January 15, 2010

TGIF; And then some.

My lacking in green talk is pitiful.

I did this about a year ago, and you can too. Visit: Catalog choice. It is super duper easy. You just check off the catalogs that you NO longer want/need.

Now, I know if you get unwanted (or wanted) catalogs and junk mail, you surely are recycling them. Right?

Seriously, I will come and peek into your recycle bins. I will.

The post man will thank you.

The printers will thank you.

I will thank you.

And I won’t have to shank you.


This is my next goal:


It will more than likely look like this:


I have talked about it for a few years. But dang it, I will get it done.

Funny thing, you know how men are from Jupiter and women are from Earth?

Wait, that was not right.

Men are from Mars, women are from earth.

that is better. (either way, men have their own planet)

I have been thinking about this veggie garden I want, and I always start with this thought:

“Oh, it will be so hard to get it going, but then it will be a breeze to work it.”

When I told Coach I wanted to get it going this year, his first words are:

“It will be easy to MAKE the garden, but a lot of work to keep it up”

How funny is that? We are opposites.

But like Paula Abdul said: Opposites attract!!

Yes, I get all my wisdom from great 80’s songs.


That is all I know.

{this is how my Grandma ended every phone conversation}

Hugs for Haiti. I hope those folks get the help they need…lord knows they have our (USA) sympathy and support.

No big plans for us this weekend.

How about you? what are you doing?

If you tell me you are building a veggie garden and then recycling all the paper products in your home, I will come over and sing awesome 80’s karaoke with you.

photos borrowed from flickr


  1. :) you are too cute for words!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Mrs. suz!

  2. are you seriously peeking in my recycle bin? it never crossed my mind that you would do that. eek! i love your idea for a garden. cam really wants to make one to. let me know when coach is done over at your house!

    this weekend is big birthday doings! since we were not as organized as you, we are having cam's party tomorrow. not so much a party as kids going to the movies. and laura's b-day is sunday!! with her party in 2 weeks (at the empty bowls thing!)fun :) come on over for an ice cream sundae on sunday!

  3. We do recycle, but not always the papers. But I try. Really hard.

    No plans this weekend, unless you count more hours in a gym with a bunch of sweaty wrestlers. Does that count as plans... GAH!

    Have a good weekend, and good luck with that garden- unfortunately, I agree with Coach. Gardening is a lot of work. I couldn't do it, mostly because I am lazy.

  4. I am totally on the fence about the veggie garden. I was totally into it, but I am of your husband's thought process. I can see my enthusiasm seeing me through the getting started, but I'm a little afraid of the ongoing work. Plus, the water since we are in a drought.

  5. Just so you know,you crack me up!

    my parents once raised HUGE gardens--two to be exact! and they canned what we couldn't eat! delicious corn, green beans, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, strawberries...yummy, yummy! I too hoped to do the same, yet our yard doesn't allow. and every summer I say--we need to make a small garden, has yet to happen. maybe this year!

    have a good one! hoping for a date night with the hubs and then two birthday parties, we are helping to serve a meal at the mission, and maybe Monday will bring some rest?

  6. Good for you! I have a total black thumb. Fail.

  7. Even though men are supposed to be from Mars and we are supposed to be from Venus, I agree with Coach on this one. I also worry about the cats getting into it, and using it as a litter box. Won't your veggies (and your family) appreciate that? That is what happens in the bed of lavender that we have; the cats love to sit under the lavender, and then bury their "work" in the dirt. NICE. So if you do plant it, you may need to keep an eye on those felines.

    I'm having a little "Julie & Julia" party here tonight - only those from Venus are allowed -the Martians are going elsewhere! We are going to eat French tidbits, drink French wine and watch the movie. If you lived closer, I'd invite you! XOXO

  8. Your hilarious! Glad you found me, so I could find you! Thanks for your comments.

    This weekend it so happens I'm putting in a garden and recycling! Should I sent up the Karaoke machine?

  9. You take the cake! Or maybe you take the green thumb award....yeah that's it!!

    I'd be green if I wasn't surrounded by mud! I love growing stuff but when it comes to veggies I love me a good farmers' market!

    The weekend? Football and more football.

    Today? Lunch with Sgt John at Jason's deli!

