February 09, 2010

Eat * Poop * Listen.

I want to share with you some of my faves.

I am a sharer.

Whether you like it or not.

A few of my favorite things as of late:


Sugar snap peas.


These are the best; sweet and crunchy. Almost like potato chips or a Hershey bar. Well, almost if you have never had either of those. These little nuggets of love make a great snack. Zap them in the microwave for a few minutes and EAT. Full of vitamins and very little calories!!!


This new cat litter works great!!


IT is biodegradable and made with readily renewable resources!

The best part? I don’t get a hernia picking it up at the store…a little of this goes a lot further than the old clumping stuff I was using, and weighs almost NOTHING. Well, I wasn’t using it, the cats were.

You knew that, right?


The Coffee House channel on XM satellite radio. (and direct TV)

Sirius-XM-main_Full It is songwriters/singers doing acoustical pieces. I never thought I would like it, but I LOVE it. Mellow and catchy. On direct TV it is channel 848. On XM satellite radio it is channel 51.

I don’t watch TV much during the day, but I love having music on in the background., it especially makes cooking dinner more enjoyable.

Did you think this post was going to have anything to do with the book and soon to be movie Eat, Pray, Love?

Clearly, it was just like that.


  1. I always have my iTunes open and usually listen to that while blogging. I like music while I clean too...loud. But then I can't hear the phone!

  2. Every time I go into Nance's art gallery, that is what she is playing on the radio too :)
    AND SINCE I am on the way to the store and buy A and H cat litter and need some, maybe I will see what this stuff is like!

  3. Yum * Eeeww * Calming :)

  4. Oh Suz you always make me smile...I love sugar snap peas and snow peas..Yum. Most of the time I love to have loud music on when I clean. :)

  5. Thank you, thank you for the neat tips. Many times, I have to buy the smaller, more expensive cat litter boxes just cause I can't pick up the other stuff! Hope you have a nice day.

  6. Love this post. I always have the telly on when I'm cooking. I rarely listen to the radio.

    CJ xx

  7. Sounds like you're feeling better! :) I have that cat litter but I haven't opened it yet! I hope 'we' like it when I finally decide to spring it on her. lol

  8. I really like sugar snap peas, but I haven't tried making a snack of them by putting them in the microwave. I'll have to give them a try. I have iTunes and my iPod going much of the time during the day.

  9. I never knew I supposed to microwave sugar snap peas. And now I have to get a cat to try the litter stuff. Golly. New car lease coming next month, so xm radio will be mine again. Your blog is costing me a fortune!

  10. The Coffee House is one of my favorite channels!!

  11. You're so funny! Love sugar snaps, don't have a cat and that is our favorite road trip Sirius channel. Although I try to make my husband listen to Martha with poor success!

  12. Wow, you have had some adventures lately! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly when you fell. Must be all that buttermilk strengthening your bones. :)

    I want to like sugar snap peas, I really do, but I just can't get into them. Maybe I will try one...more...time.

    Your garden is going to be great! I am so impressed. And I love your play on words with this post title. Teehee, I giggled.

    The box I sent my mom never arrived, grrr China, but I brought home some replacements with me. I'll put them in the mail next week.

  13. Oh how I love your posts, Suz... You always make me laugh... I have never heard of eating Sugar Snap Peas like that. We cook with them --when we do stirfry, but to eat them as a snack??? Hmmmmmm... Sounds mildly interesting.. ha

    No cats here --so I don't have to 'use' that product. However, we do have DirecTV---but don't have the fancier version like you have --since we can't get that option. Oh Well!!!!! Guess I'll just leave Fox News on instead. It's just the same, isn't it??????? ha ha


  14. Snow peas are seriously one of my favorite snacks, but unfortunately, I like them with dip. They are always on my vegetable trays at parties. Try them with a little ranch dip next time and tell me you don't love 'em.

    Can't relate to the other stuff. Cats are NOT my thing (Imma just stop there, for fear of losing our friendship!) and I don't have satellite radio, or cable for that matter. But, I'm with you on having music on in the background. I have music on almost all the time. Right now, I'm actually listening to a lullaby CD, because it's rest time for the babies. :)

  15. I love the Coffee House channel too! I like that they play Dave Matthew and then James Taylor then Ingrid Michaelson .
    Also like The Bridge. Mellow.....

  16. Oh I love sugar snap peas! Are they still crunchy when they come out of the microwave? This was a great idea for a post. I may have to post my favorite things too!

  17. Now you could have titled this "Pea, Poop, and Listen."

  18. Wow-- I'll have to start satisfying my craving for sweet and crunchy with these peas instead of the bark I have been devouring!

  19. I am so slow today that I didn't even think of that connection, until you connected the dots for me. S.L.O.W.
    Thank you for your assistance, as always!
    We don't have all those channels here, ma'am; we are in the boonies. Well, we might as well be, technology-wise (is that a word)? But I'm glad to know about the music...someday, we may get into the 21st century with y'all. XOXO

  20. don't you just love cliff!! he is so clever. i love sugar snap peas i eat them raw.
    i don't get to listen to much music in the day time unless they sing on clifford the big red dog or when we watch the backyardigans!!

  21. LOL Didn't know where you were going with this one! Must check out that kitty litter:|)

  22. What? They're making a movie from that book? Oh, snore... It was so tedious to get through... where were the dinosaurs fighting with the giant gorillas? Boo.

    Kitty litter... that would be good for the chickens :-D

    Love SSP's fresh from the garden, little green jewels of nature. Well not valuable ones. Poop!

  23. i have to say... sometimes your titles scare me so much that i do not want to keep scrolling! i did not really want to read about poop today... oh well...

  24. i love siruius too! mostly oldies, and some jazzy bluesy.

    lerve those sugar snap peas, i eat 'em raw alot! at restaurants here you can order for an appetizer "edamame" which look like the peas but they flash fry them whole witha lil seasoning and give you a teriyaki dip, anywhoooo you grab one end between your teeth and pull the peas out- they are so yummy...


  25. You can keep the peas. (Yay - more for you!!) But I like the other two!

    You make me laugh every. single. day!

  26. i got sirius radio a month ago in my car and so far i haven't changed the channel once from the comedy channel that's on. i love it all the way to work and back every day. :-)

  27. OMGosh you are so funny : ). I can't even take it. In fact, because I can't take it, I am going to click away!

    PS Almost like Hershey bars, eh?


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