December 18, 2009

TGIF; My Tattoos And Trees

This is post #401. You would think I had something meaningful to say. You would think.

This week, I am not ready for Friday. I would like one more day and a few hours added to each of the past days would have been pleasant as well.  If I had my way….

I treated myself to an eyebrow wax yesterday. When I say ‘eyebrow,’ I mean, it looked like I had ONLY one.

I kid. I kid. 

Also, a pedicure was not only needed it was becoming medically necessary.  My toes were making me sick. While relaxing in the pedi chair, I noticed the young chickie next to me had a cute tattoo on her ankle. I started to feel pangs of jealousy, then I looked down at my legs and remembered I had tattoos as well. I got them when I was in my late 20’s…I call them tats, but some folks call them Spider Veins.


Don’t hate me because my legs are more colorful than yours. (I stole that line from my mom.)

 Party on Saturday!!  Incriminating photos will or will not be posted. Depends on my mood. And how I photograph this weekend. I am hating my hair. I know I am lucky to have it, but why must it misbehave some months days? If it keeps up…I will take my shears to it, I swear I will!

Ok, I know that most people have been holding their breath waiting to see pictures of our Christmas trees. Breathe people. Breathe.

 Tree#1 The living room.  P1030909  I call this my ‘super model’ tree. It is tall and thin. And certainly hungry. You know those models live on cigarettes, cocaine and vitamin water. I was exaggerating about the vitamin water. I thought it was really skinny…until I saw Shelley's Tall skinny tree! She had to out-skinny me!!! This one is all silver, gold and white. Tres’ Klassy.

Tree #2 The family room. P1030911

If the first one was a hungry over-nicotined  supermodel, then this is the love hungry orphan from Russia. It holds all the homemade and quirky funny ornaments. It may be my favorite, but don’t tell the others. It could be on the covers of Christmas magazines. Ok, maybe the inside back cover.

Tree #3 This one resides in our gathering room. Don’t you love the stockings on my stone fireplace?



We have not hung up our stockings yet.  And what would I do with a gathering room anyway? gather stuff, people or more dust?

Happy Weekend everyone. Does anyone else have a party to give or attend this weekend? 

Do you feel up to crashing a soirée at the white house? Call me.

So dish…what is on the calendar this weekend???


Jen said...

Both of your trees are great - Charlie Brown would be proud of you!

Have an awesome time at your party- unfortunately I won't be crashing in. My weekend plans will be revealed at a later date.

bg_garden said...

You are super creative... I love the trees you put together and shared with us all in blogland.

Happy Christmas to you!

clean and crazy said...

wow, i would love to have room for more trees!! you decorate wonderfully. yes we are having a party tomorrow, a triple birthday party!! i have 2- 3 year olds until december 28th. my little ones are going to have one birthday party, and my brother is coming over so we are going to celebrate his as well. he shares a birthday with my middle child, the 28th. lots of fun!!!

Kay said...

Love your trees. I love me a skinny tree too. Takes up less space and still looks just as pretty. Hope your par-tay goes well and we get to see loads of fun pics and your always stunning hair too. : )

Rebecca Foster said...

Both your trees are beautiful in their unique way. Silver is one of my favorite colors, I'd love to do a silver, gold and white tree. I might have to steal that idea!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty trees and I wish you all a grand time at the party! I'll look forward to photos! Enjoy!

George said...

I like both of your Christmas trees. We'll have a quiet weekend here in the mountains of Tennessee. We're under a winter storm advisory, so Betsy is hoping for lots of snow. I know you don't have to worry about snow canceling your party, so have a great one and take lots of pictures to share.

ChiTown Girl said...

So cute!! Neither of my trees is "classy," but I like 'em. The one downstairs is Stud Muffin's tree, and has all his ornaments on it. Every year, my mother, my sister and I all buy/make him a personalized ornament, plus he often gets others. Imagine how many he has after 17 Christmases!

The upstairs tree is "mine" and lately, I haven't bother to drag out all my traditional decorations. I know you'll be surprised by this (NOT!) but I have enough penguin ornaments to decorate an entire tree, so some years that's what I do. This year, I used all my 'teacher' ornaments, and I've been putting the Christmas cards I received on the tree in between the ornaments. It actually looks kinda cool!

Kristina P. said...

Your trees are so cute! And I really don't even want to think about my toes.

Unknown said...

You are SO funny! I was actually taken in at first by the "gathering room," but the number of stockings was "off." Then I thought, "Maybe some of the stockings are for the dogs. But that looks too warm for a house in FL." I did notice that your first tree is on a tile floor (and thought, "It must be warm there, to have tile floors; they'd be freezing up here - unless, of course, they were heated floors, - too expensive - but Coach IS in the home-stuff biz, so maybe they are heated") can see what happens when my mind is let loose on coffee, in the morning).
Where were we going with this? Oh, yes, your "gathering room" (whatever happened to "living room"?) & party.
Have a blast, and please, have the kids take lots of photos; they will be sober!