  10. Yeah, no planting up North right now :) I think you guys are a great match - you are both optimistic about different things. Loved your random post today :)

  11. thank goodness my husband is the gardener. i don't like to get my hands dirty, lol. but seriously, the goodies from the garden are soooo good. this past year we had cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, kale, broccoli, celery, strawberries, watermelon, potatoes, green beans and we have several citrus trees. and he did all the work!
    you will love the fruits of your labor!

  12. I would love the stuff FROM a garden in the backyard, but I'm no crazy about building it OR keeping it up. And hello.. BUGS? We have a really cool organic'y place right down the road from us that would help me along. But I'm afraid the bunnies would eat it after all that hard work.

    I hope you do it though. If so, can I have some?

  13. well, we recycle everything but I can't garden worth a darn, sorry SUZ!

  14. I am building a nice big garden (Yep right in the middle of that big heap of white stuff :)Actually we do have a garden each year and every year this garden gets bigger and we can and freeze more of the produce..... and we are recycling all the paper in our house. (actually, we really do recycle everything :) Since it's getting too late in the day for you to travel and get here still today, should we plan on your singing here tomorrow evening? What time should I expect you here at my house to sing? Will you be bringing the Coach? Just make sure you bring your snowpants with because were having a campfire tomorrow evening. Oh that's right your probabally don't have snowpants. No worry, I will borrow you some. You will want to have some protection from the snowballs I will not be able to refrain from throwing at you...just thought I should warn you. :) Have a good weekend traveling to my house! XX Lori

  15. Earlier this week, I told Cool Breeze that I WAS going to have a garden this year. We had one the first two years we lived in the country, but the dog ate most of the veggies before we could get out there and pick them!! A word of advice....put a fence around the garden or you may work VERY hard to satisfy those canine appetites this summer!!!!

  16. Well you can come sing half a song, since I recycle everything my little greedy hands can wrap around, but I don't have a veggie garden yet... We moved here too late to start one last summer and for this summer, we're moving again so it will have to wait another year :-(

  17. When we first bought this house, one of the first things I did was plant a garden. I couldn't wait. We moved in in Oct., so I had to wait a while :( I planted tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. I know, a weird combo, right?

    After I decked over the whole yard (except for a little patch on the side for Buster's potty) I switched to planter boxes on the deck. I still do tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. This past summer I added basil, mint and lemonbalm.

    Just be careful that you don't bite off more than you can chew this summer. My parents finally got rid of their pool this past summer, and had the whole yard leveled and sodded, and left about 1/6 of it in the back for a garden. My dad planted about 6x more plants than they needed (seriously) and so much went to waste. I think he didn't really plan it out past the planting stage. It's the daily weeding, pruning, watering, etc., that'll get you. I think he plans to cut waaayyyy down this summer. He went NUTS last year - 12 or 15 tomato plants (with 4 or 5 varieties) 3 kinds of peppers, eggplant, greenbeans, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, wild onions, and arugula, plus an herb box (with basil, mint, parsley, oregano) Whew! Can you even IMAGINE what that was like after the first few weeks?! sure you do some planning for the future!

  18. Yeah, what you said, that's what I'm doing because I don't want to get shanked!

  19. sneekin in from BHE's.
    I do the gardening thing. *snort*
    OK I try. Let's do it together!

  20. You can come peek in my giant recycling bins. They fill up quick. (the garden is still a dream...)

  21. Whew---I'm in luck... We don't have a veggie garden.... So--you don't have to sing to me!!!!! Whew!!!!! We do recycle though--including the old magazines.

    Good Luck with the Veggie Garden... I do think I agree with hubby on that one though... The upkeep is more work than the planting... I may be wrong --but that's true with our flower gardens.

    Have a great weekend.... AND--by the way, if you ever sing with me, we'd have to sing 50's songs!!!! ha ha


  22. I love your grandma's saying. I'm adopting!

    I had a chuckle about the garden story. I am slowly learning just how differently people can see the same event. It's kind of awesome, no?

    For the record, I agree with you!

  23. We recycle everything. We have 3 raised veggie beds every spring/summer. And I like me some 80's karaoke! Bring 'er on!!!

  24. I am definitely doing the catalog thing. Thx
    I hope you plan on growing those hairy pea pod things--we eat them all the time now--without the pod of course.

  25. We recycle paper products, but we're not allowed to have a vegetable garden (POA rules!). I would have one if I could (I've always had one everywhere else I've lived) so I think I deserve a song anyway.


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