December 29, 2009

This takes the Cake{s}…and language barriers.

So, the girl who has her birthday 2 days after Jesus sometimes feels neglected. But really, she gets more cakes than MOST people.

Take a look at her 3 cakes, and then another:


Early December party with friends.


Did you know teenagers like Chuck Norris? Vote for him for President. Ok?


December 26th birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

Lindsay's B-day cake

and no, they did not ask me how to spell her name. Lindsy? what? 


On her Actual birthday 12-27…I asked the lady at the bakery to write: Happy Birthday Lindsay. P1040032 

The bakery lady was from Germany…she was trying to clarify how to spell Lindsay.

she said: NI?

I said no, Lindsay.

Then she said to me: NA?

I said: Her name is LINDSAY.

**blank stare**

I said: Please give me a piece of paper.

I wrote Lindsay for her and then I saw the lightbulb go on over her bakery cap.


I had visions of this “cake wreck” in my head. (the name Suzanne is purely coincidental.) 

I had a flashback: years ago, as the Vice President for the PTA,  I ordered a large sheet cake for our Teacher Appreciation luncheon. The cake was picked up by a nice volunteer, and when I unveiled it at the luncheon I was surprised to see this:

You are Appruciated. never gets stale.


  1. Ha ha!

    Happy Birthday Lidsay! I loved the cakes! yum-o! Lucky girl!!!

    Congrats to you as well! Since becoming a mother, I realize how special birthdays are to moms. April 2nd is the most important date of my life thus far! I celebrate not only the day as Aidyns, but as mine. It was the day Aidyn was born, but also the day I became a mother! Double special!

  2. Hey there Suz!

    I'm popping over from Cliff's blog since you were just awarded with the Top Banana and wanted to say congrats and to check out your blog! I just LOVE this cake story... I have a friend named Lindsey, too.. who spells it "ey_ at the end but I've had friends who also spell it -ay, too..
    Anyhow.. the cakes and cupcakes and cheesecakes look real yummy! I do cupcakes and other goodies here in France ....
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and again...
    Congrats... Cliff's a great guy and a good blogger friend!
    Take care,

  3. You're not a kiddin'...a misspelled word on a CAKE FOR TEACHERS??? That's hilarious!
    Happy birthday to Lindsay! : )

  4. I'm still laughing at the cake wreck and "You Are Appruciated"! That's the stuff of fond memories..... ;)

  5. Oh my word...that is just totally crazy...that last cake!
    sandy toe

  6. Happy Birthday, Linds!!

    Vol Fan loves Chuck Norris. I love teasing him about the rug:)

  7. Happy Birthday Lindsay...I love Chuck Norris too.
    that last cake is a hoot!

  8. Happy Belated to Linzy! :D

  9. I know when we were ahem.. planning our birtdays for the kids, I didn't want a Christmas baby. Too hard to deal with that much all at the same time. But it sounds like you've handled it very well and spreeeeeead out the celebration. Good for you. And 'under that' happy birthday to her! LOL

  10. You have more adventures (mis-adventures?) with cakes than anyone I know. I guess it's a good thing we mostly stick with plain cakes -- no writing. But the spelling on cakes does make for a fascinating blog. I hope Linds' birthday was a good one.

  11. LOL! I loved this! It made me so glad my Mom didn't anme me "Paraska" as she wanted to!

  12. Cute Suz.... I always have horrors when ordering a cake with writing on it... Who knows what it will look like when we pick it up??????

    Happy Birthday, Linds... Glad somebody got her name spelled right!!!! That last cake is hilarious --but I'll bet it wasn't at the time.


  13. i love cake wrecks!
    one of my fave sites.
    my co workers gave me a card once with congraDulations written on it.
    and me being me i had to point out the error.
    didn't go down well.
    should've left well enough alone. ingrate that i am.
    happy birthday chuck.
    which i can spell.
    as opposed to lindsay which i sometimes get wrong.

  14. TOO funny! I always make Snow White's birthday cake. So far, I have managed to spell her name correctly!!!

    I heart Chuck Norris;)

  15. I think I'm going to wet my pants from laughing. You are SOOOO funny my friend.

    "The lightbulb went on above her bakery cap". Only YOU could come up with this little gem. I LOVE that! :)

    The whole post was hysterical. I love you! Happy New Year!

  16. Everything about this made me smile. I am glad she had a great birthday. She is SO cool. Even though her name is HARD to spell. I apprUciate her to the max!

  17. LOL You wouldn't think it would be so hard!
    Happy Birthday Lindsay.

  18. Cake Wrecks is one of my most favorite sites!! I want a t-shirt!!
    I was afraid of what would happen on cakes here so i just started making my own....i have even sold a few!!
    Chuck Norris? just his name makes me smile and think of the jokes my nephews were firing off at me this summer...who knew that man was so powerful (you DID know monsters look under THEIR beds for Chuck before they go to sleep, didn't you?!?!)
    If I lived closer, I'd make a would have flowers on it...and M&Ms...or Reese's Pieces 'cause those things make a cake just perfect!!! :-)


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