January 21, 2010

TGIF; Peeping Toms and take a Gander at my ‘Maters.

Believable Buff.. That is the new color of our house.

Can you believe it? Believe it Sister.

The house has been a-buzz with activity and men this week.

I am very pleased with the color choice. It is only a tad bit darker than the prior color, but everything looks so nice and clean!!!

It was strange seeing so many men outside the windows this week. Usually I only have my one peeping tom. This week there were 3!!!

There was much PRE-PLANNING on my part before I could shower…I don’t like an audience while bathing.

I am weird that way.





Coach still has not seen the color.

He leaves when it is dark. He gets home way after dark.

I still think he has time for a third job.


He will see it Saturday. Or Sunday.

There is some work ahead for me as far as the landscape.

Read: Men trample plants.

And of course, it is almost time for me to trim and mulch again.

I took an ibuprofen after just typing that.


I did a major happy dance when I saw my ‘mater plants.

My very first crop!!!! I exhausted myself harvesting them.


Wait, do you harvest tomatoes.. Or just pick’ em?

Ok, before you start putting in orders for homemade Salsa…two of them will go right to the compost.


Not so pretty huh?

Did I ever tell the world you that I make the best salsa ever?

I do.

Don’t tell anyone. It's top secret.


I have a baby visiting me this weekend.

I have not seen him in a few months. And now he is 5 months old.

cruz and suz

I just hope I can make it through the visit without chewing off his cheeks.

Or nibbling his toes.

I turn cannibal around babies.

I have a taste for them. Like a vampire for blood.

What are you doing this weekend? Eating babies? Making salsa?

Painting your house…or maybe your neighbors house?

who would chose that hideous color?


  1. Does Coach really work two jobs? :-o Oh man... that would just shatter me. I'd much rather coordinate house painting and harvesting tomatoes! :-D

    He'll love it, it's so pretty :)

    ps: my flock would kill for fresh garden tomatoes like that. Your compost is lucky!!

  2. I'll probably just be coughing up a lung this weekend:(

  3. I'm going to visit my 6 wk old granddaughter this weekend. Her cheeks are in serious nibbling danger.
    Your house looks great! The tomatoes looked good, too, until you showed us the flip side...

  4. I find myself giggling every time I read one of your post. I can't wait to meet you in person. You gotta know it's gonna happen one day, right? As soon as your weather dips below 65, I'm there! ;-)

  5. Preeeeeeeeeettty!!! I believe! I believe! I believe! And, I'm in the buff! Do you think they named it after me? Coach is going to love it.

    His hours sound like Ed's hours. Poor things. Ed is cooking right now. He's using some of my favorite cookware. Kinda nervous he'll scratch it up or something. Beginning to sweat under my boobies. TMI!

    I asked if he'd cook without his shirt one. He wasn't sure how to take that, so I reminded him that in the 70s it was de rigeur. "Says who?" he asked, and I replied, "Says Suz' hot ass father in law. Now take your shirt off!"

    It didn't work. French Toast!

    Anyway, some babies make me turn cannibal too. Wish they'd stay that age forevah! I hope you'll come away with a nibbled off finger or two. Have a great weekend!

    P.S. St. Augustine rocks! Has she thought of schools in sunny San Diego!? :-)

  6. Oh my, just saw my own comment...I didn't spell check. I meant to write that I asked Ed if he'd cook with his shirt OFF. Sorry!

  7. I really like the color. It's warm and inviting. LIke a Snuggie.

  8. You house does look fantastic. We are due for a painting here too, but it will be a few months...

    This weekend? For us?? An ice and snow storm...
    Predicting a half an inch of ice first; then snow...I've heard the inches in double digets; and then wind.

    I don't think we are going anywhere!

  9. Lovely color. I'm sure our neighbors wish we would get rid of the hideous color of our house. We are working on it...Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Love the new color for your home... VERY nice!!! Hope the guy who is paying for it gets to see it someday!!! Of course, I know you need to keep that whip out--making him work--work--work to provide for you in the manner your NEED.... Right???? ha

    Oh My---Enjoy that precious baby. I love to spoil 'em rotten and then give 'em back to Mama!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Just cut off the bad parts of those tomatoes--I bet the rest makes awesome salsa.

