December 05, 2009

Bored is a four letter word.

yes, I can spell and kinda count.

Don’t you hate being around those annoying kids that are always whining about nothing to do…no one to do it with…yada yada yada.  me too.

My girls learned early on to never say “I am bored..” if these words pass their lips, they will immediately have a broom in one hand, a rag in the other and a chore list as long as our national debt in front of them.

So, they are not annoying in that sense…but they should really keep their little teenager hands off of my laptop.

I opened it up the other morning and was shocked to find these photos as my screensaver. Picture0011 Picture0013Picture0010 Picture0014 

Yeah, she is pretty silly. I am happy she can entertain herself. But still, this is MY laptop.

We were rained out from Softball all weekend. Dance shows were cancelled for last night and today.

I was ok with all of this. The girls got creative today… Jewelry making. Watercolor painting. Plans of gifts to make.  Throw in a little bit of laundry folding and dogs getting baths and I call this a red letter day.

I love Saturdays. But, Saturdays with no plans are a wonderful gift. Thank you mother nature for all the sweet droplets of rain. 


  1. We learned as kids not to say we were bored also. There were always leaves to rake or the car to wash etc. Sounds like you all enjoyed a good Saturday. We had snow flurries all morning. Harriet barked at each & every flake! Hope you enjoy a great Sunday!

  2. Unfortunately, my eight year old sometimes wakes up and his first words are "I'm bored". He says it during the day too, but first thing in the morning? He can drive me nuts sometimes.

  3. You are a wonderful parent, Suzanne... I wish more parents were like you. I hate to hear kids say they are bored.... Drives me crazy!!!! We are raising our kids in an "entertain me" world... Young kids don't go outside and play with each other anymore. I think that is sad!!!!!

    Sounds like your 'free' weekend with your girls has turned out well----with lots of creative things going on. That is truly wonderful!!!!!

    Love the screen saver pictures also... That gal is gorgeous and has beautiful eyes.


  4. My kids never dared say they were bored, either, because the assingments and chores were numerous for the bored child.
    Very cute screen saver for your laptop. I'll bet you secretly love it.

  5. oh your daughter is hysterical! Plus it sounds like everybody in the southeast had snow but you :)

  6. I never said I was bored either in front of my parents - my dad would've had me counting bricks on the side of our house - lol! And I just love your daughter's sense of humor - she obviously inherited this talented gift from you! :-)

  7. ahh. glad you got to spend the day at home for a change instead of gadding about doing all that other stuff. sometimes a break in the routine is a good thing.

    that child is one good looking girl.
    with a wacky sense of humour.
    like someone else we know.

  8. From what I hear about kids getting bored plus computer usage...just thank God that she had her clothes on!

    I think the photos are cute, and I just know you will be posting pictures of that hand made jewelry and watercoloring!!

  9. Love your screen saver. That is a hoot... and creative too. Nothing bored looking there! : ) I'm glad you had an unplanned day of nothing and got a lot of good stuff done. I love those kinds of days too! : )

  10. I have to say, your daughter is beautiful!

  11. Aren't teenagers wonderful? Life is never dull when they're around. I'm glad you could enjoy a quiet(?) day with your girls.

  12. Crazy, crazy girls! With big beautiful eyes!

  13. Oh yes, Saturdays without plans are a gift from heaven! You daughter is a hoot. What great pictures!

  14. I hope Emily grows up to be just as silly :)

  15. I was one of five kids raised with the EXACT same 'never say you're bored unless you want to do some chores". I raised my kids the same way. Works like a charm!

    The changing of the blog header is really funny - but only because it wasn't done on my laptop! I'm quite territorial.

    Too soon the kids will be on their own; those Saturdays are treasures.

  16. what's bored?! Lol, i was taught never to be bored too

  17. "My laptop," huh? As Dr. Phil would say, How's that working for you?

    My offspring are in their twenties and they still don't have any concept of what's mine and what's theirs.

    Of course MY laptop is on it's way for warranty work, so we all fight over who gets to be on the desktop.

    And around my house, boredom is a felony.

  18. I have always said, "People who are bored, are boring."

    Happy Holidays ~Natalie

  19. Your kids are my kids! Every time they're home, they nab my cell phone and one takes the screen saver and one takes the background. They are usually photos very much like what you have here! ;)

  20. He he - atta momma, you got skillz :-D

    Glad your girls and mundane chores can make you smile on a rainy Saturday, isn't that the cream on the strawberries of life? :)

  21. Oh gosh what a treat to find on your laptop. too cute.
    Now what's with that pooping tree frog picture? :D HA!

  22. Ha ha! I am of the same mind as you...if my kids mutter that they are bored they are instantly put to work!!

    Oh and I love those photos, what a riot:)

  23. She is so pretty and cute...what a funny gal!

    sandy toe

  24. So silly! :) Looks like my laptop with Aidyn-man (except we take them together)!

    I love days where I have nothing to do. Of course this weekend was booked solid! I hope next weekend will be much like yours!

  25. Guess what? I am bored...I cannot lift, move anything or exercise...I can sit or lay...and I am BORED! I don't believe I have said that in 30 years! I am recovering from I guess that's broom for me or the Dr. will be mad at you :)


  26. Holy Mama! She is so pretty. I want you to move here so she can be my model. See you soon.

  27. Sometimes it's nice to have a day with nothing to do :)

  28. Oh my could anyone get mad when seeing these adorable pics??? I can tell you were 'not' because you couldn't resist sharing them with us. : ) Adorable, I tell you. Hee-hee!

  29. okay...that girl? gorgeous!
    and being bored? what's up with that?? this summer, my brother and I were talking about this topic and we canNOT ever remember being bored when we were GameBoys, no DVD players, no DSs...we were just outside pretty much all the time....and not bored!!
    My 7-year old says it and I asked him if he wants something to do...I WILL give him something to do...little bird starts singing a different tune...for just a bit!
    ~~sheesh~~ kids today....oh...and yeah, my brothers and i used to walk to the snow...up hill BOTH WAYS....teehee!!

  30. that is so funny, if my kids get on the computer, we wouldn't have one!! at least yours takes a cute picture!! how funny i would have died laughing!!


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