We are going to have my parents over for dinner tonight (I'm picking them up today), and we're going to have dinner with Smileygirl and Tom tomorrow night, in the city. After that, we're going to hear Handel's "Messiah" at the symphony. XO to all!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Friend, I hope your party is fabulous---and I'm sure it will be. IF you see some Tennessee hic's come to your door---let them in. It will be US crashing the party... (Someone has to be there to report the REAL story of what goes on!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm)

Both of your trees are fabulous--and I love that last one--whoever that belongs to...


Susan said...

We have been invited to a Christmas Breakfast on Saturday morning, this is a first for us. Will be interesting...... Also Sunday morning is our Annual Christmas Cantata at Church. We have been practicing for a couple of months, hope it all goes well!

Anonymous said...

me likey the fancy tree in the first photo, it's perty!
i was just going to say, i was all done with the parties, but no, there's one more for new year's eve.
hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Unknown said...

I'm holding out for those pictures. ALL of them! Show me your tats too!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I'm thinking that attending your party with you and your husband would be a blast! If you're this funny when you much funnier could you possibly be with a glass of wine in you? I do believe it would be fun to watch....and listen!! ;)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I wanna see pics of little boxer elf dogs!

Technodoll said...

THREE trees! And all gorgeous, too!

Mon dieu I can barely cope with one, LOL!

*bows to Busy Bee*

This weekend... hmm. We're having a guest over tomorrow afternoon for brownies and hot chocolate and a play session with the doggies, I have more gifts to wrap and a house to clean, and then on Sunday it's again about the chickens... I have to return one to the breeder, she's just not fitting in with the gang :(

Unknown said...

I believed you about that last tree Punk! I can't believe you lied to me : ) Your trees are so pretty. Ours still is not up. I know. It is RIDICULOUS! I can't even believe we haven't gotten one yet. I feel like the worst mom ever. And now we can't get one this weekend either because there is going to be a big snow storm tonight.... EEEKSS! : ) I think we will go get one on Christmas eve and when everyone comes over for Christmas I will make them decorate it : ) I will tell them it is part of the party. Phew : )

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I knew you didn't have any stone fireplace in Florida!

Whatever plans I may or may not have have been replaced with take to my bed and try to kick the cold before Christmas.

Brittany said...

:) So beautiful..

The better question about picture three is.. What would you need a fire place in fl for? hmmm?

I hope your party goes wonderfuly! Mine went great,, (check out the photos) besides the fact that there werent too many holiday sweaters at the goodwills here in FL. I think next year i'll have to bring a shipment back with me from Minnesota! Thats where all the good junk is!

Suz Broughton said...

Three trees! I can barely handle one! I like the idea of having one with all your kids decorations. Totally doing that next year

Clippy Mat said...

gathering room!
you got me.
i fell for it, hook line and stockings on the chimney breast. :-))
love your other 2 trees tho'.
this weekend?
i'm finishing off a 60 xmas basket food drive and fundraiser that we've had going on for the last 6 weeks. they all go out tomorrow. or today actually. it's 4.20 and i can't sleep cos there's just been TOO much to think of.
then i can relax.
have a great party.
wish i could get there.

Lori said...

Your trees look beautiful! I hope your party goes wonderful...I am sure it will be with you throwing the party. Pictures...must share pictures of the fun! :) And of course all the juicy fun! :) I almost fell for your gathering room too but then noticed the fire going and thought, "really? In Florida?" :) Hope your weekend is great! XX Lori

Anonymous said...

The trees are adorable---tall and thin looks nice in your home! Don't even get me started on feminine niceties(sp?)...haven't had an eyebrow wax since we left Phx in May...and a pedicure?? Almost 2 years on that account. Golly I should ask for a spa day for Christmas shouldn't I?? There's a great spa right here at the Kootenai River Inn. We head back to AZ soon, so maybe I'll treat myself there. Hey, you guys have an upsome great Christmas if I don't blog you b4 then! love,Cassie,BabyRocketDog,Hootie & Patrick(the hubby!!)

Shelley said...

Nice to see someone else with some anorexic - I mean SKINNY trees! Yours are FAB! I hope you do post photos from your party. You can bet if I lived in your town - I would be crashing it! And so would Scout - she is dying to play w/ Batholomew! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!

Stephanie said...

Oh your two trees are beautiful. I'd post pics of mine but they are heavily laden with ornaments on the bottom not so much on the top. (the kids can't reach the top lol) Guess my tree is pear shaped:)

Enjoy your party!

HWHL said...

All 3 trees are beautiful, but my favorite is the tree in the Gathering Room (and I love the fact that you HAVE a room called the "gathering room"... in our house, that seems to be our master bedroom, where the kids seem to hang out, on our bed (with SNACKS!)... sigh....

But yes, I LOVE that tree.... fat and pretty! (Forget those skinny super-models! Life is better when you're pleasingly plump, I say!)

Merry Christmas to you, love!

PS: You should have an e-card waiting from our family.... I was too busy/lazy to get REAL cards/photos in the mail this year. Shame on me!