  12. i will have to do a drive by to see your fantastic color :) and as for mulching... can you wait til 3/20? boy scouts are selling it again! they start taking orders 2/27 :)

    i am changing my mind. i think instead of driving by i will stop in for salsa! as long as you don't use those last two tomoatoes! the others are beautiful! in fact, i would just go to publix and bu some for salsa so you can continue to admire the ones you grew yourself!

    this weekend is looking pretty free... which is nice for a change!

    and as for coach having two jobs... you didn't mention that you couldn't drag him away from it for anything in the world :)

  13. Well, my house is bright purple with wasabi green accents, as you know, but stay away with your brushes!
    Man, I would like to check out that salsa Suz, although its like you are from another planet, we have all this snow, and you are growing tomatoes?

  14. If you plant a crop baby, you HARVEST! Don't sell yourself short by saying "pick".

    Love your house color. Sorry about your plants, but it got me to thinking about if we have our deck redone...what will happen to our garden? Not a good thought.

    I wish I had a baby to munch on or to hold and just inhale that baby powder smell. I miss that more than I can say.

  15. The house looks fantastic!!! I love babies. They smell so good and I wanna eat them up and pat their little butts all day.

  16. I love that color. I wonder if my landlord would mind if I painted the outside of my apartment that color?

    I love the whole green thumb thing you have going on....without the pests!

  17. I was glad to hear that you are going to let Coach have at least part of one day off so he can see the new paint job on the house. We had problems with blight on tomatoes last summer. I'm sorry to hear you're having the same problem in sunny Florida.

  18. Fresh tomatoe from the garden are the best! We roasted a bunch of ours with onions and peppers and canned them which can be made into lots of different things. Yum! Having a newly painted house is always very nice. Enjoy nibbling on that baby this weekend. We will be gearing up for our big football game on Sunday and playing in the new snow were suppose to get. Happy Weekend to you and your Suz, Lori

  19. I like to pick my tomatoes. It sounds like more work when you say 'harvest'...

    Except I have to wait about seven months before I can do that around here :(

    Care to share your salsa recipe? :P

  20. Love the color.. looks warm and inviting.. just like you! : ) Your maters look purty... *envy*!!! I love home grown tomatoes. So yummy, even right off the vine with salt and pepper. YUM!

  21. Great color! Refreshing and clean. Man, you are lucky to have tomatoes already. We only have one crop right now in Pittsburgh and that's snow. Yuck!

  22. I am the same way with babies. Its a shock that half the babies in the infant room at my school aren't missing half a cheek. I always chew on them! I nibble on aidyn all the time :)

  23. oh tiny baby!!! How sweet! Enjoy every minute. :)

  24. Actually,we (Patrick) should be painting the master w.c. this weekend. He fixed the hole in the wall with a door last weekend.I'll do a blog on it,'cuz this is a job that has taken YEARS to do.That is one of the problems with me being up in N.Idaho most of the time.No one to crack the whip in Phx!!
    Like you,I should have just hired someone to come and fix it,but nooooooo.Pat said he'd do it.Well, he IS working on it. hAHA! XX-C.

  25. BTW your new paint job is lookin' good. I'm not really a "baby person" but when Jessica finally gives us a grandbaby I'm sure that will change! Teddy's baby's were adorable of course, and my own. Oh gosh, maybe I am a baby person.:<)

  26. I am also a baby eater-- I just can't help it!

    I love ghost walks, I saw that one your last post. I tried to leave a message there but I got an error, I hope i don't here as well. Looks like you had a good trip, and that is a lovely city.I will keep it in mind if I am ever in the area.

    Your new paint job looks lovely, congratulations! That must feel good to have it all finished.

    Will you ever share your salsa recipe here? Salsa is my favorite.

  27. Don't poke the baby! The house color looks great - I love the contrast of the darker color with the trim. (I like your new blog bg too :)

  28. Love the looks warmer. My tomato harvest was pretty big the other day, too. I had one more tomato then you BUT one extra one had to go into the compost as well!

  29. Making babies, eating salsa? No, you said it the other way around, didn't you?
    Your house looks wonderful, especially with that bright light shining on it - what's that called? OH YEAH - the sun! So glad it's still shining and warm somewhere. =) We'll get ours in a few months...
    Your tomatoes are very nice. Tomatoes in the compost probably add an important it acidity? I am a compost-drop-out. I started one...but never finished it. I think the raccoons are my biggest compost customers.

  30. Oh I love the darker colour!

  31. I love you because you are SO hilarious. What are you doing this weekend? Eating babies... : ) Yes, Suz, that is in fact what we are going to do this weekend. Eat babies : )


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