January 01, 2010

TGI {2010} F


“There are are always flowers for those who want to see them”                  Henri Matisse


It would be hard to not see my blooming orchids this week. They were practically SHOUTING at me as I strolled by dragging the garbage/recycling cans. P1040077

I took it out of the tree to get a better photograph.

My goal: I will try not to glaze over little things. I sometimes try to focus on the big picture, and really, I have only so much control on the big stuff…but some of the little things are more workable. NOT that I controlled this orchid and its amazing blooms. 

My other goal: To finish a bottle of vitamins before they expire. It would be nice if vitamin makers could work on the disgusting taste and toning down the fluorescent after effects too. thanks.

I don’t usually set goals or resolutions for myself…but these are attainable.

2010 May be a year of change at our home. I am not a fan of change, but I can (and will) roll with the tide. As long as I have my team players with me that is…heck I could endure anything with them. 

And if the old wives tale is true that you will spend the next year doing what you did on NYE or NYD, well, then I will be a couch potato, playing games with my girls and eating. 

I better buy bigger clothes. 

Happy New year to all my Blogger and Real life friends (and you daily lurkers who never speak up)…I appreciate all of your comments, your emails and your comradery.



  1. Ah that's just an old wives' tale! Think of all the different ways you've celebrated New Year's the past decades, see? It's all made up!

    But I do love a good story :)

    Happiest of times to you and your fambly for twennyten!

  2. Your orchids are amazing! Happy New Year, my friend!!

  3. Happy 2010! I'm hoping the old wives tale is just that, or I'm spending the year playing really silly games and watching too much college football.

  4. Happy 2010--there are worse ways to spend a year than hanging with your kids!

  5. Hi Suz, Happy New Years to you.. Sounds like you all have had a great day.. I too have done alot of sitting, eating and watching football today.

    I don't make resolutions but if I did, I'd want a year just like last year... 2009 was amazing for us---so we're hoping that 2010 will be as good or better.

    George and I both take lots of Vitamins--and don't mind the taste or flavor at all. I guess at our ages, we just get used to it. ha

    Happy New Year my Friend.

  6. best wishes Suz :) I am always grateful for your observations and news!

  7. Those orchids - in December! Whoops - I mean, in January! How amazing! Ours will only bloom indoors. What a blessing, to see those as you take the trash out!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Suz! XOXO

  8. oh no, i was in bed watching a marathon of the show "Ghost Lab" and eating. i'm doomed!

  9. I somehow think I should be offended that you made a distinction between your "blog" and "real" friends. I believe you meant to say your friends "in real life." Yeah, that's it. Cuz, you KNOW I think of you as one of my besties, right? ;-)

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  10. I've heard that old wives tale all my life and it never seems to hold true....Somehow it doesn't translate to life after the Industrial Revolution.

    Happy New Year, Suz! Keep us laughing in 2010!

  11. Happy New Year Suz! I just know you, Coach, the girls and creatures will continue to inspire me in 2010. Especially the dogs.

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR from lMnop....I sent you an email yesterday :)

    *Your orchids are soooo beautiful~

  13. Happy New Year, you cute thing. I just finished writing down a few goals. I hear writing them down helps. I'll get back to you on that. I've also declared 2010 as the year of yoga pants as the new blue jean. your orchids are beautiful!

  14. Hi Suz - What a lovely orchid. I wish you and your family much joy in the new year. I enjoy our blogging friendship and the laughs and smiles from you!

  15. Love your orchids! : )

    Let's see... we goofed off. What a year! LOL

    Happy new year to you too!

  16. Wow, lovely orchid. I actually have one growing I haven't killed yet. I keep forgetting to water it though! Cute post!

  17. Happy 2010 Suz.
    Whatever the change...make it into something good! ;)

  18. Happy 2010! Here's to a MUCH BETTER year than 2009! :)

    (... and boy let's hope I don't wind up doing all year what I did on NYD... eating black eyed peas and producing enough methane to power a small city...) TMI, I know, I know... :)

  19. Your flowers are SO lovely. Wow. It is like 10 degrees here today. I am trying NOT to hate you... Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Ok, I don't. Holy Moly is it ever cold though. Praying for you and your changes...!

  20. PS That quote is so perfect. So, so perfect.


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