January 09, 2010

I reside in the land of silly.

And I could possibly be the Mayor.

So it is chilly here. Chilly for us who have very thin *Florida* skin. I am convinced that all the years under the hot sun have thinned our skin so much…anything under 74 degrees, and I need a snuggie sweater.

It is a *hunker down* kind of day to me…*hunker down* on the couch with a blankie and the remote. (it is raining, 41degrees and gray)

BUT, I had to head to the grocery store first..for supplies to make some Yeast rolls.

My work here is NEVER done.

And apparently my derriere is not large enough. YET. hence the yeast rolls.

BUT when I came back home…

and saw what Linds and Cocoa were up to, I had to smile.

I laughed.

I giggled.


Cocoa is wearing one of Lindsay’s tank tops.

What does a Mom say to her child when she sees this?

I said: That is totally inappropriate clothing for the type of weather we are having.

So, then we realize this top does not fit cocoa very well because, she is, umm, she is large chested.

There. I said it.

Well, as Linds said: It looks like GIRLS GONE WILD…(she is showing her goodies.)


I said, yes, she needs a “strap perfect.”



So, what do you think?

Does the before and after sell you on the “Strap Perfect?”


Before. After.

Please do not call PETA on us..Cocoa was not injured, and was highly compensated for this silly non-infomercial.

Can you say organic dog cookies?


  1. Cocoa should be a spokesmodel:)

  2. You have me laughing! I think the weather is making you all stir crazy!!! What cute pictures! Cocoa just seems to be going along with all the fun! Maybe the sun will come out Sunday!

  3. Glad to see you having such a happy day! I agree...Cocoa should be a spokespuppy! Really cute!

  4. YOUR POOR DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you put a bra strap on a dog? Brilliant!

  6. LOL! :) You guys have way too much fun! Can I come over? Yes, I do feel bad that it is cold like this for you in Florida. I have been hearing from my kids just how cold it is there. :) My daughter in south Florida was telling me how cold it was and I said, "I feel badly but can you understand it's 60 degree's colder here? Hello? I get it!" :) I really do hope it warms up for all of us. It is actually suppose to get into double digits here tomorrow. I am not holding my breath on this. :) I stayed in my pj's all day and cleaned. I refuse to go anywhere! :)

  7. I think this cold weather is getting to all of us. I have just about decided I'm ready to move to Arizona or something.

    Totally laughed out loud at the dog in a top! I used to put clothes on my dog when I was a kid and he loved me anyway. So fear not, I think you're all safe. *LOL*

  8. Laughing outloud, Suz.... What a cute post. Hope Cocoa got ALOT of dog cookies for showing us her 'goodies'.... ha ha ha...

    Love it!!!

  9. I'm sure Cocoa was perfectly willing to demean herself for a dog cookie.
    And she was probably a little warmer in the top, with or without the strap perfect.

  10. HA HA! you and your girls make me laugh ALLLL the time! :)

    I think the strap perfect NEEDS to be in my wardrobe now! You totaly sold me! :)

  11. your cocoa looks SO much like our bella! i just wanna kiss her and nuzzle her....

    i think she should model. who else but her could pull off a topless tank with 4 very hairy legs?


  12. Cocoa is a dream dog! You guys are all delightfully demented! Further proof that it's genetic!

  13. You crack me up! LOL!

    My skin must be 4 inches thick since this siberian weather hasn't killed me yet.

    Will you adopt me?

  14. Cocoa is obviously a good sport and I hope she got several dog cookies for putting up with the indignity of it all. I really do think the cold is getting to you!

  15. You made me bust out laughing! I was NOT expecting you to then put the strap perfect on your dog!

  16. Ha ha ha! She looks so confused, and possibly slightly irritated. I'm sure once she saw the cookies all was forgiven. Orgnanic cookies! Yay!

    Laverne & Shirley are jealous. They want me to go out and get them some trendy tank tops now. Thanks a lot! :-)

  17. haha, so funny!! I love it.

    And I believe it on the thin-skinned-- or at least, thin blooded. When I first came to China, I was a popsicle. I hadn't had a cold winter in years, I thought it would kill me. I'm handling it much better this year, even without indoor heat.

    However, I cannot wait to get back to a warm climate! Hope it warms up there soon...

  18. LOL It's one thing to dress up a pup...but a strap perfect!!

    ...and I don't even want to talk to you about your weather. Must go shovel some more snow now.

  19. You have the most fun family ever. EVER! I am not even kidding. Ever!


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