January 25, 2010

Babies are the Best treat on the entire Planet.

And they are low in calories.

Lo and cruz

Our little baby visitor…

He is a gift from above.

I heart him.

I wanted to keep him for my very own.

unfortunately, his parents also find him this wonderful.

selfish people.

Linds and Cruz facebooking

Linds giving him a tutorial on how to update a FaceBook status.

I adore the fact that my girls BOTH have a nurturing instinct.

Some people have it, some people don’t.

I don't think I had this instinct..until a baby exited my body.

Coach has it.

He has it majorly.

UJ, Cruz and Cocoa...I'm still number ONE right

When this lil’ man came here…Cocoa was so confuzzled.

She could not figure out if he was a human, an animal, or perhaps a snack?

kidding, she was not going to nibble.

But she was very, very concerned about this little creature….I think she missed the boat on being a Mama herself.

Cruz eating Cocoa Because, she was just a lovin’ on our little boy.

Our house is quiet again, no babies, no houseguests, no painters lurking outside my windows.

Back to my regularly scheduled program of searching for the bottom of the laundry hampers, cleaning up outside, inside, planning meals, etc…you know all the glamorous stuff!!!


  1. oh i love that last picture with coach! looks like your little baby fried was nibbling on cocoa! have a great day being your glamorous self... love ya!

  2. The baby was certainly a big hit at your house. Did his parents have any time with him at all? The pictures of Cocoa with the baby (and Coach) are priceless.

  3. What a sweet baby and such darling pictures. Cocoa sure is gentle! Hope you have a great week.

  4. Oh, oh, oh sweet! My children are selfish about giving me the grandkids, too. Didn't they learn to share, darn it? He is absolutely precious.

  5. Yes, he is a cutie pie.Are you hoping to add a little boy to your family or do you prefer just borrowing one? ha!

    I thought your girls look just like you, but I can see your hubby in them too now.Great pictures of the crew, including Cocoa. x-c

  6. You just can't beat holding a baby and a puppy!

  7. Love it!!!
    the photos are priceless..
    and just so precious!
    no babies at my house..
    just my furbabies..
    warm hugs..
    laughing smiles..

  8. That is just the sweetest! You can see the happiness in everybody's face, even the pup!!!

  9. These pix are so cute. My hubby is a major nurturer too. I think it's so neat when guys know they can be guys AND cuddle with babies! Love it!

    I'm glad you're back to your regular scheduled programming this week. I'm looking forward to getting back to mine too. lol

  10. I only had girls. Now that I have grandsons, I'm finding I missed so much. I believe Cocoa is a nurturer as well. Those pics are priceless.

  11. It looks as if that baby chose the right house to visit - he looks right at home! So glad that you ALL enjoyed his company. That's a real treat, to be able to enjoy someone else's baby, when yours are older. Too bad his folks are "so selfish" as to want to keep him. =) Young people today!
    Seriously, I'm thankful they were able to let you love on him, and that you were able to give him back!

  12. Oh how I 'heart' those pictures, Suz... That is some of the best pictures I have ever seen of Coach... Just wait til you all have grandchildren... I know--it will be many years from now (I hope)---but when you do have grands, you will absolutely love every minute of it.

    Thanks for sharing your family --including that little visitor!!!

  13. Oh my gracious...your dog! How funny!

    sandy toe

  14. Cocoa is such a sweetie!! Dixie was always very concerned about the girls. When they would spend the night, she would go into their room and peek into the port-a-crib every so often, just checking on them:)

  15. He is a cutie! Babies are growing on me. :)

  16. There is nothing more appealing than seeing a man become a wonderful Dad. Looks like you and I both chose perfectly :)

  17. Now see you could have joined the food A-Z and used B for babies! :D

  18. Oh my hell!! I don't know who's cuter in those last few pictures: baby, Coach or Cocoa! The girls are adorable, too, of course! Did you have a sudden vision of them in about 10-15 years, holding your grandbabies?

  19. ha,ha,ha.. my hamper was empty for 2 seconds!! i really saw the bottom!! great pics!! glad you had a wonderful weekend, low cal and all

  20. :) Is that baby sucking your pups nose! Ha

    Isn't amazing how a houseful of adults can stare at a baby for hours!

  21. We love some babies around this house, too! Also, our little neighbor boys (6 and 4) that come over just to play with our dogs. They are soooo cute.

  22. AHHH-DOOOR-AH-BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thats all i've got to say. ADORABLE!!!!!

  23. NO WAY, your husband, the dog and the baby, holy cats that is hilarious!

  24. You had me scared with that first picture! I'm not ready to call you Grandma Suz!

    It's fun to have babies around especially when you can give them back. Cocoa looks a bit jealous about sharing her daddy!

  25. All the little things are glamorous if you do them in high heels... Um. Farm boots here :-D

    Happy to hear you're back to quiet times and that you all enjoyed a lovely sweet visit!

  26. Forget Hallmark, those are the sweetest pictures ever! What great moments you've captured. What a sweet baby, and a sweet family who loves him.

  27. that last photo is priceless!

  28. Those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen!

  29. Why? Seriously, why?

    Why is that picture edibly delicious and hilarious? WHY!?

    It has all of my favorite elements...a four-legged beloved RESCUED doggie, a very, very good lookin' man, and a "Bears" ball cap. I'd like to think it stands for the Chicago Bears. :-)

    Oh, and did I mention the baby? No? He is delicious as well! Cocoa was thinking if you weren't going to nibble on his cheeks and let your inner carnivore out for a little spin, then don't mind if she does! :-) Kidding, of course.

    I have the nurturing instinct, I'm just waiting for the "I'm ready for a baby" instinct to rear its little baby head. Not sure if it ever will. That's ok, because I have your fantabulous photos to fill that void for now. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us.



  30. OMG! So cute with your dog! I always wondered what my boxer would have been like with babies. Probably just like that.

  31. Coach melted my heart with those photos of him and pooch and baby!

    You know, I didn't have that instinct until I gave birth either, yet I was a well employed babysitter as a teenager. Go figure.

    My daughter, on the other hand, has had it since she was 17 months old when her brother was born. She babysat, was a camp counselor, coached basketball, softball and soccer, and went to school to become a teacher. The funny thing is, she could not be less interested in having her own kids. She just wants to love everyone else's!

  32. I LOVE babies. All of them. And when one sits in front of me at church, I never hear a single word the pastor says. So, I always try to find a baby to sit behind.

    I can't believe I just admitted that.

    P.S. Love that new house color, too. It's very soothing.

  33. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Stop it right this second. That is so sweet. The baby. the Linds! the Lo. The coach. I adore this post. I want you to get a new baby in your house : ) Come on! What is the problem? Let's have babies together. We could do a blog experiment : )

  34. I hate it when people come over and hog their babies by wanted to leave with them! WTH??? You pup looks like a big gentle giant. I totally want to hug him!

  35. I love these pictures...specially love the one with Coach and adorable! Since you and your family seem to just love these little ones, I have 2 not so little ones that are 3 & 4...that are a lot of fun..a lot of work but fun and sweet soon can you babysit? :) LOL


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