January 04, 2010

Droopy PaNtS!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the droopy pants boys.


You may even have some of them living in your house.

One size fits all.
I see them out and about.

But mostly, I see them while Coach is watching Cops or one of the other various prison shows he enjoys.

I think this style is REDICULOUS.

Really, IT is absurd.


Have you ever seen anyone trying to run in droopy pants?

I could pass them in a heartbeat.

Carrying a baby.
And holding a glass of wine.

Not that I would ever do those two things at the same time.

I would put the baby down before running.


I have this one pair of jeans. GAP jeans.

They fit me. But only for about 5 minutes.

Then they are falling down.

I hate wearing a belt. It is constricting to me.
So, when no one is around. And I am wearing my gap jeans…

They droop.
And I get lazy.

And I don’t bother to pull them up.

It is a weird feeling.

And a liberating feeling too.

For a while.
I waltz about the house, full-on droopy.
I start to get a sort of ‘gaunt’ walk.
You know, with a major attitude.

Don’t mess with me. dawg.

I put on an Eminem CD. FULL blast.

I am agitated. I am a little angry.

GAP=Street Cred.

I am doing a bit of ‘fist-pumping’ in the air.

I have a sharp object in my hand…

then I realize…

I am scrapbooking.

I am quickly snapped back to reality.

I am not on cops. I am not part of a prison break.

I am not walking the ‘hood.
I am in the craft room of my suburban house.

I am a normal person wearing baggy pants, having hallucinations.

I have to get rid of these pants.


  1. Because Nalley is a big COPS fan, yes I have seen someone in droopy pants run and usually they "blur" out what is exposed!!!Even with my old knees, I think I could outrun them!

  2. I always think about one of 'us' accidentally going out that way.. WE'd probably be ticketed for indecent exposure! LOL

    I HATE the baggy pant! Another thing is the tighty whitey wearer doing it. Um..ew. Not that plaid or stripe boxers or any better.

    And I see it all. the. time! I just want to roll my window down and holler "hey, your panties are showin'!", but they'd probably turn around and shoot me... or shank me... or stare at me real ugly like. So I just stare. And they keep hobbling along. You forgot about 'the hold' though. They can't walk without one hand holding the pants up at all times. Between the baggy pant and the floppy shoe that usually accompanies it, they might as well just sit down because they'd be dead meat if they had to actually ya know... walk.

  3. Whenever I see someone with baggy britches, I get this overwhelming sensation to 'pants' them. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is the thought of the sharp objects often wielded by these folks....and they're not scrapbooking!

  4. Only you could take an unpleasant topic like droopy pants and come up with a funny gem! Thanks for getting my day off to a good start.

  5. I have a boy who wears droopy jeans, but only for the fact he is too skinny and in order for his pants to fit him in length, they are falling off his waist... I think we need to find other pants until a growth spurt hits!

    I wouldn't wear your droopy jeans while using the hammer and eyelet setter either!!

  6. haha! eric loves this style!! because then he doesn't have to run so fast to catch them :) but seriously? you are scrapbooking? i am a wee bit jealous. i want to do something for my birthday girl... i better get to it!

  7. I swore when that trend came along that it wouldn't last a season. I don't understand.

    I love that scrapbooking brings out your inner ghetto!

  8. I work with teenagers. I have seen more buttcracks than I can count.

  9. ohmygod i was lmao all through this post! how can you possibly get any cuter or funnier, i ask myself... then i read your next post and yep! you've done it again... day by day like the buzy bee that you are.

    i too hate this fashion. the peeps that wear them cannot possibly know how ignoramous, unclassy, and stupid they look. its the worst fashion bug i've seen since the grunge look.

    but if you wear yours around the house then you go sistah and be jammin and jivin....

    as long as you PULL UP THOSE PANTS!


  10. This was really funny--I'll never be able to look at another wanna be gangbanger without thinking of you scrapbooking.

  11. I was rockin' the droopy pants with you .. right up to the craft scissors part.

    My son won't wear them b/c his twin sister tells him it's major dorky. Besides I would embarrass the heck out of him.

  12. Here's an easy and exhilerating a smaller size of Gap jeans. They run big on purpose so people like me will buy their brand because I fit into a smaller size :) You're probably a size 4, so try a 2 next time :)

  13. jacci smith1/5/10, 2:05 PM

    I read your blog all the time! I have never posted before, but I needed a laugh today, and you delivered! I can picture you with ur baggy pants and rapping with Eminem, and then realizing what ur doing! lol I sure wish I was caught up on the scrapbooking! maybe one day!

  14. Lucky you! I wish my pants would droop.

  15. You'll love this then, Suz!

  16. No! Don't get rid of those pants, they sound like way too much fun. Get someone to take a video of you jiving around in them, then post it on the blog. Really, you must share this!

  17. LOL I always buy my GAP jeans at least one size smaller then I usually wear. Those babies

    (plus I like buying the size smaller)

  18. Dang you're funny..... :)

    Do you know that was a city alderman (sp?) here in Atlanta who tried to pass a LAW against these kind of pants?

    The measure didn't pass. I think he might have gotten a cap popped in his ass during a drive by or something (serious).

    Lil Wayne don't play. Vengeance is foh real, dawg.

    PS: I always want to run up to these boys, and yank down their pants.... it's so tempting... I mean, they're already 1/2 way down anyway....

  19. Hi Girlie, So you have baggy britches?????? When my britches get baggy---I always feel like I have lost some weight... And that is a GOOD THING.

    Seeing those crazy guys with their pants down to their .... you know what is unbelievable... Who EVER started that fad?????? Gads!!!!

    Glad you are not in the 'hood'---but instead, in your home just scrapbooking!!!! That is MUCH better!

  20. Don't you just want to go over to a baggy pants boy and pull them up. I'd love to see their reaction. I can do without seeing your tighty whities, thank you very much. Love the new look of the blog!

  21. I have other droopy issues--
    I can't imagine wearing pants that droop too.

  22. Our Busy Bee Suz...Now a Hip Hop blogger!

  23. Never thought about the pants giving one a "feeling" or attitude...hmmm. I've always wanted to ask the guys who are half-wearing those pants, "What's the point here?" Have you ever asked?
    They remind me of a kid with a FULL DIAPER.
    There. I said it.

  24. I hear you...I hate the droopy pants boys. I have to wonder who many would drop out of this group if they knew where and why the fad started.
    You don't count though, do what you want in your own home. :o)

  25. :D:D:D::D:D:D::D:D Oops there are some extra eyeballs in there but you get the idea.

    I want a scrapbook room!

  26. Ha ha. I love your inner conflict and turning into a bad ass when your own pants start to droop!

  27. You are so funny. Like so funny it borders on insane. It is almost midnight and I am laughing like a hyena : ) Thank you : ) I needed that. L8R Dude.


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