceries so I don't have to get out. Our real estate agent's stepson (Chris Reis) plays for the Saints, so of course they will be at the big game and maybe we will have a nice, quiet weekend with no gawkers!!! Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Hope you feel better soon! I hope it is not the strain that I have because the cough hangs FOREVER!!

  11. Oh sounds like you lost your midden. Never mind, that is an obscure reference to late 20th century TV. So you will be too young to get it. Get better. I don't want to get sick fromyou. And now I need to sanitize my keyboard.

  12. I'm sorry you are not feeling well. If I had known sooner, I would have sent you some of my special chicken soup.

    I get to have a special curly haired grandson for the weekend. Need to make a Grandma run to the grocery store though...

    I'll be looking for Coach and his dad when we watch the Superbowl. =)

  13. I wish I were doing something fun and exciting today! Feel better!

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Life is so much better when it's possible to breathe through two nostrils. We may do nothing but watch it rain all weekend. We'll watch the Super Bowl, but I have to be careful what I say during the game. Betsy is pulling for New Orleans (she used to live there), but I grew up in Indiana. Oops!

  15. Oh sorry about your sniffles-
    I can't imagine going to the Super bowl-too large for me.
    My weekend will be half good- heading back to KY on Sunday. :(

  16. Ha ha---just read what George wrote. He doesn't have anything to worry about... I like the Colts too---but am just sentimentally hoping that the Saints win this year. The Colts have won before; the Saints have not.

    Sorry your are puny... Chicken soup, my friend.... Lots of it!!! And those big horse pills---1000mg of Vit. C each day (even though you are eating the Clementines).

    I had that horrible cold in October of '08 --when my friends and I went to Tybee Island. Luckily I haven't had a cold since --nor do I want one. I was truly miserable on that trip.

    Hope you can relax and do nothing this weekend. Get LOTS of REST, Mama says!!!!

    Hugs (but don't get too close)

  17. Well... I am breathing freely out of my own nose... but don't be jealous, all of that awesomeness comes with freezing cold ice and snow. No trade, eh? Sigh.

    Hope you feel better, sweetie... Rest is on the menu, chicken soup, Nyquil?

    Superbowl, is that some kind of sport? I dunno. I never keep up with these things.

    (not a sports lover)

  18. I never watch the game either! I have watched the commercials a few times but not this year!

    Other than that, this weekend I think I'm going to just try to clean up this paper shrapnel I have everywhere from searching wildly for tax information!

  19. I just realized you were in Florida, ah, my old stomping grounds. Hope your husband has fun at the game!

  20. Oranges are always good for what ails you. Get your honeybells while the are still there!

  21. I can breath but cannot talk - seems I left my voice (and my brain cells) in a few bars in NewOrleans last week while "working". OR maybe I caught the bronchitis that the rest of my coworkers had!
    And SUPERBOWL?! I am so jealous. One of my colleagues has an ALL EXPENSE paid trip down there - suite tickets, everything. And. She Doesnot Want To Go. Hates football! WTH???? I offered to be her.

    But what are we doing this weekend? Digging out. 30 inches of snow coming. THeywon't plow my road until sometime next week.

    I really need to study for the Florida bar exam!!

  22. if you call my doing nothing something to envy well then you are going to be green by the end of the weekend

  23. Our grocery store has a television advertisement proudly claiming they have local fruits and vegetables. Immediately following the statement came this: "Now, fresh grapes from Chile, only $1.99." I bought some anyhow.

  24. I am amazed at how many citrus fruit we have that comes from outside of Florida! I don't know if I'd like to be at the SuperBowl...but I LOVE to WATCH it.

    A great post.


  25. You have Superbowl tickets??? How can I compete with that? LOL

  26. Oh no! SO sorry you are sick! So sorry about the skeleton team! So sorry about your hip going out during the ghetto fabulous dance : )

    I could eat my weight in those clementines also. Except that would probably be like the 3 trees worth of fruit so maybe I will abstain!

  27. NO WAY! The Super Bowl??!! Lucky dog....I'm still a bit bitter about my teams loss to the Saints...I am a season ticket holder for the Vikings and I was thiiiiisss close to maybe getting Super Bowl tickets in the lottery of holders....oh well...always next year, right?? Hope your cold is better!


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