January 16, 2010

Chickens, eggs, and moving to Green Acres.

I have been thinking about chickens lately.

My friend Techno Doll raises chickens.

She brought to my attention of how horrid it is for caged chickens on chicken/egg farms. This has been on my mind.

I will only purchase cage free eggs now.


But, then somehow this has gotten deeper into my psyche.

Lo and I saw someone selling roosters/hens on the side of the road the other day.

I said: Wouldn’t it be cool to have our own chickens to make our own eggs?

She agreed with me and immediately named our rooster: Hank.

So, if I have room for a veggie garden, why not a hen house?

Green acres is the place for me.



But, it was on my mind.

I dreamt that we were putting in a hen house. I was going to get 3 hens and one rooster. Hank.

But you know, it would not end there. It never ends there, soon I would have a goat (or 6) and perhaps a cow.

I would name the cow: Daisy.

Then, someone things got confuzzled.

Next thing I knew, my Aunt needed an egg. MY EGGS.

She wanted to have another baby.


(and apparently she wanted to be in medical books too)

So, I of course gave her some of my Eggs.

So weird.

I will not eat eggs for a while.


Oh, and don’t buy regular eggs. Please. If we all halt buying from caged farms, they would eventually have to change their ways.

Only buy Cage free, or even try to buy from a local farmer who has cage free hens. (none in my area, I already searched, but you may have luck!)

Chickens have feelings too. If you want to see how bad they have it, you can google chicken egg farms and see.

Or look at the video that Techno Doll has on her site. (click link above)

It is not pretty.

Am I being a downer today? I hope not.

All photos borrowed from Flickr creative commons.


  1. I have chickens and I think they are a lot of fun to have around - and super easy to take care of. Not to mention the fact that I never have to throw away kitchen scraps because they *love* kitchen scraps :)

    My problem is with the eggs - I have no idea how to go about selling them. My Ladies are still young and I am only getting three eggs a day. It's way more than I can eat - but what do you do when you only have a dozen or two to sell a week? It's not like I can really advertise when I have such a small amount available...

    My friends and family are well-supplied (and I would never dream of charging them!), but I still have extra. What's going to happen in spring when they all start laying? LOL!

  2. There is a push in Knoxville, Tennessee, for hens to be permitted in the city limits. People raise the hens for eggs and are trying to get an exemption from the current ban. But it's only for hens -- Hank will have to find someplace else to live.

  3. A lot of people in San Diego are getting chickens--but no Roosters--they are the ones that make all the noise!

  4. Thank you for the awesome post, BB!

    Did you know you CAN have a few hens in your backyard (no roosters since they make a racket, you don't need roos to get eggs)?

    For your climate and 3 or 4 girls, all it takes is something like this:

    You can buy them pre-made, too!

    Give them fresh water every day, some good food, clean bedding and you will have loyal, sweet, funny girls who supply you with the best eggs on earth! Plus their poop makes excellent fertilizer for your gardens ;-)

    The eggs that we don't sell go to the dogs, go in our recipes, quiches, omelets, they make great gifts too! :)


  5. My grandpa always had chickens. As kids we loved it. He had a chicken coop out back and we'd all take turns trotting out there to see if there were any eggs to bring in. They always had plenty of eggs and they tasted good too. I think it would be an nice addition to your green lifestyle, don't you?! : )

  6. We have friends that have chickens... they love it and love their eggs. However, I'm afraid I would get attached to my chicken friends and NOT be able to eat at Chick-Fil-A anymore... you know? (And you know how I am about my Chick-Fil-A.... why, just this morning I had 4 Chick-n-Minis!). I frequently think about what I eat.... I think if I lived on a farm I'd become emotionally attached to my animals and would wind up a vegetarian. (And then have a lot of pets.)

    It would be like "If you Give a Moose a Muffin"... the "farm version". :)

  7. I say bring on the chickens! That would be cool if you got a couple!!

    when I taught preschool and was on a homevisit--I pulled into this drive and noticed a rooster, in front of the trailer, just going round and round in circles. I looked at my aid and she looked at me. As we got closer, we noticed the rooster was chained to a stake!! Then it dawned on us--He was used for cock fights! Thats one way to make an impression on your childs preschool teacher!

  8. I have lots of green acres right here. I would love to be your neighbor Suz! :) Still waiting for you to show up and sing...campfire will be ready and look out for the snow balls. :) Living in the middle of rural Minnesota I am blessed to have eggs and chickens such as this at my disposal. I love your interest in all these things!!! Happy Saturday! :) Cluck, Cluck...Lori

  9. I only have one market to buy eggs from. I buy egglands best. I don't know the living conditions of their hens, but I can tell you, there are times I feel caged up myself.

    Let me know if you start selling eggs. I'll buy them from you.

  10. I guess in the big scheme of things, this is not an area of life that I'm going to fret over....Obviously, I'm not a 'farmer' --and have never had nor will ever have chickens. Just not my thing!!!!

    People don't understand why I'm so passionate about sports, and I don't understand how people could be so passionate about chickens... BUT--that is what is so NEAT. It takes us ALL--with our unique features--to make the world go 'round!!!!!


  11. But it also brings back the age old question-What came first.....

  12. I just saw something about this in Consumer Reports, that caged chickens have more disease. Not surprising, really. We usually get our neighbor's eggs. His chickens have a nice fenced yard and eat leftover garden veggies and greens all summer.

  13. I think you should get some chickens. For real. A Florida house with chickens next to the pool. That just sounds poetic. XO

  14. I love this post. It felt so familiar. Especially cuz my head works like this quite often (don't be afraid!) You could try it and if it didn't work out ... well, never mind ... squawwwwkkkkk!

  15. Did you know that you could buy chickens (or any of your fantasy farm animals - even bees) through the Heifer Project, and they will be given to a family in need? You could still name the rooster Hank, but you won't have to take care of any of them, and they will bless a needy family. Win-win, yes? =)

  16. My daughter was explaining all that to me not too long ago and it's just horrible how they're confined like that. Cage free all the way!

    You are NEVER a downer. You are sunshine! I mean that in all sincerity.


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