December 10, 2009

TGIF; You knew it would come to this…

If you have read my blog for a little while, you will be familiar with my unnatural love for Bartholomew.  He is the best topiary dog that I have ever had.


As I was walking past him the other day, he gave me a ‘psstt’….he does this sometimes. I approached him and he whispered into my ear: Please….Dress me up for Santa. PLEASE!?!  Well, how could I say no???


Yes, he is fully lit at night. I had to move him closer to an outlet and where he will be more visible to the ‘big man.’

On the other hand, Cocoa did not feel the need for dressing up this year…even with the promise of a banana.P1030839

The annoyance of antlers squeezing a lil’ boxer brain is just not worth a ‘nana.


“What the hey is that crazy woman putting on me now?”

I asked Ozzie if he would dress up..I swear he gave me the finger paw and then under his breath he muttered: bite me.


Ok, maybe just said, no thank you.


do you think our animals are spoiled?


I am sure as I was taking this photo the other 2 cats were either filling up a litter box or throwing up on my favorite non washable rug.

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead. We are having an early birthday party for Linds…her birthday is December 27th, so we do it a little early for her to have her day to *shine.* No one wants to compete with Jesus. 

She will be 14!!!!!

I am still mad about that Dr. making me have her early…I think I could have clenched held out until her official due date of 1/5!!!

I put up a few lights outside besides dressing up Bart…it took a few hours, but looks like I threw them at trees blindly!!!! Next year, I will do just that: Grab the lights, close my eyes, then just THROW them.

Did you decorate the outside of your house this year? How about your pets?


  1. Poor Cocoa looks miserable just like Harriet when I dress her up. Bartholomew is looking good! Your pets stretched out reminds me of our gang. Sometimes they allow us to join them! We did not put lights outside this year. Many of our neighbors have the lit/moving reindeer and we enjoy them once it gets dark. I wish Linds a happy birthday. My sis was born 12/20 and her friends celebrate with her during the summer. In sisterly love - I always wrap her bdy gift in Christmas paper!!!

  2. the antlers on Bartholomew the Big Bush, and your puppy is so cute trying to take them off..... Have fun at the b-day party!

  3. I've wanted to do lights outside for years, but since early January can be kinda cold here, I can't get the ok from hubs... since he has already told me he's NOT taking down lights in the cold. So! No lights. I hate it. I would love to see our house lit up just one year. :)

    Love 'Bart'... Too cute! Nope.. we don't dress up the cat.. she wouldn't like it any more than your pup does. And she would probably spew even more dander in protest!

  4. He he. Boxers make me laugh, even the topiary ones! So cuuute!

    And don't get me started on cats :-o

    We've decided to only decorate the inside of the house, it's too much bother with the ice and snow to stick up lights, we're selling the place and I don't want to put any effort into decking it out if it's only for this season, you know?

    Wow. That was a sentence.

    Happy light throwing!

  5. I love the doggie topiary!

  6. oh, you made me laugh out loud, that poor dog looks miserable, hee hee. you are too funny!
    happy birthday to your daughter! have a great weekend.

  7. I decorated out there but it's a crap job because I'm afraid to go on the roof to get the second story roof peak. Therefore it leaves it all looking a bit unfinished.

  8. Oh, and your topiary dog is the best!

  9. I seriously wish you were my neighbor. That topiary dog/deer is wonderful! Dave put up some outside lights last weekend, but it turned out some were those freakin' LEDS - they were BLUE and heinous even though they were meant to be clear and lovely. I'll probably be tossing a few strands myself this weekend. I love outdoor lights - fortunately the house across the street (where I often look, because I'm nosy) is lit up like Vegas. :)

  10. Bartholomew IS for sure the best topiary dog I ever saw too.
    Happy Birthday to Linds.
    you crack me up.

  11. Poor Cocoa! She is sooo embarrassed! Nope, we do not dress up our boxers. Anything like that would scare Quade to death and Emilio would eat the costume.

    We are not putting any outside lights up this year. It makes me sad. But, the front porch is still missing. I told Hubs that he should go wrap some lights around the ten foot 2x4s holding up the porch roof...

  12. Hi There, Ole Bart looks gorgeous ---and he doesn't mind at all. We need more pets like Bart in our lives!!!! Cocoa is a good sport... Think Ozzie said something even worse than "Bite Me"....ha ha

    There is a house not far from us where the outside lights are in such perfect order, it looks HORRIBLE to me. I personally enjoy seeing the lights every which-a-way!!!!! That's CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Happy Birthday to Linds... You are smart to let her celebrate early. Hope her problems with the bullies are okay now.


  13. I haven't had the time to decorate the house this year, let alone the dogs!

  14. The lazy animal picture made me laugh out loud.. Great pictures - beautiful dogs -

    Love to you.

  15. Bart looks adorable....and CoCoa too. Can you please post of picture of them all lit up?

    Happy Birthday to Linds....she came early because Coach told the doctor he needed the tax write off. That's how men think.

  16. Oooooh! So cute- but does Bart have a red nose? I see lights...that would be so cool :)

  17. That topiary is precisely what my yard is lacking...if you were to happen to discover it missing one morning, I didn't take it (while anyone was looking, anyway.)

    No outdoor decorations. Everyone wants to put them up and enjoy them; nobody wants to take them down. I can't risk being THOSE neighbors.

    I have 4 dogs and 3 cats...they all want to dress up as Baby Jesus. Every year, same thing. I have to tell them that if they can't take turns and share, nobody gets to dress up.

  18. What a hilarious post. Cocoa looks like he's saying (in that first pic) "How could you betray me like this? I look ridiculous." Hee-hee!
    But if I thought that was funny...I Laughed Out Loud (sitting all by myself here at the computer) when I read the words, "It wasn't even Halloween yet" in the post below. That story's a keeper. :D

  19. Cocoa is making me laugh - like the antlers are so heavy that she can't keep her head up! Bartholomew is looking sharp! I tried putting a Santa hat on Scout in the pet store the other day and you would've thought I had shocked her w/ a taser! She was jumping all about and all the people in the store were staring at me like I had just beaten her! Anyways, we settled for a Christmas collar.
    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  20. Love it!!! We bought Roscoe a Christmas sweater (XL) to match Tanks. Got it home and tried to put it on. Doesn't fit. He's too big in the chest. Maybe I should try the antlers.

  21. Checkered put up two strands of blue rope lights, one white star, and candy-cane rope lights around the pillars. It's a bit Spartan, but then again, my child suggested our house looked a bit overdone. Perspective, I suppose.

    I think Cocoa may well be my soulmate. Love the heavy head look under that antlers.

  22. Oh Suz you are too funny. I love your sense of holiday spirit! We finally have our tree up and we even have lights up outside which were put up way before it got so cold here. Have a great weekend and hope Linds birthday party is wonderful! XX Lori

  23. Bart is the next best thing to one of those blow ups in the yard!
    :D only kidding....he's much much better.

  24. I find it hard to believe that Bartholomew asked to be dressed up like that. Perhaps Cocoa and Ozzie put him up to it in hopes you would leave them alone. We decorate inside and out -- each gets more elaborate every year.
    I hope Linds has a wonderful birthday celebration!

  25. Topiaries...they are funny! I feel Lindsey's pain of having a birthday close to Christmas...mine is December 21st. Good for you making her day special! Just never ever do the 'happy birthday, merry christmas' gift...they MUST be separate!

  26. Hey, when a topiary asks you to dress him up like Santa, you dress him up like Santa.

  27. The pup on the far right cracks me up! I wouldn't dare try and take his seat he looks too comfy. No dressing up our kitty this year..he just went in for the big V!

  28. haven't done outside... and certainly have not decorated scout! can't wait to see bart :)

    hope linds' party is fun. that made me laugh... competing with Jesus!! poor cam. he's gonna have to wait until january. what were we thinking ayway, having these kids after christmas!?

  29. I LOVE that picture of Cocoa! Her personality is really shining through, the part that says, "I don't want to dress up!"

    Bartholomew looks awesome. Your pets have a great life! If I get reincarnated, I want to come back as one of your pets, haha. And happy birthday Lindsey!

  30. Happy Birthday to your baby. I hope the animals will be able to take a break from ruining your rug so they can pose with the Birthday girl :)

    We haven't decorated the outside yet. And we also haven't decorated the inside. NO IDEA what is wrong with me... Craziness I tell you!

  31. I'll leave the animal dressing up to you. I prefer keeping all my fingers intact.

  32. Bart looks cute, but Cocoa definitely looks unhappy.
    We decorated the tree, but that's it. We'll celebrate Christmas at my daughter's house, so not much point in going overboard around here.
    If Daisy had antlers, she'd eat them.

  33. Suz, these photos are LOL fun! Bart looks very swell in his lights. Maybe it's because he is not a living, breathing dog that he allows you to do this to him. The one of Cocoa reminds me of the dog in the Grinch movie...just not enjoying the spirit. The couch covered with animals is priceless. What would we do without kids and animals to make us laugh (and clean up messes)? XO


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